31st May 2013: A Grand Trine in Water Begins

Water Healing

Yesterday I spoke about the coming shift in energy and today the shift begins, with a Grand Trine in Water forming, the Moon now in Pisces conjunct Neptune, and Mercury moving into Cancer. The formation of this Grand Trine heralds the beginning of several weeks during which we have its sensitively creative energy as a backdrop to our everyday lives. At first it may feel a bit ‘slippery’ and difficult to pin down. We may sense that something around us has changed but we’re not sure what. We may feel a bit disoriented, especially if we don’t have much water energy in our birth chart, but as the vibration begins to anchor on the earth plane for its lengthy visit we will begin to ‘get’ what it means for us, and the cosmic pool party can begin!

But for today, let’s just take it as easy as we can and gradually begin to feel out what this might mean for us. We may feel weary (this often occurs when we shift into a water vibration), weepy or just generally more emotional. We may feel a deep connection with an all-embracing oneness that washes over us without warning (Grand Trines in Water are great for experiencing this kind of connection!). Spending time by or in water will be especially cleansing and supportive today. Even just a long bath or a relaxing shower would suffice, but make it something special, rather than just part of the daily routine. Today’s a day to honour the water element everywhere and to offer up our thanks for the support it gives us each day of our lives.

And just as the water cleanses and heals us, it too needs our healing to complete the circle. There are millions who live without access to clean water or who must walk miles every day to collect it. For those of us blessed enough to turn a tap and have an abundant supply of this life-giving liquid, it is almost impossible to imagine living any other way. But this Grand Trine in Water is here for them too, and encourages us to remain mindful of their plight and alert to anything we can do to assist. The water element all over this planet needs to receive love and healing energy as much as it gives those very things back to us, and now is the time for as many people as possible to join in this healing circle, envision a world in which everyone has access to its life-giving and cleansing power; a world in which water ways are sparkling and full of life, not polluted, diseased and full of death. And once envisioned it is up to each one of us to do our part to make it happen.

There are powerful messages in the heavens today. They speak to us of sensitivity and compassion, shared suffering and collective healing. They point to the transformation which lies dormant until we can access the energy bound up in our emotions and apply it positively to our lives. But most of all they speak to us of the all-abiding One Heart which connects everyone and everything. They remind us that no matter how isolated we may at times feel, we are part of a magnificent whole from which we can draw strength and hope in the face of loss and hopelessness. Whatever healing we need today, the cosmos is poised to provide it through the beautiful medium of water. Drink it, bathe in it, sit or walk beside it…the water reaches out to us today and we are truly blessed.

Enjoy your day everyone,

Sarah Varcas


zorro 31st May 2013 6:57 am

“Drink it, bathe in it, sit or walk beside it…”
And we can add “bless it, bless each other (we are 75% water), bless the rain, bless the ocean, bless the lake, the water falls, the rivers, the fountains, the wells”. I honor and salute you and carry an aura of love.

Water has memory and truly takes on the energy patterns of the consciousness near it. This is why it is repeated often to "remember the love that you are. This has profound implications for us all, and I appreciate being reminded.

Sarah Varcas 31st May 2013 8:34 am

Yes yes yes Zorro!! Bless it, all the time, everywhere. Thank you for the reminder xxx

shapeshifter 31st May 2013 11:19 am

Thanks Sarah, for all that you are and all that you do, especially here in the Spirit library.

I reside in Water Wonderland, surrounded by the 5 great lakes.
I count my blessings every day and spend a lot of time by the water.

My Moon, Ascendant and Uranus are all in Cancer. I guess that makes me a water baby and explains why I'm often slip, sliding away :roll:

shapeshifter 31st May 2013 11:24 am

p.s. Let's get this cosmic pool party started :coolsmiley

Mik 31st May 2013 11:36 am

Thankyou for the excellent updates,,so helpful to be aware.

Liquid crystal,,so beautiful,,and entrancing,,sparkling life.

kay 31st May 2013 12:02 pm

Yeah, love that cosmic pool party idea! Well, I say I love it, I love the coming together of it, but having so much fire in my chart, I've often experienced water putting fire out and fire making water steam. That being said, I'm so drawn to the hot springs of Arkansas, haven't been there since I was a child but feel so ready to live there. And the crystal energy of Ark is so magnetic. "Ark"? . . . hmmmm

Yes to blessing and thanking the water, whether it's in the beer, the juice, the coffee and tea, our bodies, other beings' bodies, however it occurs on our planet, wherever. This article is a lovely reminder to accelerate that process of blessing and gratitude and just to remain in an attitude of blessing and gratitude.

Thank you, Sarah, Zorro, shapeshifter

kay 31st May 2013 12:06 pm

And Mik!

zorro 31st May 2013 12:42 pm

Arkansas Kay (Kay AK),

If Floating on the Arkansas River waters don't forget your kay-ak KAYAK.

Read KAYAK forward and backward. It reads the same either way. I think you have been there and are going there. I think you are on to something Kayak. Now you can have a new alias on SL.

zorro 31st May 2013 12:47 pm

OK that was almost good except that AK is for Alaska. Oh well, dress warm!

Sandra Smyre 31st May 2013 1:36 pm

Thank you again Sarah! So many delicious ways to bless water--the Undines have always been special to me. I look so forward to a nice rainy day--probably would love the Northwest. Boy can I feel a difference in the energy today after weeks of anxiety. The connection I feel from all of the readers and responders makes me feel alive and whole. Thank you to all of you and many blessings of LOVE.XO

cyndy 31st May 2013 4:06 pm

I am a Pisces and will dive right in and join you all in the cosmic pool party. I love water and frozen water. Ice cubes on a hot day and love to make ice lanterns in the winter and drop off on people's door step.
Enjoying your comments and the banter. Cosmic pool party. Yes!

shapeshifter 31st May 2013 4:33 pm

Kay, now I know why it's hot and steamy in Mississippi.

Sandra, the people in the northwest don't tan, they rust.

Cyndy, maybe you can teach me how to swim?

betsy. 31st May 2013 5:30 pm

Thank you, Sarah, & all of you for your comments. They are so uplifting & filled w/such fun & love! :) This message couldn't come @ a more perfect time. I have been weepy & continue to be so, now I know why. My mom is a Cancer. I found her this morning in tears. She has been journaling (& has cleared some blocks I guess). Her mother, who passed tragically & unexpectedly when mom was 19 (& 7 mo. pregnant with me, her 1st child) came to her for the first time in a dream last nite. We sat & talked for a good while. She let me hold her while she cried. We were supposed to have other plans today; but after that, I decided to surprise her & take her thrift store shopping - her favorite thing in the world. My mom is very hard on herself & I now know the importance of self-love & its healing power, so I was hoping by her being able to do something that brought her JOY today she might feel better. (I'm unable to talk w/my family about most anything metaphysical, so I no longer share w/them. Just love).
Thank you, Sarah, for the message & this community! :) Much love to you all!!!

kay 31st May 2013 6:14 pm

And I think you are onto something, Zorro, with that kayak business. I've been there before and I'll be there again. I do have a sense of having helped get the crystals safely there . . . you know, back in the day. I love the way you play with words, and by the way, according to Webster’s, AK is the proper abbreviation for 5D Arkansas. Yours ever faithfully, Kayak.

It seems you've got my number, too, shapeshifter. Now with this cosmic pool party, can we expect riptides, in which case it really wouldn’t hurt for Cyndy to teach you how to swim, or just a riproaring good time doing the hokeypokey?

Cyndy, please send ice lanterns to Mississippi ASAP! Hot and steamy has already arrived.

Betsy, I hope the thrift store shopping was just what you and your mom needed. With my parents, it was spending Fridays at garage sales.

Looks like we’ve got the party started.

cyndy 31st May 2013 6:21 pm

Well, I don't know if I swim that much,mostly float. But I do really, really know my way around a bubble bath. I do not like to shop but am wondering about a cosmic bathing suit for my cosmic body. ha

betsy. 31st May 2013 6:57 pm

You are all so wonderfully light & fun. Thank you. :)
Yes, Kay, mom did cheer (& found a couch she couldn't resist). LOL. TY for asking.
I lived in Arkansas for a bit & LOVED it! It so felt like home. Such natural beauty there. I wish I could visit more often or live there again someday (even part-time somehow) but my daughters are here. They've asked me to please not move any further away than I already am...hopefully closer instead.
Kayaking...Cosmic Pool Party...Cosmic Swimsuit. Sounds fun! I'm in! :thumbs:
Much love to you all!!!

Mik 31st May 2013 8:46 pm

Haha,,thanks for not forgetting moi,Kay,,because as you know life is not for getting its for giving,,(borrowed from Neale)

I have this old vision in my mind,,where each lifetime, our soul dives off a high diving board in outerspace,,down into the earths dna(gene) pool,,for a quick dip,,,again and again,,it may be a quick dip for our soul,,but it feel like a long swim for us,,,haha,,,just toweling off,,for now

Much Love to all

zorro 31st May 2013 10:15 pm

That's good Mik, and for me it is a long cosmic waterslide. We synchronize our watches and all meet up at designated timelines..what a trip!

kay 31st May 2013 10:18 pm

So I’m thinking, Cyndy, regarding swimsuits, maybe something bubbly? Or skinny-dipply? Or shimmery sparkly?

Where did you live in Arkansas, Betsy, that felt so much like home?

I love that image, Mik. I wonder if, in that pre-incarnation space, we have the same sense of diving into the unknown that so many of us are feeling now. I guess not. Before we take a lifetime on, we do know what we’re asking for. So if we knew it then, the outline of it, we still know it at the deepest level.

Night, all. This has been fun for me.

zorro 31st May 2013 10:37 pm

Cyndy and Shapeshifter,

I have 3 planets in Cancer and
a Cancer Descendant. Does this make me all wet?
Ascendent, Moon and Venus in earth and Mars, Sun and Pluto in fire. Does Neptune in air count for anything in the way of elemental balance?

Mik 1st June 2013 1:44 am

Thanks for the nice feed back friends,,,

Thinking about your comment Kay,,,I agree we know at the deepest level,,,and we take the chance of forgetting who we really are through the veil(the body),thats the risk we take, not to remember. We might ask why would we take that risk,,,the answer to that would explain many things,
including why do pussycats sleep so much,,haha,they certainly don,t like the water,much.

Great pool party all,reminds me of the scene from the movie Caddyshack,,and how that ended up,,lol

Sarah Varcas 1st June 2013 4:18 am

Hello Shapeshifter :) Wow, you live by the Great Lakes?! Bet your Moon in Cancer loves that! :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 1st June 2013 4:20 am



Liquid crystal,,so beautiful,,and entrancing,,sparkling life.

*sigh* yes... liquid crystal...sparkling life.. :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 1st June 2013 4:28 am

Hello Kay :)


having so much fire in my chart, I've often experienced water putting fire out and fire making water steam.

Yes, water and fire can be an 'interesting' combination! Lots of bubbles ;-) Makes great tea though, and being British that means a lot to me LOL.

Sarah Varcas 1st June 2013 4:29 am

Hello Sandra, Thank you for introducing me to to the Undines. I'd never heard of them before and have been reading about them since you mentioned them :)

Sarah Varcas 1st June 2013 4:31 am



love to make ice lanterns in the winter and drop off on people's door step.

Wow! These sound amazing! I've never seen an ice lantern. What a beautiful thing to do for people in the dead of Winter :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 1st June 2013 4:35 am

Hello Betsy :) Ah, it sounds like your mum is really feeling the healing energies of this time, bless her. There is a very significant dissolving of the veils between different realms and levels of our being at the moment, so it feels just right that her mum has now come to her in a dream. What a blessing.It sounds like you've shared a very special time together these past few days.. feels like the perfect way to greet this energy shift.. :smitten:

shapeshifter 1st June 2013 9:50 am

Bubble baths, riptides and the hokeypokey? Sarah, it looks like your original forecast has taken on a life of its own :2funny

Zorro, I guess a Cancer Descendant is one who descends from the cosmic diving board into the human gene pool (thanks Mik for that great visual). Despite our diverse astrological backgrounds we all somehow managed to synchronize and meet up in this timeline. That's some kind of amazing balancing act.

Mik, I nicknamed my cat "napsak" because he knows how to doze off at the drop of a hat. He also happens to love water. He plays in the tub and when he wants wet food he simply tosses the dry mix into his water bowl. He was born 2 days B4 my b'day so I guess there's an obvious connection.

I wasn't sure if anybody would show up here on the weekend but I saw the Light on so I figured I wasn't the only who wanted the party to continue. The LIGHT is getting awe-fully bright in here. And we'll have fun, fun, fun till the cosmic police drag us away.

cyndy 1st June 2013 2:11 pm

Well,(another form of water)I woke up this morn. and was still continuing the party. I flew all of you into my place with my frequent flyer mies. (I don't have any). And you each stayed in one of my guest cottages. (I don't have guest cottages either.) And found out I was imagining what your voices sound like. The actual vibration of your voices. I have things to say to each of you individually and so if you think of me I am probably having a conversation with you. Wow, this has been fun and really opened my heart chakra. Should I even post this!?! I get curiouser and curiouser about you. And what are the delighful, deliscious layers of unlimited possibility and potential that are going on with these comments and banter from this post. oh my?!?!!!

happyme 1st June 2013 4:53 pm

Party? Mmmm....
This whole article + comments are making a loud sound.... Almost like time to re open the forums... :)


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