16th September 2016: Lunar Eclipse in 25th degree of Pisces

Wise Emotion

Conjunct retrograde Chiron and forming a T Square to Mars in Sagittarius, this is an emotionally energised eclipse with a cathartic edge. Whilst some emotional catharses can clear the air in the long run, others may complicate an already difficult situation and we must stay present to know one from the other. With passions aroused we may mistakenly think it’s all about us, forgetting other people are also feeling the strain! To avoid too great a focus on the self, it will help to acknowledge a collective process of clearing and realignment rather than identify too deeply with what is, in fact, a wider issue. This eclipse reminds us the emotional realm may not be as personal as it first appears, for we each process our karmic share of the unified field, albeit within the unique emotional landscape of our life.

When the Moon is eclipsed we may lose touch with our inner compass. When eclipsed in Pisces, even more so! If we find ourselves swayed by ideas, people or situations that seem out of character it’s worth taking a step back before jumping on board. The paradoxical nature of an eclipse can heighten our awareness whilst obscuring the truth. We become conscious of all manner of undercurrents and influences within and without, but this new knowing may not beckon us in the best direction. If the world looks different now – more vibrant and alive or more complex and profound – note the perception, write it down, paint it, capture it in music, a poem, a photo, random words that make no sense but demand articulation…. then let it all go and wait, patiently, perhaps telling nothing and no one. Come January 2017, both Mars and Venus cross this eclipse degree and the relevance of all we now perceive will be revealed.

Current emotions may speak of unlived lives abandoned in favour of our chosen path; of the inevitable sorrow of partings and loss alongside the joy of self-discovery and fulfilment. Bubbling into consciousness are thoughts and feelings once cast aside to unclutter our lives. This is a time of rebalancing, of silenced selves whispering of past loves and lives lost, reawakening passions once denied.

With all this emotion around we may be tempted to take life extremely seriously. But lightening up, seeing the funny side, remembering ourselves as a tiny speck in an infinite cosmos can all keep things in perspective. As can reflecting before reacting and not allowing fiery emotions to dictate our every move; for once they’ve died down – as they certainly will – we may find more damage than anticipated and reparation may take more time than we have to spare. A minute taken to centre ourselves will be infinitely more valuable now than the transitory relief of self-expression. Knowing when to speak and when to stay silent is key.

We may sense that a sacrifice is called for. If so, we will know what it is and why. Most likely we should have released it long ago and yet somehow we still cling on. A person, a job, a home, a habit, a belief, an object…. Whatever it is, however big or small, this eclipse asks why do we cling, what do we fear, how do we maintain a connection whose time has passed? It may still be beyond us to let go at this point, but this eclipse will help us shift some energy, cut a few ties, take a half step away from bondage and toward freedom.

Perhaps the best advice now is to cultivate compassionate patience… with ourselves, with each other, with the unfolding of life and destiny, whatever that means to us. It is time to manifest a gentle and loving heart which enables deeper exploration of those things which trouble us, whilst knowing we are not bound to resolve them all in one go. The very act of turning toward pain is the start of a healing journey; simply wondering ‘how would it be if I change this thing in my life?’ invites new possibilities to shape our future selves.

A sensitive and emotional eclipse, we owe ourselves and each other time and space to embrace its message and reflect on all it has to say. Both intensely personal and integral to collective realignment, it heightens our emotions, transforming them into the most intimate language of the soul.

Sarah Varcas


ShelleyT 15th September 2016 10:35 am

Another humdinger ! Ah say it isn't so....
Ah Sarah... You are always soo on point .... & we picked this....? Boggles the mind....


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