8th May 2013: Moon in Taurus

The Magic of Cosmic Grace

Today the Moon enters Taurus at 10:10 a.m. GMT, preparing to meet the Sun for the Solar Eclipse there on 9th/10th May. Not long now! This ingress of the Moon makes a total of five planets in the sign of the bull, bringing a deeply earthy, grounded and creative energy to us. One we would do well to make the most of!

As the first earth sign of the zodiac, Taurus is the place where ideas and inspirations take on shape and form, so whatever inspires us now is receiving a huge blast of energy and affirmation from the cosmos. Of course, Saturn in Scorpio, the opposite sign to Taurus, reminds us we still have to put in the hard work to get the results we so desire, but that work will be made a whole lot easier by the current astrological influences at play all around us.

Have you ever watched a potter creating pots on a potting wheel? It used to fascinate me as a child. This shapeless lump of wet clay gradually takes shape and form, becoming something beautiful and useful, all by the power of skill, circular motion and the careful addition of water at the right moments! Right now we are that lump of clay being shaped and moulded into a new and beautiful state of being.

We are also the potter, developing the skills necessary to know how to work the clay, combine the elements of earth and water, and sustain the movement of the wheel at just the right speed to allow creation to occur. And of course, the wonderful thing is, if it goes wrong and the pot begins to collapse we can just start over and begin again. It’s not the end of the world. The potential’s still there, we just haven’t quite manifested it yet.

So today, as we approach the eclipse and already begin to feel its energies building around us, we have the opportunity to infuse our hopes, dreams, ambitions and goals with the power of creative manifestation. If we believed up to now that it was pie-in-the-sky, a Walter Mittyish dream we could never realise, today we can allow ourselves to think differently and see how that feels.

To imagine, as clearly and viscerally as possible, how it would be to realise those dreams, to make them real, turning them into our living reality not just day-dream material. And then we can take one step, no matter how small, toward their manifestation, because whatever we do at a time like this is shot through with cosmic grace that turns it into an act of magic. And everyone needs a bit of magic in their lives!

So enjoy today, decide on that one thing you could do, then do it, knowing that in doing so you’ve given a great big green light to the universe that you are ready and it is time!

Sarah Varcas


betsy. 7th June 2013 9:41 pm

"And everyone needs a bit of magic in their lives!" I couldn't agree with you more! :) Much love to you!!!

Sarah Varcas 8th June 2013 3:34 am

And to you Betsy :)


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