13th May 2013: A Grand Trine in Water

Riding an Emotional Rollercoaster

Today a Grand Trine in Water forms and remains with us for a couple of days. Created by the Moon in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, it encourages us to embrace the emotional aspects of our being, whilst recognising that they can sweep us away if we let them, distracting us from other things in need of our attention. Therefore this is a good time to attend to our emotions in a focussed way, with the intent of processing and moving through them rather than wallowing in them or allowing them to dictate our every thought and action.

The Moon here reminds us that no matter how powerful emotional storms may feel, they will pass. They move in cycles, just as she does, ebbing and flowing, creating times of high energy and times of retreat and rest. Saturn encourages us to bear with the feelings when they’re here with us, not in such a way that we become over-identified and trapped within them, but to allow them to reveal their wisdom to us and help us recognise what we need to see within ourselves in order to grow and change. And Neptune reminds us that water relates not only to the emotions but also to the spirit, and that it’s often through a storm of emotions that we eventually encounter the peace of the spirit which is always awaiting our return.

In order to assist us with the emotional work of the coming days, Venus in Gemini lends a helping hand, encouraging us to stay light-hearted, even in the midst of sorrow or grief. It sounds impossible, I know, but when even the tiniest little bit of us can look on and observe ourselves, maybe with a wry smile as we encounter those old emotions again, or a kindly gaze that knows this is not how it will always be, we are already beginning to free ourselves from the tyranny of the past and the bonds of emotional pain.

So throughout the next couple of days, if we find ourselves on an emotional roller-coaster we can always decide to enjoy the ride for what it is, but resolve to get off as soon as possible and go do something more enjoyable instead.

Sarah Varcas



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