Monthly Astrological Overview: May 2013

A Window of ENORMOUS Potential!

The beginning of this month ushers in the energy of reconnection. The intensity of April may well have left us feeling lost and alone, or shunned and rejected, if not by others possibly by our very selves. If so, May arrives with encouragement to get back in touch with our environment, ourselves, with the people in our lives and our everyday world; to rediscover the healing present in the all too familiar aspects of our lives.

It’s so important we do this now, joining together in the apparent mundanities of existence in order to recognise their hidden blessings. In doing so we remind ourselves that even in the midst of our deepest trials the world continues to turn and we continue to play a part within it.

Come 3rd May a Great Sextile is formed by Mars, Chiron and Pluto, which lasts until 12th. Here we can put into practice what we’ve learned about opportunity, obstruction and destiny in the previous few months. Just when we think everything’s going in one direction we discover it’s now going in another. Just as we see a goal in sight it moves, or fades, or somehow doesn’t quite hit the spot anymore.

How we respond to these twists and turns of life dictates how well we can embrace new possibilities in the midst of shattered hopes and lost dreams. Right now we’re being faced with just such twists and turns in order to reorient us in the best direction, even if it feels anything but at the time! So this Great Sextile, which is a creative and positive influence, comes to assist us in creating afresh out of the ashes of the past, watered with new hopes for the future. It will assist us in this process of reconnection, and protect us as we bring together our disparate parts to create a beautiful and coherent whole.

This theme of disconnection and reconnection is further reflected by the planet Venus between 6th and 9th May. During this time she is somewhat cast adrift and left to her own devices. Against the backdrop of the Great Sextile, she reminds us that the greatest pleasures are those which we can discover within ourselves: the peace and comfort of faith, the security of self-love and the enjoyment of our own physicality. She encourages us to make these the foundations upon which we build our connections with other people and the world around us. In that way, we are not needy and demanding of other people, expecting them to provide for our security, peace and pleasure. Instead we are complete within ourselves whilst being enhanced by our connections with other people, and vice versa.

When we can approach life from this place of open-hearted self-reliance we can more easily spot when and where we can assist others and they can assist us in mutually beneficial ways, whilst knowing that we can also go it alone when necessary, carving out our own path and meeting our own needs. Both of these attitudes are important now, as we face more twists and turns than ever before! Nothing is guaranteed and yet everything is possible. We are in a window of enormous potential and it’s incumbent upon us to make the most of it!

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus on 10th May is another time of powerful energy which may manifest as emotional or practical challenge for a number of days prior to and after the eclipse itself. However, its message for us is a positive one, despite some tensions evident within it. With four planets and the asteroid Pallas in Taurus at the eclipse, whatever we’re seeking to create in our lives is given an almighty blast of energy! I’ll be writing more about this nearer the time, but suffice to say that we need to make sure we’re creating the right things, because Taurean energies, once in motion, can be difficult to hold back.

Come 12th May, Venus, Saturn and Neptune sit us down in their cosmic classroom to begin a course in Love, its many guises and the ways in which we overlook its presence in our lives. It’s a five day course, lasting until 17th, so there’s plenty to learn and we would all do well to be on the look-out during this time, for the ways in which we define love and thereby overlook many of its multifarious forms, expressions and disguises. It is often said that love makes the world go ‘round, and to a certain extent this is true, but it also makes it halt. It makes time stand still. It changes someone’s future in an instant. It makes us and breaks us.

Love is the creative force of the universe, the cosmic seed and fertilizer all in one. Exploring the true nature of love takes us into lands that may be hard to traverse and raises questions that we may prefer not to answer. But we must engage now with the thorny issue of love, for without doing so we cannot move forward into the fullness of the new consciousness gradually being birthed within and around us.

A Grand Trine in Water on 13th & 14th May supports us in these explorations, reassuring us that it’s okay to feel all these mixed emotions about something that we’re led to believe is so wonderful. Life and love are like that: paradoxical, shades of grey rather than black and white. Until we can appreciate this aspect of the nature of love we can’t even come close to recognising the loving nature of the cosmos and its benevolence towards us, because we will forever be judging it according to an idea, an ideal and a standard that doesn’t even come close to recognising the enormity of what love truly is.

Once Venus, Saturn and Neptune ring the bell for the end of class on 17th, we are in the direct lead up to the next Uranus/Pluto square on 20th/21st May. Having completed the ‘theory’ part of the course, we’ll now have the opportunity to put what we’ve learned into action! Love will be everywhere and all around, but it may not be in the guise we’re used to. This period comes as something of a test, to see if we’ve been paying attention! So if we find our lives upside down or thrown off course, the first question in our minds and hearts needs to be ‘Where is the love in this?’. And until we find it we must not rest, for just as the Zen practice of meditating upon a koan takes us into an altered awareness in which we can embrace a direct experience of reality without the mitigation of mind, so too can this enquiry into love.

Because the question ‘Where is the love’ is itself a koan, akin to asking ‘Where’s the air?’, or a fish wondering ‘Where’s the water?’. The answer to this question needs to be felt and experienced, not spoken and conceptualised. As the Uranus/Pluto square infuses the energetic field of this planet, we must be ready to feel the answers to our deepest questions and to know them both inside of us and from inside of them. There may be no words, but once we’re there we’ll know it, because ‘there’ is here and always has been, it’ll just look different this time around.

The power of Uranus and Pluto merges with the very different energy of a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on 25th May. This is the third eclipse in the space of a month, and brings to a conclusion some of the disruptive and intensely powerful energies that we’ve had to contend with during that time. At the time of this eclipse we see the Sun and Moon both squaring Neptune, indicating anything from grave confusion, self-deception and a tendency to give up and give in when faced with life’s challenges, to a heightened understanding of the true nature of the universe, a direct experience of that love we’ve been talking about, and an experience of compassion that blows your socks off!

Which it will be is difficult to predict, because something as seemingly insignificant as getting out of bed the wrong side could incline us one way or the other. The message here is that the potential for inspiration is strong at the time of this eclipse, but so is the potential for losing our way and failing to recognise the truth of a situation. So take heed and avoid any big decisions around this time. Just allow things to settle in your mind and heart and all will become clearer in due course.

As the month comes to a close – and what a month it’s been – the final days see a gradual progression into a state of grace, with a Grand Trine in water beginning to form on the final day. This grace is hard won and not something to be taken for granted. But it’s there if we choose to call upon it and claim some of its infinite bounty as our own. And of course, we can call upon it to rain down on others, too, if we know someone’s in need. In contemplating the planets for the month end I see in my mind’s eye a fountain pouring fresh, crystal-clear water down upon people who are hot, tired and in deep need of refreshment. If that’s you, or me, we can rejoice at this point, because the remedy is most definitely at hand! 

Thank you for taking the time out to read my thoughts. Here’s wishing you, and all of us, a positive and transformational month ahead 

Sarah Varcas


betsy. 7th June 2013 9:09 pm

"In contemplating the planets for the month end I see in my mind’s eye a fountain pouring fresh, crystal-clear water down upon people who are hot, tired and in deep need of refreshment. If that’s you, or me, we can rejoice at this point, because the remedy is most definitely at hand!" And you were spot on! TY for your time, Sarah. Much love to you!!!

Sarah Varcas 8th June 2013 3:45 am

glad you felt it Betsy :thumbs: xx


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