16th January 2014: Full Moon in Cancer Conjunct Black Moon Lilith 4:53 a.m. GMT

A Healthy Ego in a Meaningful Life

This Full Moon could go either way. We may find ourselves mysteriously free of the troubles which have burdened us in recent weeks or increasingly weighed down by them. We may finally see their insignificance in the context of the vast universe or be unable to see around them in the context of our personal lives. This is a Moon of extremes and therefore of extreme possibilities.

It could bring liberation from a viewpoint that has kept us imprisoned – mentally, emotionally, spiritually – or it could strengthen those prison bars with a dose of so-called ‘reality’ which tells us that nothing ever changes, life is a struggle and the sooner it’s over the better. It reminds us that personal experience and the collective energetic field are forever entwined and to step out of the former we can embrace the latter with reverence and awe. This Full Moon provides us an opportunity to shift perspective and consequently see things in a very different light.

Aligned with Black Moon Lilith, this Moon speaks of the need to honour our instincts whilst recognising that to follow them takes time and planning. If we have spent years building a life that meets egoic demands for status, security and acceptance but which has little to do with what lies at our core, merely deciding to change is not enough to make the past go away and the future manifest here-and-now in a totally different form.

We need to exercise patience and collaborate with the new as it births itself. Many, these days, are feeling the stifling effects of previous decisions made from a place of unconsciousness and adaptation. Many live lives which do not feed the spirit or offer fulfilment but which instead promise an increasingly stressed existence that fails to honour the inter-connectedness of all things and its attendant responsibilities and freedoms.

In a world where the distribution of wealth is shockingly skewed and one part of the globe discards mountains of waste food whilst another starves, balance is needed and a deeper resonance with the lives of others must be nurtured. To do this we must begin with ourselves and a resonance with our own spirit rather than the egoic demands that tend to call the shots.

Once we can recognise when our own lives are out of balance and have the courage to act as necessary to re-establish it, we can better resonate with the wider collective field that isn’t all about us as individual identities fulfilling our dreams and getting whatever we want but which, instead, forms the one life of which we all share a small part. And the better we can resonate with that, the better we can relinquish egoic pursuit of personal gain in favour of a compassionate connection with the myriad life forms on this planet.

There exists an unimaginable amount of suffering in the world: wars and conflicts continue. Famine and drought, natural disasters and plain old poverty mar countless lives. We cannot turn a blind eye to this and judge ‘spiritual progress’ only by how we’re feeling, how fulfilled weare, whether we are living the life of our dreams. We must move deeper to see into the very nature of existence and truly honour the collective unity which circulates through its energetic arteries.

The fruits of awakening ripen within the collective field, shared by all things throughout the universe and beyond. It is this fact to which this Full Moon points. The more we can put ego desires in their place, acquaint ourselves with the nature of a healthy ego and call ourselves on its unhealthy expression in our own lives, the better able we are to facilitate the birth of the Aquarian Age which seeks to bring about equality and justice for all: a global community which does not tolerate famine as a by-product of greed, the atrocities of war as an acceptable form of conflict resolution or the destruction of our planet as an unavoidable consequence of ‘economic progress’.

There is yet a long way to go. That millions on this planet spend their day struggling to feed themselves and their families inevitably impacts upon the collective potential for awakening into a new age, and those of us in a position to embrace a path of awakening cannot simply turn a blind eye to the struggles of others and proclaim unmitigated progress in this respect. The biggest and most liberating change in our own life can indeed be breathtaking on a personal level, but collectively it is a drop in the ocean and we must not allow it to blind us to the plight of those who struggle merely to survive another day.

This Full Moon may pre-occupy us with our own challenges to the exclusion of all else, but it also contains within it the potential to elevate us to view the bigger picture. We have the chance now to recognise the enormity of the task ahead and the importance of every person who possibly can, committing to walking it in a state of reverence and humility, recognising that ultimately it isn’t about you and me and our own little lives, but about the life of this planet and beyond, realigning it into a state of balance and peace which can allow all of life to flourish and grow.

Enjoy the Full Moon everyone.

Sarah Varcas


laughlight 15th January 2014 12:17 pm

ever grateful, as always, for your taking the time to post such incredible sensibility, I thank you, Sarah Varcas...in this way you make our earthly world a better place to walk through ~

Deeni 15th January 2014 12:45 pm

Thank You for this message, Sarah.

I had this very epiphany just the other night as I was praying.

I had read an article earlier that day, that suggested to DREAM BIG, it occurred to me during prayer to ask what I was asking for, not only for myself and my immediate family, but for All, my Universal family. We are All ONE.

As I had this epiphany, and revised my prayers, I experienced goosebumps from head to toe.

The thing is, I always pray for All, but the prayers were always separate from the prayers I say for my immediate family, and friends. Even though I have been saying for years "We are All One", I felt it big time, for the first time. It was AWESOME!

Vibrating at a level that will aid in restoring the balance must come from a place of balance within.



So much Love and Light, to All ! : )

Lotus Flower 16th January 2014 11:22 pm

Your words resonate. Very powerful indeed. Hope as individuals and the collective we wake up to the theme of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam - or the whole world is one family.

Much love to you Sarah, your ability to articulate the abstract and esoteric is brilliant.


Jerelyn 17th January 2014 8:41 am

Profound and important. Thank you, Sarah!
-- Jerelyn


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