27th/28th September 2015: Total Lunar Eclipse and Super Moon in Aries

A Cosmic Humdinger

The eclipse occurs in totality at 2:48 a.m. UT on 28th September 2015, in the 5th degree of Aries. This is a particularly powerful eclipse, set to unleash a whirlwind of change. Subjectivity may be rife and opinions abound, blinding us to alternative perspectives equally true. On the other hand truth may bop us over the head in ways not previously experienced, causing the burden of old beliefs to simply drop away. A Super Moon is always highly energised and influential, but its positioning close to the earth mitigates against objectivity and can leave us blinkered by – but blind to – our own limitations. Coinciding with an eclipse, this Moon indicates a time of deep insight when we can perceive with greater clarity just how constrained we are and how unconscious reactivity keeps us confined.

This lunar eclipse highlights the power struggles that can readily occur in the course of everyday life. Relationships may be up in the air at this time, challenging us to greater clarity of communication and more penetrating honesty. Difficult issues and disagreements previously side-stepped become impossible to avoid as the heavens pile on the pressure to deal with the proverbial elephant in the room. Whilst this may augur a stressful time, difficult conversations had now will pay dividends in the long run when greater understanding flourishes from what may at first be a deep divide.

An on-going aspect between Chiron and Uranus reminds us that most people come with wounds that complicate everyday life. Old pain can cloud the air between us, creating a gulf that separates what we intend from how our words and deeds are received. Unwittingly or otherwise, we may dig at each other’s sensitivities, making effective communication especially difficult. Emotions triggered now can be all consuming and powerfully influential, refusing to let us go until we’ve looked at them directly no matter how uncomfortable doing so may be. This eclipse demands searing honesty within an emotional maelstrom and few people are equipped enough to deal with such interpersonal challenges without a few ups and downs!

The trouble is, if two people under such powerful internal influences come up against each other, a monumental battle of wills may ensue. Taking some time out to reflect, step back and calm down can make the difference between deepened conflict which creates irreconcilable differences, and healing space which allows all parties to say their piece, acknowledge the other and find a way to move forward in a state of mutual accord not entrenched division. We may be at risk, now, of rapid-fire responses made in the blink of an eye which, once the eclipse energies have subsided, fail to stand up to scrutiny. Decisions made on the back of emotional reactivity are best avoided no matter how pressing things may seem. Give it a few days, let everyone calm down and then revisit current issues from a calmer perspective.

With Mercury still retrograde in Libra, we can rest assured that a willingness to question our own motivations as much as we question those of others will proffer insight and self-understanding. No matter how compelling it can be to find fault in those with whom we disagree, we, too, are held to account by the karmic forces of creation and change. If we crusade for others to pay their dues we may miss a few payments of our own, having to make them, with interest, further down the line when it’s increasingly inconvenient to do so! Acknowledging the flaws in our own thinking and the mistakes they’ve caused us to make, will release clear and focused energy to support necessary amends and effect healing closure for all concerned.

Both personally and collectively this eclipse will put the cat among the proverbial pigeons. Nothing is as clear cut as it first appears, despite our desire for clarity. It affirms there is no such thing as incontrovertible truth in the midst of such commanding forces of deep, expansive change. No one knows what will come of current evolutionary shifts. It’s a step-by-step process whose outcomes are revealed only as we display the courage to walk into the unknown.

The cosmos reminds us certainty is a luxury no longer at our disposal. The next step of the journey takes us more deeply than ever before into the great mystery of becoming. Whilst it may feel unsettling, there is no need for fear. Sometimes everything must be thrown up in the air to re-pattern the very fabric of our being. Now is just such a time. The more people who can respond to such intensity by reaching out to others, not withdrawing into an armoured shell; by considering those in greater need, not dwelling on their own lack; by supporting those around them to effect change rather than struggling to maintain a stifling status quo; the greater the upwelling of unity, mutuality and support in the collective energy field. This upwelling will then be foundational in the coming months, an underpinning support for all our efforts, individual and otherwise.

There’s nothing to be gained from mincing words: this eclipse is a humdinger, there’s no denying it. But nothing says ‘we’re ready for deep and abiding change’ better than people standing firm for the common good, knowing that it’s sometimes best served by the recalibration of individual lives, to bring each more deeply into alignment with the sacred and eternal One


Deeni 28th September 2015 10:12 am

Thank You, Sarah.

Always GREAT to hear from you.

Message received.

Much Love, Light, and Inner Peace to All. : )

laughlight 29th September 2015 5:43 pm

I'm always more comforted reading your 'take' on things.
And so it is with this powerful eclipse, that I loved. I was releasing things in stride, very pleased and feeling softly wonderfilled.
And then I learned my old friend had died. I shouldn't have been shocked, but I was, knowing this was told her 2 years ago.
Still within me, I saddened that I'd not spent more time with her while living.


thank you

keryndawer 5th October 2015 2:57 am

Yes indeed this "great mystery of becoming" takes courage and searing honesty. You got this Eclipse/Full moon down perfectly Sarah. I read your posting the day after, and the days following the Eclipse, and what you wrote EXACTLY CAME TO PASS with the unfolding days. Very powerful, and karmic, but ultimately liberating and uplifting. I wanted to hide in my shell, but ultimately chose to be brave and honest, and I'm glad I did. No more status quo! You are brilliant as always and ever. Thank you :smitten:

Keryn xo


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