21st May 2013: Intense for a Reason!

Great Challenge, Greater Potential

‘When is this all going to end?!’. Now there’s a question I’ve been hearing a lot lately! With so many potentially disruptive energies around us at the moment, there’s little surprise that it’s on many peoples’ lips, demanding a satisfactory answer. It’s a funny old job, being an astrologer. People want answers, but they want the ones they want, which aren’t always the ones we have to give! Sometimes we have to be the bearer of ‘bad news’ in order to realign someone, help them refocus and recognise where they are dictating to the universe how it should look in any particular moment, when the universe itself may have very different and far more significant plans.

That seems to be the way of it right now. In the wake of the Uranus/Pluto square and as we approach the final of three eclipses at the end of this week, this pressure cooker of energies may well be bearing down upon us causing us to dream of an end to all this intensity, when we can relax back into life again and get on with things. Trouble is, that’s not really how it’s going to work.

There is no going back now. Whatever has been broken open within us, whether it be great love, great pain, buried memories, new hopes and dreams or some area of our life that has been forever changed, it was broken open for a reason and our task is now to live that reason every day. To recognise and embrace the fact that as a result we are more whole, more true because of these changes, no matter how they may feel to us at times.

We are alive at a time of great challenge and even greater potential. Take note of that: the challenge is great, yes, but the potential…. that’s even greater, and we must never lose sight of that. However great the challenge or trauma we’re facing now, the potential is always bigger. Ultimately the deeper we have to go, the higher we fly in the end. Which brings us back to that question ‘when is this all going to end?!’. It ends when we decide it ends. It ends when we step out of the way once and for all and allow life to live itself through us. It ends when we stop thinking we know better, and can surrender to the Divine within and without, allowing it free reign in our lives.

But until then we’re a work in progress, an aspect of creation still evolving, shifting and changing in response to its environment. And this is exactly what and where we should be, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel at times. Because whenever that discomfort arises, whenever we find ourselves crying out ‘When will this end?!’, we have arrived at a moment in our lives when we can surrender if we choose, or not; we can embrace the way of things in that moment, or not; we can contribute to a higher planetary consciousness, or not. The choice is always ours. It ends when we decide it ends, not a moment too soon or a second too late.

Love and Blessings,

Sarah Varcas


betsy. 8th June 2013 6:09 pm

Sarah, I love both of the titles on this message! It does seem that those things that are the more intense offer the greatest rewards, atleast imo. TY for reminding me of this.
"...we can contribute to a higher planetary consciousness, or not. The choice is always ours." TY for sharing this. It's something AAM &/or Sanat Kumara have shared with me many times (I don't recall atm which or both) but it has allowed me to feel at ease. It's not anything I shared w/anyone else b/c of fear of being judged as not truly being on a conscious path; however, they tell me it's my choice & they will love me no matter my choice. By them loving me so unconditionally this way, it allows me to move @ my pace to step into my most authentic life. I feel more pressure from those in physical than in nonphysical form. It's the beings I channel that are the most patient. Of course, we're human so we're just not going to have that same level of patience as when not in physical form. LOL. It's just part of the fleshy package. I get that, so I can be patient w/it. TY again for the reminder, Sarah. :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 9th June 2013 3:38 am

Hello Betsy :) It's so important to move at our own pace isn't it? And to not judge ourselves against how we perceive others to be. We're not them and they're not us. End of! It's like Ram Dass (I think it is...) who says 'in the end we're just walking each other home'. I love that quote because it reminds us how the spiritual path can just be a gentle, friendly supportive path walked by friends together. :smitten:


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