13th June – 20th November 2016: Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Born of Sacred Space

Neptune retrograde is many things: unity with the divine, flight into unreality, immersion in love, avoidance through self-deception and compassionate repose. It is both our return to sacred source and all we do to avoid the stark terrain we must sometimes cross to get there. Neptune offers a choice: to embrace the divine or avoid ourselves. We simply cannot do both.

The healing offered by Neptune requires faith so deep we are willing to relinquish our very identity if we must. To experience the deep peace of Neptune’s unconditional love we cannot maintain a narrative about who did what and when, how our life should be as opposed to how it is, or re-run past hurts, old triumphs or future imaginings. Neptune knows nothing but everything all as one. When it turns retrograde it provides as a backdrop to the ups and downs of everyday life, the opportunity to let everything go and immerse ourselves in the divine flow of love forever emerging from the heart of Sacred Source. In this flow we are nothing and no-one and yet everything too, complete and forever whole.

The ‘nothing and no-one’ of Neptune is not a victim or underdog, subject to the whims of others or the complex fabric of life itself. This no-one is everything, the great void within and without, the endless dark space between the planets we know so well. Neptune teaches that only in being prepared to end can we ever truly begin; that in the willing demise of all we believed ourselves to be is found the deepest and most vibrant peace – the peace of being nothing and everything, a mystical knowing of presence and absence in one breath and a single moment of endless time. We cannot think ourselves into this state of being, nor can we speak of it effectively. In Neptune’s realm words are no more, concepts fail, thought is redundant, you and I disappear. It knows nothing but the infinite universe in its entirety and sees us all as the limitless space we truly are.

As Neptune retrogrades through its own sign of Pisces it offers us the chance to disappear when necessary, to withdraw into the realm of inner space as dark and endless as the heavens above. But as much as we yearn for Neptune’s peace we may encounter deep resistance. To know it we must relinquish all we wish to be alongside all we yearn to leave behind, for Neptune knows no discrimination between pleasurable or painful attachments. It sees only attachment, the isolation it creates and the solution of release. We cannot pick and choose what to transcend, we must simply let it all go.

Neptune rarely makes a big noise. It sits silently waiting, gradually erasing a little bit of us here, a corner there, a sharp edge or heavy load. When retrograde its release takes us deeper and we may lack the usual signposts of self and identity, role and responsibility, which tell us who we are. But there’s no cause for panic and nothing to fear. We are safe, even as we disappear. In the face of life’s tragedies and triumphs, Neptune bids us let it all go whenever we choose. In doing so we know ourselves not as someone releasing identity but as the very act of release itself: the freedom of a bird in flight, of ice melting into open sea, sand shifting in the breeze. Of sacred space and cosmic grace, we are born forever free.


ShelleyT 14th June 2016 9:50 am

Waiting for the release of your book... The Stars & Planets in prose...
Thank you Sarah,
Accurate as always...

jerry p 14th June 2016 5:47 pm

Thanks, Sarah....love your insight! :)

Heartfelt courage 14th June 2016 9:13 pm

In just these few short words you have made me weary and sleep will come. Everything from the events in Florida, to politicians and the draft of GIRLS into the service by 2018. Can I change this world, no but your words reached me and grounded me.

Thank you Sarah!


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