Monthly Astrological Overview: February 2013

Come join the cosmic dance!

Fancy a dance? Because if you do, this is a great month for it! The style may change though, as the month progresses, so if you’re more of a Latin, jazz or avant-garde type of dancer, the first fortnight’s the time for you to shine, and if ballet or ballroom is more your thing, the final fortnight awaits! And of course, we’re all dancers, even if we never trip the light fantastic! We dance with our lives, with our lovers, with our work and our play, with illness and health, the everyday and those unexpected events that throw everything up into the air. Life itself is our dance partner, and every breath we take, thought we have, thing we do, relationship we forge, is part of the choreography we weave within it.

There exists a lightness of being in the heavens as this month begins. Chiron, Saturn and Pluto, not usually noted for their lightness (!), continue to encourage us with words of wisdom from the ancient sages. They remind us that truth is timeless, and the simplest truths are the most enduring.

We may be tempted, at times, to wrap the truth up in codes and secrets, initiations and hierarchies, but right now the planets want to throw all that out of the water and invite everyone to the dance of life, of truth and of wisdom. They tell us in no uncertain terms that no one is excluded from the evolutionary forces at work upon this planet now. No one. And we all have the necessary ingredients present in our lives right now, to uncover the truth which is waiting to set us free.

The cosmic dance of the first sixteen days of February is one designed to shake off the past and free us from its ensnarements. We may find ourselves reacting to life on automatic pilot, only to suddenly realise that’s not who we are anymore and we can make a different choice. Dance a different step. The lighter we can be in our interactions with life the better now. Hold fast to nothing. Allow life to unfold as it must. Know that what needs to be done will be done when it’s needed, and if it’s to be done through us, we’ll know the ‘what’ and the ‘when’ of it. And if it’s not to be done through us, then we can relax and just let go.

Flexibility is key now, and identifications with the past, the future, me and mine are calling to be released. We don’t have to be anyone, actually. We can just be, if we so choose, and this month is a great time to try that one out! For whilst there’s great energy in the heavens, it’s the energy of change, rather like a kaleidoscope which reveals one beautiful pattern after another, each then dissolving into the next and nothing holding firm and fast.

If we cling to a particular pattern, deciding it’s the most beautiful, the most intricate, the most precious, we’ll inevitably be disappointed as it begins to fall away, and in our disappointment we may miss the even greater beauty of the next moment because we believe we’ve seen the best of what the world could offer. We believe we’ve already witnessed it. The heavens chuckle at our misperceptions and limited views, and they want us now to laugh along with them while we dance and shake off all that we’ve clung to in our lives.

From 3rd to 10th February, Jupiter, Uranus and Venus join in the fun, encouraging us to get light-hearted about life and see how that alone can change so much. These days are not without their challenges, of course, but there’s a distinct sense of playfulness in the air now and we would be wise to capitalise upon it after what has been an intense few weeks for many people.

Interestingly, one of the central challenges now is symbolised by the square between Jupiter and Chiron. This challenge is also an invitation… to embrace the mystery of life without needing to know its answers. Jupiter’s already flagged this up as it turned direct at the end of January (you can read more about this here), but between now and the end of March the cosmos really brings its message home:

‘Life is meant to be a mystery! That’s what the Divine is… a sacred mystery, and life is the Divine in action. You don’t need to know all the answers now. What you need is to be open to the moment, to be able to respond however is necessary in the present. The answers of life only ever exist at the moment you need them, then they disappear like the patterns in the kaleidoscope, until the next answer’s time has come’.

The New Moon in Aquarius, which I’ll say more about nearer the time, also occurs on 10th, ushering in the Chinese Year of the Snake, thereby reminding us that skins must be shed in order for the present to be experienced as forever new. Otherwise we’re just meeting The New with the same old stale energy, thoughts, feelings and fears of the past. Defining it before we’ve even encountered its embrace.

As this month progresses, the number of planets in Pisces mounts. We begin with two (Chiron and Neptune) and end the month with six, having added the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars to the list. This gathering of planets in the final sign of the zodiac alerts us that new beginnings are indeed imminent, but there are still loose ends to be knotted first. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that there are knotted ends to be unravelled! Because the sign of the fishes eventually unravels and dissolves all things, especially, and most importantly, ourselves.

Come 16th February, the heavens begin to reveal something more of what needs to be unravelled within us. Jupiter and Chiron are joined by Pluto in a configuration that points to the need for a deeper understanding even as we let go of the need to understand. It sounds like a paradox, a contradiction even, and of course it is, in one sense! But in another it’s a call into reality, for only by understanding that we cannot understand can we stop trying to, and just accept being for a change!

And it’s at this point that the avant-garde energy of ‘modern’ dance gives way to the more ‘contained’ but none the less passionate energy of ballroom and ballet…The heavens choose their partners (that’s us!) and begin to describe the flowing movements of these historical dances in the heavens above. There’s a stateliness here, but not a stuffiness. A dignity but not an arrogance.We’re in the ‘slow movement’ of a performance, in which the energy is brought down and contained, building gradually ready for the next release.

On 18th, Saturn stations retrograde in Scorpio, ready to retrace its steps until July 2013. The music pauses for a moment. The dancers stand statue-like, you could hear a pin drop…And then the dance begins again, onwards into the final days of the month, with Saturn reminding us of the connection between past and present, above and below, inner and outer, whilst pointing out also that the connection can always be broken when it no longer serves our highest good and our pursuit of liberation.

Come 23rd February, Mercury begins its first retrograde phase of 2013, joining Saturn in its exploration of what has gone before in order to find the hooks that keep us stuck. Mercury in Pisces encourages compassionate communication, and during this phase, which lasts until the middle of March, we’re encouraged to both seek forgiveness and to forgive. And in doing so we’re reminded that in order to do both of these things, we need to be conscious of the hurt and pain that requires the forgiveness.

We must be prepared to go deeply enough into our experience and that of others to know the truth of what occurred and its impact. Only then can we truly forgive or request to be forgiven. But in the spirit of lightness that pervades the heavens this month, we’re reminded not to make heavy work of this time. There’s no need for wailing and beating of chests! A quiet but authentic and humble recognition is all that’s needed to free up energy suffocated by unforgiveness, or denial of how our actions may have impacted another.

The Full Moon in Virgo on 25th shines her light upon our critical faculties, encouraging us to use them in the pursuit of peace and healing, not division and separation. She reminds us that none of us are perfect, and yet we all are, that life is a challenge, and yet a beautiful one, and that when we heal ourselves we heal the world, because no longer do we need it to live out our wounds for us.

As we dance into the end of the month we encounter another blast from the past…a Yod once again begins to form between Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. This configuration was with us throughout December 2012 and the first two weeks of January 2013. It returns now, for several more weeks, to continue the work it (and we) began back then. I wrote back at the beginning of December that this Yod spoke to us of hope and potential, and that it urged us to enter into the transformation with everything we had in order to maximise its potential. It has returned to us now to remind us of its message and promise.

To remind us of the power we hold in our hands to shape the present and, thereby, the future. But with the lightness of heart this month offers to us, this Yod brings an additional message: ‘None of this needs to be hard work’. No matter what we’re facing right now, there is the potential for freedom and liberation, peace and serenity. It can be hard to believe this when life is dealing up blows and we’re struggling to keep our head above water, but that just brings us back to the whole ‘mystery’ issue: We were never meant to understand life, we were meant to live it in each moment, and let it live us.

And with that final reflection the month comes to a close, enshrouded in the gentle and compassionate energy of all those planets in Pisces, encouraging us to ‘let go and let god’, whoever and whatever we may perceive god to be…

Thank you for visiting my web site. Here’s wishing you a good month ahead! 

Sarah Varcas


betsy. 7th June 2013 7:55 pm

"We were never meant to understand life, we were meant to live it in each moment, and let it live us." Beautiful. Thank you, Sarah. Much love to you!

Sarah Varcas 8th June 2013 4:09 am

:) And to you Betsy. Here's to being lived by life! xx


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