July 2014 Astro-Energy Report

Making Up For Lost Time

From June to August 2014 the yearning for greater authenticity is powerfully supported by the cosmos, especially throughout July. Many are conscious these days of a burgeoning restlessness alongside the desire to live a more satisfying life. The need to emerge from the mass-unconsciousness of everyday routine and unquestioned assumptions has grown exponentially in the past few months and we now have the opportunity to find the answer to some of our key questions. Increasing dissatisfaction with the status quo propels us on a journey of discovery and these three months provide a map to find our way into a more authentic and vibrant existence.

We are not, however, talking about an ‘off-the-peg’ answer to our dreams. Instead we can receive insight into whether those dreams faithfully reflect the truth of who we are. If not, they may simply reflect naive yearnings for a magical solution when, in fact, our life requires fundamental change not just the odd tweak here and there! There is work to be done now, not a magic wand to be waved, but if we truly desire change we now have the chance to embrace it, especially in July when no less than five planets change signs (Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Sun and Mars), one of them twice (Mercury). To see so much change in a single month tells us there are energies around willing us to shift too. In doing so we are not swimming against the tide but being swept up along with it. And with an emphasis on planets in Cancer and Leo this month we are encouraged to both establish who forms our true family – be they blood relatives, partners, friends, colleagues or spiritual companions – and how we fit into that family as individuals with our own unique contribution to make.

The month begins with Mercury stationing direct on 1st, which may come as something of a relief if the previous three weeks have been rather trying! That said, whatever obstacles we have encountered during this time merely show us where we now need to focus our attention, smooth out wrinkles and clarify misunderstandings. If we’ve used the past three weeks well, exploring the deeper meaning of frustrations encountered, the outcome will be greater clarity in moving forward, which is never a bad thing! If we’ve allowed ourselves to get lost in the frustrations without engaging with their message we may have something of a mess to untangle, but it’s not the end of the world and by 6th July we should be able to see our way forward with greater clarity if we need to.

A Full Moon in Capricorn on 12th July reminds us that curiosity is a helpful state to cultivate at time of change: about ourselves, our lives and those of the people around us. It can be all too easy to write someone off as ‘not my type’ without pausing to look beyond first impressions or knee jerk judgements. This Moon speaks of the need for openness to difference, even as we define more clearly our own personal truths. We do not have to reject those who do not share our way anymore than we must embrace those who do. The complexities of a human family in a process of conscious evolution necessitates the acceptance of polarities, paradoxes and difference, for without acceptance we can all too easily fracture into opposing sides slinging mud at each other to no helpful end. And there is way too much mud-slinging at the heart of humanity already!

As we emerge from the other side of the Full Moon, the 16th to 18th July see Mars crossing the Libran Lunar Eclipse degree of 15th April, signalling an opportunity to ‘reboot’ the changes we decided upon then and see them through to completion. I spoke back then of shape-shifting before change becomes unavoidable, rather than being forced to adjust as an act of desperation after clinging onto the old for way too long. If we managed to do the former, this month will see some solid results from our commitment to keep up with life’s demands. If, however, we dragged our feet or dug them in firmly, refusing to change, whilst the path ahead may have its ups and downs, this time offers an opportunity to make up some ground and implement some of the changes we knew back then we really need to make.

The 20th and 21st July (GMT) see Saturn station direct and Uranus station retrograde within a day of each other, signalling the beginning of a phase during which external limitations and demands can trigger inner change as we begin to recognise that true freedom exists apart from circumstances not as a result of them. Everyone wants the life of their dreams, but everyday reality often falls far short! Sages throughout history have reminded us that true freedom is found within, independent of external conditions and in the coming months we have an opportunity to discover what that truly means. But how do we reconcile this truth with the fact that many situations feel toxic and heavy and we know we need to remove ourselves from them in order to thrive? This central challenge of the spiritual path presents itself for deep enquiry now, and is one to which the heavens will return many times in the coming months. The shift in direction of Saturn and Uranus at this point merely signals the beginning of a profound inner shift available to us all if we are willing to enquire deep enough and allow some of the most intransigent aspects of our feelings, beliefs and behaviours access to the penetrating light of self and spiritual enquiry.

As the Sun moves from Cancer to Leo on 22nd July (GMT) the rest of the month is imbued with the essence of collaboration alongside healthy expression of individuality. We are reminded these are not opposing states but complementary aspects of human nature. The better we can define what and who we are the more effectively we can collaborate and bring to the collective our very best, fulfilling the roles to which we are best suited. This requires neither false modesty nor overblown pride, but instead a quiet knowing of our essential self and what we have to offer for the greater good.

A Leo New Moon conjunct Jupiter on 26th / 27th July, reminds us that living in all our glory is a must if we are to fulfil the potential of this human birth. But doing so requires diligence and wisdom to ensure that we live from a place of passion balanced with discernment, and self-assurance balanced with humility. We are never too old to learn, too perfect to make a mistake nor too special to be part of the crowd. Nor are we ever so wrong we can never be right, such a failure that there’s no hope, or so far from our true path that we’ll never find our way home. Life is ever changing, as are we. Each moment is new no matter how old and stale it may feel, and with each new moment we can decide how to be, how to move forward and which bits of the past, if any, to take with us.

As July comes to a close we have the opportunity to reflect on just how much of our inner experience is at the mercy of the apparently random nature of life events, and how much is more readily influenced by the fruits of our own spiritual practice and enquiry. A spiritual path followed only for its material rewards is no path at all when life intervenes and the unexpected arises. But one which nourishes wisdom, insight and peace in the face of adversity, by default creates a more fulfilling and authentic life, for a peaceful heart sees the potential in the present moment and a clear mind knows how to fulfil it.

So enjoy July, for it offers many opportunities through which can be born a deeper and more peaceful experience of life.


laughlight 30th June 2014 8:27 am

...all ways grateful for your forecasts...allows me to receive the changes, energies & flux in a calmer way. thank you!


Arielle819 30th June 2014 10:41 am

Sarah, as always, thank you for your extremely insightful writing. It is always an honour to read such an intelligent and compassionate astrological understanding about what is really happening!! Thank you and bless you. I hope that you are doing well with your health!


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