26th May 2013: The Eclipse Season comes to an end…

Buzzing Around the Cosmos…

I had to smile when I looked at the charts for today. They immediately brought to mind a bee flying from one flower to the next, gathering nectar and pollen as it goes. Lots of activity and plenty of sweet rewards, including a cosy hive to return to at the end of the day. It began at Uranus in Aries gathering the nectar of innovative self-discovery, moved on to Pluto in Capricorn, the flower of deep transformation that changes the very nature of our being, buzzed over to Chiron in Pisces, the blossom of shared healing and compassion for all, meandered on to the North Node in Scorpio pointing out the need to go within and transform before we try to change anything without. Then it raced up to a three planet gathering in Gemini, remembering the value of flexibility, communication and companionship, before flitting on to the Moon in Sagittarius to gather the nectar of hope and broad vision that can help us rise above everyday concerns to see the bigger picture, and finally headed off to Mars in Taurus, the flower of stubborn, dogged determination and commitment in the face of obstacles and resistance. Once it had finished there it returned to the hive formed by the Sun, Saturn and Neptune: the place where mind, body and spirit meet in equal measure to make us whole.

We’re like that bee today. We could go in any direction, to any flower or blossom offering up its sweet nectar and fragrance to us. We’ll know which ones we need to visit and why. Whether we need to drink in the sweetness of healing or gather the pollen of commitment and determination. We’ll know whether we need to buzz around a group or remain alone in quiet reflection. Whatever our needs today the cosmos assures us we can attend to them, it’s okay to do that. Other things won’t slide if we shift our focus for a while. The eclipse season comes to close now and this is a rather lovely way to honour its passing: by recognising that we can visit whatever flower we want and receive the energy we need to carry on, no matter what the eclipses may have brought to us in the past few weeks.

So take some time out today to gather nectar from the supportive and healing energies that are all around. Breath them in, draw them up through the earth, down from the sky, know that they course through your veins just as they course throughout the cosmos. It’s a healing day today, replete with the power of the Divine, offered to us without limit or condition. The flowers are open and waiting, all we have to do is land upon them and drink in their sweetness.

Have a blessed day everyone.

Sarah Varcas


betsy. 27th May 2013 6:04 pm

What beautiful imagery I felt reading this message! Thank you so much for that, Sarah! I will hold that close to my heart. :) Much love to you!

Sarah Varcas 28th May 2013 10:30 am

Hello Betsy. Thank you. I'm so glad the imagery spoke to you. I just adore bees. They have such character and always make me smile. Much love to you too! :)


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