9th May 2013: Venus in Gemini

The Importance of New Perspectives

A few hours prior to the Solar Eclipse in Taurus, Venus, ruler of Taurus, enters Gemini. Here we see a sensuous and earthy planet in the airy realm of the mind. She’s not entirely out of her comfort zone here as she also rules the air sign Libra, but her shift at this particular time alerts us that we need to be flexible and adaptable in coming weeks, ready and willing to shift our perspective and focus at the drop of a hat. Given that we still have another eclipse and the Uranus/Pluto square to come this month, this is excellent advice!

As Venus moves into Gemini she is detached from her planetary siblings, standing and moving alone, independent of other cosmic activity. This enhances her flexibility. She has no ties so she finds comfort wherever she is, however she needs to. We need to embody some of this flexibility now, not so we become too flighty to focus and commit to what matters, but in a way that enables us to move on when necessary and shift with the changing energies in coming weeks. At the time of the eclipse there is a good deal of Taurean groundedness around, which is great for manifestation and creation, but the addition of Venus in Gemini reminds us if we’re too stuck on our idea of how things could be, we may well overlook an even better option available to us!

So as the eclipse approaches, and many are already feeling its powerful action in their lives, we are reminded to stay flexible. If the unexpected comes upon us and we find ourselves thrown off course by its energies, the best thing we can do is resist resisting! Watch for that bristling defensiveness that so often occurs when life takes an unexpected turn, and just allow things to unfold as they must. Stand back a bit, like Venus, and take a different perspective for a moment. See what that reveals, and then adopt a different one again. Until we have seen our own lives from all angles we can never know what’s truly best for us, and there’s nothing like a solar eclipse for revealing angles we hadn’t considered before!

So, stay alert, be ready for a new perspective and embrace the creativity of this eclipse. That’s the message for today!

Love to everyone,

Sarah Varcas


betsy. 8th June 2013 3:46 pm

"...but the addition of Venus in Gemini reminds us if we’re too stuck on our idea of how things could be, we may well overlook an even better option available to us!" I'm so very grateful & thankful to say this has happened to me over & over in my life thus far and will hopefully never stop. LOL. Just when I dream about how great something might be, the Universe shows/allows me to feel something even better than I imagined that I may have been too set on my own way or preoccupied to see/feel. I'm reminded to flow, trusting the Universe really is trying to allow my hopes & dreams to come to fruition; but, not always as I had planned...sometimes even better. :) Thank you for this reminder, Sarah! Much love to you!!!

Sarah Varcas 9th June 2013 3:12 am

Ah, Betsy, it's wonderful when that happens isn't it? The universe is so much more creative than we often give it credit for! xx


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