29th May 2013: Pallas Athene in Gemini

Walking The Labyrinth of Communication

Today the asteroid Pallas Athene enters Gemini, where she will remain until 21st July. The passage of the Goddess of Wisdom through the sign of words, connection and communication provides us a wonderful opportunity to share our own perspective of the world with others and allow them to do the same with us. In Gemini, Pallas knows the power of the spoken word and in the coming weeks she’ll be running a masterclass for us in how to use it wisely for the advancement of greater peace, understanding and freedom. We’re not to use speech to preach or put down, to invoke hatred or division. Should we do so during this time, we may soon discover the other face of Pallas Athene: the Warrior Queen who fights now for the return of respect, balance and unity, both within and without. The battles we find on our hands may be more than we had bargained for and greater than we can endure.

But today, as Pallas Athene enters Gemini, we may find ourselves dragging our feet somewhat, not quite ready to embrace the power of speech in the manner she exhorts. It’s easy to be lazy in our communication. We speak without thinking, pass judgement without really knowing the facts, spend the time someone’s speaking to us working out what we’re going to say back rather than listening to their words. And changing these kinds of habits can be hard work. We may not even see a need to do so, aware only of many other things that seem far more pressing in our lives. Communication can be so habitual we barely bring any consciousness to it, and it is this which Pallas Athene seeks to change in the coming weeks.

There are a number of ways we can assist her with this task. Some are very obvious: think before speaking, listen (really listen!) before responding, choose our words carefully and deliver them with compassion. But there are other ways more obscure but equally powerful: resist the need to get others to see our point of view; recognise that opposite opinions are both ‘true’ when viewed from opposite perspectives; accept that whilst the whole world will never agree, it can live in a state of harmony through creating a space in which difference can co-exist with similarity. And equally we can recognise that sometimes a forceful ‘NO’ is required when circumstances demand it; raised voices can be a sign of freedom that we should celebrate; and drawing boundaries around personal expression can be necessary for a safe community that protects the most vulnerable at its heart.

Communication…so complex, such a world of paradox, and yet so everyday and familiar to us. Today Pallas Athene takes us by the hand and begins our eight week tour through the labyrinth of words and speech, after which we may never view them and their role in our lives in quite the same way again.

Enjoy connecting with others today!

Sarah Varcas


zorro 29th May 2013 9:32 am

Nice points, Sarah.

Some interesting background on the source of some words related to this:

Communication is from the Latin "communi-care": to share, impart, inform, join, unite, participate in, make common. Is the exchange "caring", we might ask?

Correspond? (Core-Response)
From Latin "respondere", Re=back, Spondere=to pledge
To pledge back
To be in agreement, in harmony, together. A response from our "core".
Diversity extends back to a common core.

Also from respondere, "Responsible", accountable to self and a common good in actions and interactions with others.

Sarah Varcas 29th May 2013 10:57 am

Hello Zorro,

Many thanks for that information. It's very relevant to the Pallas in Gemini energies indeed. I found it particularly poignant to see the link between 'communication' and 'communi-care'. Your question


Is the exchange "caring", we might ask?

underpins so much of what makes effective communication. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.Very interesting indeed....and a timely reminder that there is always so much more being said within our everyday speech!

shapeshifter 29th May 2013 2:22 pm

Communication is even more challenging since my mind decided to take an extended leave of absence.

betsy. 29th May 2013 3:18 pm


I have to tell you that your messages so emotionally move me. I laugh, I cry, etc... Thank you for that. :smitten:

I can most definitely see where I'm guilty of not being good at communication. I find myself often thinking ahead to what I'm going to say instead of doing a better job listening to what's being shared (among other things).

"Should we do so during this time, we may soon discover the other face of Pallas Athene: the Warrior Queen who fights now for the return of respect, balance and unity, both within and without." I assume that when people speak of within and without, they're talking about 'within oneself,' then without being 'out in the world or the exterior?' If I have been interpreting that correctly all this time, LOL, I really love this, too. It seems so much begins with ourselves. Loving ourselves, respecting ourselves, balancing ourselves and unifying ourselves. It seems so selfish sometimes and I've truly had to retrain my thinking about these things. We're just as important, though. :)

Thank you for this message, Sarah. Much love to you!!!

zorro 29th May 2013 6:03 pm


Congratulations, you are in great company.

"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most".
Mark Twain

Who also said, "You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus".

Sarah Varcas 30th May 2013 3:18 am

Shapeshifter, yes, still out of your mind then? I know that feeling.... usually the best place to be :D

Sarah Varcas 30th May 2013 3:23 am

Hello Betsy!


I assume that when people speak of within and without, they're talking about 'within oneself,' then without being 'out in the world or the exterior?

yes, that's certainly what I mean by it so no, you're not misinterpreting!

It all begins with us. I saw this great quote on Facebook the other day: 'If you want to awaken the whole of humanity then awaken the whole of yourself'. I think it's attributed to Lao Tzu. Says it all really! what we do for ourselves we do for everyone...

Love to you Betsy xx

shapeshifter 30th May 2013 9:48 am

To Zorro and Sarah.... these days when people tell me that I'm out of my mind I take it as a compliment. I guess this is a sure sign that reality has shifted significantly eh?

Thanks for your feedback and support :coolsmiley

Sarah Varcas 30th May 2013 10:31 am

LOL Shapeshifter. So true. It's the best compliment you could receive.... however it's originally intended :laugh


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