16th September 2013: Saturn Conjunct North Node

Accepting the Law

We begin the new week with Saturn now conjunct the North Node, the Sun somewhat cast aside from its cosmic colleagues and Mars being relieved of some of the pressure to which it’s been subject in the past few days. Overall this gives a feeling of stepping into line and acceptance. The fundamental laws to which we are all subject have been made very clear to us in recent weeks.

If we’ve tried to cut corners the results of our limited efforts will have unravelled pretty quickly. If we’ve acted out of haste before listening to our inner voice of wisdom and knowing we will have hit a brick wall, or worse. And if we’ve been motivated by egoic self-interest without consideration of the greater purpose of all things, including and especially our own lives, we will have found ourselves moving rapidly down a path not of our choosing but propelled by energies of our own making.

Thankfully, as we approach the Full Moon in Pisces on 19th, we now have an opportunity to take stock and change tack if we need to. It’s not too late and the cosmos supports our every effort to move in the direction of peace and not conflict, spirit and not ego, new beginnings and not old worn out patterns of behaviour which got us here in the first place! Of course, if ‘here’ is where we want to be then we can carry on as we were, but if not, the heavens charge us this week with taking responsibility for where we find ourselves and deciding upon a different course to a better destination.

We all live in the consequences of our previous choices and behaviours. No matter how much we may find fault with others, with circumstance, with life itself and its unfair dealing of the cards, ultimately where we are today is where we have placed ourselves through major and minor actions, thoughts, decisions and behaviours accumulated throughout our lives and beyond.

In Saturn’s conjunction to the North Node we see the potential for recognising this at a deeply profound level, not just as an intellectual theory about how life may work, but as a central truth of existence. And in embracing this recognition we can begin to view the events of our days, the concerns of our mind and the content of our heart in a whole new way. We can begin to know, with every fibre of our being, that we are the creator just as we are the created, we are the cause as well as the effect and we are Divine as well as physical creatures of the material world.

Today the cosmos speaks of these many roles and the responsibility that being charged with them places upon us. It’s a hefty one and we may prefer to side-step it if we can, but we can’t. We can only step into it, not around, and the sooner we are prepared to do so fully and with a heart open to what that truly means, the better able we will be to do what needs to be done at both a personal and a collective level in the weeks and months to come, as we journey across the cusp of the Aquarian Age together.

Have a good day everybody.

Sarah Varcas


Skyhawke8 17th September 2013 12:35 am

Well today's energy is certainly expansive and awesome in every way! I have a feeling that moving into the age of Aquarius is going to be an exhilarating and wild ride. So far, so good. Now I know why I'm a metaphysical, tree hugging, love and peace warrior who was born into redneckville and raised as a conservative Christian cowgirl. I have a lot to embrace! Within and without.Much to love! I have skills! Life skills that didn't add up before, but jeepers! It's all getting a bit clearer. Working the ranch in a dangerous thunderstorm feels like similar experience to what we're enjoying in this rolling ocean of energy. Feeling your way through with inner guidance is really the only way to navigate. Cool!

Thanks Sarah!

Your posts are always spot on and so enlightening!

sj williams 17th September 2013 8:52 am

your posts are so good i have put them on my facebook for all my friends to read. thank you sarah. :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 20th September 2013 2:45 am

Hello sj :) Thank you for sharing my posts. Always very grateful when people do that! :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 20th September 2013 2:48 am

Hello Skyhawke! Yes, an exhilarating and wild ride pretty much sums it up I think! :D Wow... working the ranch in a dangerous thunder storm... I can't even imagine what that would be like!! You have my deepest respect...!! :smitten:


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