26th – 28th July 2013: Moon in Aries

Cosmic Creativity

This weekend the heavens are awash with energy, potential and possibility. To be honest, in its entirety it may all be a bit too much for us so we need to pick and choose wisely how we use these energies now. Extremes of exuberance and excitement are possible, alongside extremes of emotion and stress. We may find ourselves fired up and ready to take on the world or worn down and ready to give up the ghost. Either way, extremes rule and it is our task this weekend to manage them and find the middle way which enables us to make wise choices, undertake effective action and pursue a positive path forward.

The Moon’s entry into Aries at 21:30 GMT on 26th helps us with this process. Less impulsive than many Aries Moons, this time around she offers us her fire in a measured way. This is the fire of a well regulated oven which uses its heat to transform seemingly boring ingredients into a tasty dish for dinner, carefully applying just the right temperature to bring about the correct chemical reactions and cook everything to perfection. This fire is contained and honed to facilitate the most creative expression of our essential energy in the moment.

We can all call upon this fire this weekend. It is the cosmic fuel available to help us manage the powerful energies around us now. It will help us focus our intent, concentrate our will and make every action, every word, every breath, a force for good on this planet. Astrologically speaking we have been immersed in water for many weeks and we now find ourselves at a juncture where the earth and fire elements are entering the mix. So what do you get when you mix earth, water and fire? Pottery comes to mind: useful containers which can make life easier and more ordered; vases to display flowers; cups that hold refreshment; plates for that meal we just cooked.

These three elements join forces to order our world, to make it more beautiful, to express the creativity at the heart of the universe. Which is why there’s so much potential this weekend and we need to use it wisely! It’s no good fashioning a hundred cups if you only have a small kiln, or a tiny bowl if you need it to contain an array of fruit. What we create needs to fit our purpose and this weekend we must be clear about that purpose so we can really hone our energy and put it to the best possible use.

It may be that we want to create something physically, or a relationship we want to bless with our attention and authentic presence. Or perhaps there are plans we need to make or previous plans on which we need to follow through. Whatever it is, there’s energy aplenty out there for us to call upon and invest. But it’s down to us to invest it wisely and with awareness, ever conscious of the results we hope to achieve by doing so. Failure to do this could result in energy wasted on extremes that lead nowhere and emotions that merely muddy the waters.

So here’s to a positive weekend during which we can bring to bear the creative influence of the heavens on our everyday world, for the benefit of the greater good.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sarah Varcas


LaRubia 26th July 2013 4:44 am

FINALLY! Moon is NOT in a water sign! This Aries is THRILLED, as the last month of soggy, miserable WATER energy has nearly done me in! Thank you SO MUCH, Sarah, for your daily posts; you are one of my favorites on this site for your clear, direct insights! :D

Radiant Love Energy 26th July 2013 8:41 am

Key takeaway for me right now - being clear about my purpose! TY Sarah :angel:

asphara 26th July 2013 9:06 am

Honestly Sarah, I don't bother read any forecasts of any kind but yours: this made me laugh all the way through, because it perfectly explains my weired and exuberant behaviour today! I don't know if the moon has entered Aries just yet (I'm in the UK, don't know where you are), but the pots and pottery paragraphs were so, so spot on in terms of what weired creative behaviour I've been getting up to - sewing up old clothes into new clothes/repairs (unprecidented for me), buying impulsive but really inspired things to do DIY cosmetic alternatives (long story!) and it's been real fun! I never do stuff like this - ever! Plus I skived Yoga class and drank zillions of coffees instead in order to zoom around town and do all this. Again, unprecidented (kinda).

Many thanks for your increadibly relevant posts! I would say this every day but I've said it once or twice - enough times anyhow. PS - I know my spelling's dire - 'dyslexia', whatever that is in reality. Love AA x

pointless 26th July 2013 8:38 pm

It's not by accident that anyone who has read this message really felt it. There aren't accidents this big, and experiences are as big as one wants them to be. Choose your future wisely, answer is in all of us.

I don't remember last time i was this happy or if i ever was.

<3 you all

shapeshifter 27th July 2013 10:19 am

I'm thinking of mud pies
and castles of sand,
so pull up your boots
and lend me a hand.

We'll need those containers
and some of those pots,
the ones that you made
while the fire was hot.

Don't dawdle now,Sarah,
we have to begin,
time's running out
and the tide's rolling in.

With sun on our cheeks
and wind in our hair,
aren't you glad that
our minds took us there?

bluefeatheryone 27th July 2013 11:12 am

Sounds like it could be a magical weekend with all of these ingredients. Thank you for this message! (I am happy too pointless one) (Love the poem, shapeshifter!) Much love to you all! :smitten:

sj williams 28th July 2013 5:59 am

enjoyed reading this, very uplifting, as i have got back into doing my paintings again. x

Katrina 28th July 2013 10:20 am

Excellent. Thank you so much! :)

Katrina 28th July 2013 10:21 am


Thank you shapeshifter :thumbs:

kay 28th July 2013 10:59 am

Excellent post, Sarah. As usual, I'm finding it right on target this weekend.

Shapeshifter, you're so much fun! See what a pretty you've brought us (to borrow a line from D.H. Lawrence).

Happy creating to all of us. Love to all.

shapeshifter 29th July 2013 11:43 am

bluefeatheryone, Katrina, Kay et al,
Hey, what a blast it was at the seashore with you.
Are you ready for a wild Kayak ride through the Lion's Gate?

Sarah Varcas 30th July 2013 3:06 am

the last month of soggy, miserable WATER energy has nearly done me in!

lol LaRubia! Yes, I can quite understand that :D There's still a fair bit of water around for a while though, so bring your umbrella just in case :)

Sarah Varcas 30th July 2013 3:08 am

Key takeaway for me right now - being clear about my purpose

Exactly RLE! Clarity rules!! :)

Sarah Varcas 30th July 2013 3:11 am

I'm in the UK, don't know where you are

I'm in the UK too Asphara, in Wales. How about you? Your post made me grin ;D especially the jibbing yoga for zillions of coffees instead lol. You gotta love that Aries Moon :thumbs: And OMG, your spelling is NOT dire!! :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 30th July 2013 3:12 am

I don't remember last time i was this happy or if i ever was.

Pointless :smitten: that's so good to hear!! :)

Sarah Varcas 30th July 2013 3:13 am

Shapeshifter, what can I say? Your talents know no bounds! I love your poem, thank you. Anyone who uses the word 'dawdle' is just perfect in my eyes! One of my favourite words lol :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 30th July 2013 3:15 am

I am happy too

And I am loving hearing people say they're happy bfo :) Hope your weekend was a good one xx

Sarah Varcas 30th July 2013 3:17 am

as i have got back into doing my paintings again

Sounds great sjwilliams. This is such a good time for emerging, or re-emerging creativity :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 30th July 2013 3:18 am

Excellent. Thank you so much!

I hope your weekend was a good one Katrina :)

Sarah Varcas 30th July 2013 3:20 am

Happy creating to all of us.

hear hear Kay, in every aspect of our lives :smitten:


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