17th September 2013: Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio (again!)

The Power of Relationship

Today we are reminded it is often in the closest and most important relationships that we encounter the deepest pain and therefore the greatest opportunity for healing. The extent to which we can embrace this fact largely dictates the depth of the healing we can experience. If we fail to learn from the themes which arise again and again in our relationships we can find ourselves unconsciously living out age old patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour which serve only to keep us cemented into a past which can never serve us well in the present.

The heavens point right now to the layers which exist between ourselves and others. We are invited to explore them and discover what really lies beneath the surface of our inter-connectedness with the people in our lives. How and why did these connections between us really come to be? What forces are at play in our world when we are locked into union with another which both liberates and limits us at the same time? Why is it that we can find ourselves compelled to return again and again to people by whose presence we are pained but in whose absence we feel we cannot survive?

The power of relationship is being brought into the light now, for all to see and explore. No longer can we stumble onwards walking the same path of togetherness and pain without growing in our understanding or awareness of what’s really taking place. The field of relationship is one in which we encounter deeply powerful forces which move to wake us up and bring us into a state of conscious awareness. They do this through scenarios which refuse to be ignored and via dynamics which resist all attempts to circumvent or shift them before their true depths have been penetrated and plumbed. The path of relationship can be a steep and rocky one, but the view from the summit is like no other…

If you thought that the end of Saturn’s transit through Libra meant relationships would be sunny from here on in, you were wrong! Libra is one level of relationship, but Scorpio is another and with Saturn and the North Node there now we are forced to dig deep if we are to penetrate the truth about what’s really going on between ourselves and other people. And the fact is we may not like what we find.

So many relationships are built upon a bedrock of fear – that this may be our last chance for happiness; that without them we’ll be alone forever; that we’re not strong enough to go it alone. And it’s not only partner relationships which trigger such responses in us. The prospect of stepping outside of our family of origin or away from our old social circle can have similar effects upon our confidence and courage.

Our connections with and dependence upon other people are some of the most powerfully shaping forces in our lives which we would be wise to explore with as open a mind and heart as possible. What we discover when we do may not be too appealing at first, but we cannot develop courage unless we are afraid, and we cannot know truth unless we have deception with which to compare it. The paradoxes of life are encapsulated in the forces which bring us together or keep us apart, and it is towards them that we are encouraged to turn at this time, with eyes unflinchingly open to the truths of our relationships and a heart willing to be broken open to allow the light of wisdom in.

Here’s wishing everyone an insightful day.

Sarah Varcas


Sandra Smyre 17th September 2013 8:24 am

Gosh Sarah your wisdom is astounding this a.m.! It is very reassuring to know I'm on the right page because relationships feel like they are kicking my butt. Obviously I'm not getting the message---YET!!!! I'm in this for the long haul so am hopeful there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I'm already in emotional and physical pain and am willing to see whatever it is that scares me so much. FEAR--false evidence appearing real. The truth can't hurt anymore than this confusion. sadness and fear, so bring it on! Sending you love and good wishes, Sandra :(

shapeshifter 17th September 2013 8:44 am

With all this technology at our fingertips it's not surprising that we're always pushing each other's buttons. :coolsmiley

Tiff 17th September 2013 9:40 am


Tiff 17th September 2013 9:43 am

Spot on. Amazing. Thank you for this confirmation, Sarah.

laughlight 17th September 2013 9:49 am

always your words have merit in my daily life...
thank you
thank you

Skyhawke8 17th September 2013 12:21 pm

Thank you Sarah! Again, spot on! I swear, without your insight and wisdom I think I would wonder if I was going insane! I'm ok with being out of my mind, mind you. :idiot2: but WOW! What a ride we're on right now! Thank you for bringing clarity so that I can be clear my responsibilities and stay centered in these relationship storms. :-\\\\ When we can be impersonal about what is our personal responsibilty, and allow another their own process, whilst staying centered in love, magical transformation can take place! :smitten:

Thanks again Sarah! :angel:

Shapeshifter, you are soooo clever and wise! Your comment today is very profound and much appreciated! :thumbs: :2funny :coolsmiley

bob oz 17th September 2013 12:22 pm

Both my partner and I have this stellium conjunct our natal Neptune (my 12th, his 8th house). Any additional precautions for this aspect?

Lionhaert 17th September 2013 2:38 pm

I feel that things that happened to myself in this day strongly resonated with your words and amazingly so!

I had an encounter with some of my closest ppl here in earth today, soulmates indeed... and what I did I consciously raised up to daylight some questions that had troubled me for quite some time now. I knew that if I would do that It could have had some serious consequences for all of us. And the way I did it wasnt certainly not nice, but very open. (I´a rising scorpio, so I couldnt resist this... to really dig deep no matter what happens) So I did it anyways.

I felt that I had to be true to me and to my truth (my soul) instead of just settle things "the way they are."
I felt very relieved and realized that fact that I have already chosen my new path, releasing myself from the old burdens... the lessons I felt I had to go through and understand.

The same way I felt was just couple weeks ago and almost in the same way... as I felt that at same time it did bring me closer to some and did separate me from some, but more true to myself.

but the view IS amazing!

bluefeatheryone 17th September 2013 4:29 pm

I find I have learned the most (although also the most painful lessons) through opposites/paradoxes, etc.. By realizing the trigger that could cause me to hate someone is also the very same one that would open me to love them just as intensely & dearly & passionately, seems to unite me more in my thoughts/mind & heart about things/situations/people/the world. I believe that when I'm able to care for something I once could not, that's progress for me. LOL. :thumbs:

Sarah Varcas 20th September 2013 2:58 am

Hello Bob. Re. this stellium hitting both your Neptunes...in very general terms, which is only how one can speak without seeing the charts involved, I would suggest patience with each other, a willingness to own projections and idealisations and to not succumb to negativity. Saturn transits to Neptune can be quite depressing in that they often remove a sense of optimism from our lives, but their purpose is to reveal where we may be fooling ourselves or denying the more difficult aspects of existence. They provide a reality check, but one which can move us quite significantly along the path of wisdom. With the North Node in there too, you are both being given an opportunity to embrace something more of your own personal destinies in terms of who and what you really are and the lives you're here to lead. If you can work together with these dynamics and provide honest and open feedback to each other in a loving and compassionate way this could be a really enlightening time for you both. Take good care, of yourselves and each other, and all can be very well indeed... :)

Sarah Varcas 20th September 2013 3:02 am

Hello Sandra :)


relationships feel like they are kicking my butt. Obviously I'm not getting the message---YET!!!!

Maybe it's not so much that you're not getting the message, perhaps it's more that it's a long message and it hasn't all come through yet! You know... like morse code where you have to keep listening for the beeps until the whole message has been received... Sometimes it seems to me that we can't begin to change until we've got all the data (in the form of time, experience, information etc.) that we need to do so, and gathering that data can take time :) Lots of love to you Sandra :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 20th September 2013 3:07 am

Lionhaert, yep, it certainly sounds like you were in tune with these energies. there is a lot of clearing needed in relationships right now. tough at the time but like you say.. what a view at the end of it! :)

bfo :)


I believe that when I'm able to care for something I once could not, that's progress for me

that's a good measure, and I can so relate to it! lol :smitten:


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