19th September 2013: Full Moon in Pisces

Reaping the Inner Harvest

Today’s Full Moon occurs at 11:14 a.m. GMT in the 27th degree of Pisces. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is ‘A Harvest Moon’, (nicely appropriate for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere!) and this Moon shines her light upon the harvest we can now reap. This is not, however, a material harvest of conditions created around us. Instead she invites us to consider an inner harvest and where we now find ourselves on our path of spiritual enquiry.

It can be a rare thing, to contemplate ourselves aside from the conditions of our lives. We can easily feel an unnerving dissolution of self when we remove the external trappings of our identity and turn within to see what’s left in their absence. But today the Full Moon bids us to do exactly that: to turn towards and embrace the truth of who we are aside from anything created around us.

To embrace what is left when our identification with things, circumstances, experiences, wealth (or lack of it), role (or absence of it), is released. She encourages us to let even our name go, to move beyond the ‘I’ ness of existence, in order to experience the essence which energises us from the heart.

This essence has been given many names over the years. It has been conceptualised and theorised, denied and held up as a carrot on the stick of the spiritual path. Some believe it to exist, others cannot conceive that it possibly could. We each have our own relationship with our very core and today we can encounter it in its rawest and most pure form by turning away from everything that divides us from others, that identifies us with individuality and selfhood, and turning towards the pure energy flowing through us from the earth, from the cosmos, from everything around us and back out again into the world at large. This energy forms the harvest of which the Moon speaks today.

An encounter with this pure force within is not always a pleasant experience! Many have spoken of the trauma of awakening to the truth of who we are, of the destruction that doing so can wreak in our everyday lives where truth can no longer exist alongside the everyday deceptions of mundane consciousness.

This is not a path for the fainthearted, and it is fair to say that the transformations occurring in our world now as we enter the Aquarian Age are not all about sweetness and light! But a willingness to experience the essence of who we are, beyond identity and ego, is essential to the process of awakening. Whatever we use to bolster our sense of self must also be placed willingly upon the sacrificial altar in case it, too, requires release at some point.

This Full Moon in the final sign of the zodiac reminds us that the true harvest of our path is experienced within, in the very core of our being, not externally in the trappings of our lives. If we fail to connect with our essence we may miss the harvest, forever seeking it outside of ourselves, which can be a more seductive and absorbing path, but also a distracting and deceptive one. As with all Full Moons, something comes to fruition at this point, but today the harvest is within us awaiting our inward gaze in order to be known.

Wishing Full Moon Blessings for everyone.

Sarah Varcas


AnaSoul 19th September 2013 11:27 am

Wonderful message! Thank you!

Meetles 19th September 2013 11:44 am

Dear Sara.

Always perfect and either a bolstering confirmation, or a welcome deeper insight. I love this process; Years of letting it all go, aligning with the cycles by responding or indeed allowing acquiescence. Today I sat and feeling around my inner world I was amazed at how little there is left in the way of an outer story or identity. I watched as parts were grasping for a story line, a role, a name, a thought...taunting thoughts of we deserve "A Life". I felt for those parts but did not engage with them. Later armed with tea, I came and read your post.

Thank you as always for sharing. It helps. For now I will go back and dive a little deeper. Much love for all you are and all you share. Well and today for all that lay beneath that as well. :) Thank you beautiful Sara.

Power_of_Light 19th September 2013 2:26 pm

Many experiences/transformations are not sweet, but the realizations out of them definitely are. So no matter what, it's totally worth it :).

Lover 24th September 2013 2:30 pm

"We can easily feel an unnerving dissolution of self when we remove the external trappings of our identity and turn within to see what’s left in their absence."

I feel the opposite: I feel it's the shit that's built-up AROUND me which is causing me all the pain. Thank you for the reminder, to go inward and siphon-off the nonsense. "You strip-away the ugliness that surrounds me" sings sweet Sarah... (McLachlan, that is. I'm not sure if YOU sing, Sarah Varcas... You certainly are my favourite astrological writer though! Spot on!)


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