2nd July 2013: Saturn Completing Its Retrograde Cycle in Scorpio

The Power of Deep Truth

Saturn is now preparing to end its retrograde journey through Scorpio in a week’s time. When it turned retrograde in the middle of February I wrote about the unearthing of secrets and Saturn’s demand that we live our lives with integrity, deceiving neither others nor ourselves. In the intervening months Saturn has been working hard to show us where we are doing exactly that and to get us back in line with authenticity and truth.

As a result we may well have discovered that it’s a lot harder to be truthful than one might at first imagine, especially with ourselves!We adopt all manner of twists and turns within our own psyche to avoid facing unpalatable truths whose acceptance may require significant adjustment in ourselves and our lives. But Saturn’s not one to accept ‘no’ for an answer, and if there’s work to be done it’ll make damn sure we do it!!

In the sign of Scorpio our self–deceptions may be particularly well hidden, often behind the pursuit of truth about others. The penetrating gaze of Scorpio insight can all too readily be focused ‘out there’, as a defence against turning it back upon oneself. When Saturn travels through the sign of the Scorpion we are all encouraged to penetrate not the psyche of others but the hidden depths of our own minds and hearts, in which dwell all manner of shadows that we may not care to explore.

The extent to which we have done this in the past few months will largely dictate the ease with which we can move forward in the coming ones. If we have spent the first half of this year making an inventory of all the ways someone else needs to change, we could be in for a rude awakening in the coming weeks. If we have made even apparently unsuccessful attempts to change our own modus operandi and embrace more truth and authenticity in our own lives, Saturn will reward our efforts with a clearer path ahead.

But whatever we’ve done in the past few months, it’s never too late to change if we recognise now that we have been avoiding the real ‘work’ in favour of tinkering around on the side-lines. Self-discipline will be needed, and a willingness to change habits of the mind and heart. We may need to make amends, or take responsibility for issues that we have previously blamed upon others. Apologies may be in order, as may the willingness to accept an apology thereby allowing someone else to move on, free from the burden of past mistakes.

Saturn in Scorpio always encourages us to work with the root cause of something, not the surface impression. Finger pointing is only ever a surface impression, as is the resignation of self-blame. We must look beyond both of these in order to penetrate the complexities of life which reveal a myriad of forces and influences at play in any one situation, such that establishing guilt and blame becomes irrelevant in the greater discourse of insight and liberation.

Ultimately Saturn in Scorpio teaches us that we are all the cause and we are all subject to the effect. No one is only innocent victim and no one solely the evil aggressor. Until we can recognise both of these identities inside us, along with countless others that occupy space in our hearts and minds, we will never be able to recognise the common humanity which connects us all or the breath of the Divine which breaths us all.

The honesty that Saturn demands of us is challenging and powerful. It liberates us to take full responsibility for our lives, to hold ourselves to account at every step. In so doing it leaves us no choice but to be honest and authentic, with ourselves and others. For Saturn in Scorpio there is no other way.

Sending love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas


gabriele 2nd July 2013 6:36 am

Thank you for your insides which you are sharing so generously. Your last three posts clarified a lot for me and put into words what I had been experiencing.And again I had thought, that it was just me being "extra" emotional and sensitive. But that in itself is one of the deeper patterns. Lots of love :)

Sarah Varcas 2nd July 2013 6:53 am

I had thought, that it was just me being "extra" emotional and sensitive. But that in itself is one of the deeper patterns

Ah Gabriele, I hear you! Now is the perfect time to investigate these thoughts we have about ourselves, and discover the deeper truths they may contain. Love to you xx

shapeshifter 2nd July 2013 12:50 pm

Pulling the "Crab" grass of my life (I have a lot of Cancer in my natal chart) up by the roots is no easy "under"taking.

I don't suppose there's some kind of cosmic weed killer that will do the job for me?

Sandra Smyre 2nd July 2013 2:16 pm

What a fabulous message Sarah! You couldn't have said this any clearer and seeing my experience in words really drives it home for me. Am doing some deep work these days and having to take ownership of my part in other's "crap". Accepting other's choices(when they're not mine) is hard for me(like I'm an authority or something). I need to quit taking self so seriously, laugh more, and let other's reap their own karma. This co-dependency thing has kicked my butt for years--am ready to let it go once and foreall. How grateful I am to have this forum to learn and grow from. Much love to you--you are a true blessing, Sandra :smitten:

kay 2nd July 2013 7:05 pm

Hi, Sandra. I'm going to repeat some words of encouragement here that Shapeshifter gave me on another blog: a spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down. And I'm going to emphasize some good advice that you just gave yourself and the rest of us: laugh more. I'm going to find a way to work that into the mix more often.

I guess it's Saturn putting us through all this; I really don't think it's Sarah. Joke!! Joke, Sarah! (Because you handled the other one so well.)

Well, it got me laughing.

Thanks, Shapeshifter. (Yeah, blame it on Shapeshifter.) It's odd (but not really) that you mentioned tea rooms and crumpets. Earlier today I was thinking wouldn't it be fun for this quirky group to meet up in a train station somewhere in the UK and see if we recognized each other. Then, of course, a glorious time of exploration. Do you remember at Lauren's place when Cindy (CJ) wanted to get us all on a camping trip? This is family of the sweetest sort.

Thanks, again, Sarah for an excellent article. "Self-discipline will be needed, and

kay 2nd July 2013 7:08 pm

a willingness to change mind and heart." I'm willing. Love to all.

betsy. 2nd July 2013 7:20 pm

"...both of these identities inside us..." Thank you, Sarah. This is a deep truth I would rather not see; yet, it is truth nonetheless. My not choosing to see it doesn't mean it's not so. It reminds me not to be so quick to judge others & their path & choices. Brings me back to all of us being one. There is no "us" & "them" and one is not better than another, for inside we are all the same. Thank you for this loving message. <3
Shapeshifter, your comment made me LOL & it reminded me of a dream I had the other night. I was sorting bins of some kind. Going through what was in the bins & separating them. Some had crabs in them I had to take out. I was afraid of some of the crabs, so a man helped me. Thank you for the laugh. <3
Much love to you all!!! :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 3rd July 2013 6:12 am

Pulling the "Crab" grass of my life (I have a lot of Cancer in my natal chart) up by the roots is no easy "under"taking.

I don't suppose there's some kind of cosmic weed killer that will do the job for me?

If only.... :) Nope Shapeshifter, you just need to get down on your knees with your trowel and do the weeding by hand.. :angel: Leave the forget-me-nots though. No Cancerian should ever have to dig them up... :)

Sarah Varcas 3rd July 2013 6:16 am

Hello Sandra :) Ah... the co-dependency thing... yes. We are now most definitely in a time when that particular relationship blue-print must go up in smoke lol. We have no choice. time to do things very differently indeed! Love to you xx :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 3rd July 2013 6:19 am

I guess it's Saturn putting us through all this; I really don't think it's Sarah.

lol Kay. But wouldn't it be great if it was me?! Wow! Just think....The power... :2funny

Sarah Varcas 3rd July 2013 6:20 am

Hello Betsy. Do you know the poem 'Please Call Me By My True Names' by Thich Nhat Hanh? I think you might appreciate it... :smitten:

shapeshifter 3rd July 2013 11:04 am

Gee Sarah, I thought that getting down on my knees was specifically for praying. Perhaps I could pray for some cosmic weed killer?
BTW I'm actually a Virgo even though I have lots of Cancer activity in my chart. However, I do admit to being a bit "crabby" at times lol.

Kay, we will all recognize each other at the train station by our energy signatures and CJ will be the one with all the camping gear. :)

Betsy, even crabs are not crabby all the time. They have their share of good days so you don't need to be afraid of them :2funny

betsy. 3rd July 2013 1:49 pm

Ty for the love, Shapeshifter. :smitten:

bluefeatheryone 4th July 2013 11:13 am

Sarah, I read the poem (& story behind the poem). Ty for sharing. <3 I found it hard to have compassion for people who did things I didn't understand until I read Gary Zukav's "Seat of the Soul." I realized then that we all have all within us, it's merely the path we choose to take (much like the pirate's background & his choices). I finished reading his book shortly before the Lance Armstrong news came to light. I thought it was interesting that Gary's take on that was that if we think we're any better than Lance, we're lying to ourselves; for although we may not have chosen that particular path, there are certainly other paths in our lives we did choose similarly & to not see those within ourselves is to lie to ourselves. Until we're willing to face those truths about ourselves, it's very difficult to become whole. Imo, it seems to go back to loving ourselves & loving others...being gentle w/ourselves & being gentle w/others. I have so far to go in these areas still, but I hope I'm further than I was yesterday. LOL. Ty for sharing. Much love to you! :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 5th July 2013 5:11 am

Hello bfo ;-) I'm glad you found the poem. It has held a very significant place in my life and path. It speaks of truths that are hard to swallow I know. And yes, gentleness and love, for ourselves and others: this has to be the way forward :smitten:


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