Pluto, the Black Sun and 2014

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Throughout this year Pluto opposes the Black Sun. We need to take note. The Black Sun refers to the heliocentric aphelion of the Earth: the point from the Sun’s perspective, when the Earth is furthest away. It speaks of an opportunity to face the shadow aspects of human nature with such courage, fortitude and honesty that we can pass through their flames and emerge into light whole, no longer in need of the defences and denial which frequently keep such aspects of our nature in the darkness of the unconscious. As such, the Black Sun offers a choice: to embrace all we are and thrive or be consumed by that we wish we weren’t and shrivel into a half-life of avoidance, projection and self-deception.

Pluto we all know: that fearsome yet awe-inspiring force of destruction and transformation so much spoken about in recent years, given its on-going square to Uranus. Pluto demands total honesty from us, a demand we rarely manage to satisfy, human nature being what it is..! And it demands authenticity, such that anything which stands between ourselves and the expression of our true nature is swept away when the time is right, whether we like it or not.

Usually we don’t, at the time, only to discover in due course how much freer we feel for it having gone. Sometimes we fight Pluto’s power like our life depends upon it, only to discover we were right, but not in the way we thought. For Pluto sees clearly where we are dead and seeks to bring us to life. We, on the other hand, frequently perceive ourselves to be alive when we are dead and the life-giving power of Pluto to be death itself, such is the disparity between our notions of what it means to live and those of this mighty cosmic presence.

You may notice here similarities between the power of Pluto and the opportunity of the Black Sun. They make formidable allies and this year, as they line up at 180 degrees to each other, we are blessed with the most incredible opportunity to do the deepest work upon ourselves, to look into the darkest places, the greatest pain and to move through it all triumphant, emerging whole and resplendent in all that we are on the other side. We now have the mightiest allies in this part of the journey. Never have we had such a powerful opportunity to transform these bastions of ego and pain which hold us back and keep us from birthing the Aquarian Age.

But it is work, not a magic trick. We have to commit and it takes courage. Those issues, feelings, memories, fears, they live in the darkness of our unconscious for a reason. We put them there because we didn’t want them to be a part of who we are. And yet they are, and until we can bring them out into the searing light of the Black Sun, look them in the face and own them, we are not whole. And if it needs nothing else, the Aquarian Age needs us whole, because there is much that needs to be done to birth the Aquarian ideal on this planet and it cannot be birthed by half people living in the shadows.

So this is the initial heads up. There’s plenty more to come in due course and I’ll be writing about this process in the coming weeks. My updates have been scarce of late (sorry about that!) as I’ve been working with this energy and processing its messages for us. I want to get it clear so we know what we’re dealing with! It feels huge. Huge can be scary, I know: monsters in the dark rearing up out of the blackness. Huge can also be all-embracing, so inclusive that no part of us can ever be in exile again. It’s the latter huge we can, together, bring into being. It’ll take courage, commitment and fortitude, and we’ll need to create an environment of love acceptance, compassion and rigorous honesty to see each other through.

The darkness of the Black Sun is the blackest black you could ever imagine. It is the background which enables the most illuminating light to shine, for without the darkness we would never know its opposite. As we look into the Black Sun it says there is nothing to fear but fear itself. An old adage but a true one! Once we can face our deepest fears and know them for what and who they are, we will be forever free, basking in the graceful light of an age in which fear can no longer set the agenda, and we are divided, within and without, no more.

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas



Peter fox 23rd January 2014 6:58 am

Sarah,as usual your timing is amazing. I thought I was pretty much done
with the clearing and cleaning process of my "house" within. Then,suddenly, in the last 24hours a whole demolition squad have arrived
and ripped up the floorboards to clear out,as yet,unspecified general
junk that has been lying there festering for aeons!
As usual I would recommend "locking me up" except it is SO right!

Esmé 23rd January 2014 10:00 am

It's like bottomless coffee at a there no end to the clearing and cleaning??!!!!

Sandra Smyre 23rd January 2014 2:36 pm

Wow Sarah!!! I read this and immediately went into fear (haha). And then I read Peter's response and felt it again--guess it's a heads up for what is coming. I too thought the deep crap had all come to the surface, but at least have information. This ascension business is challenging and have seen a number of souls throw in the towel, of course they are pretty new on the scene. Not that I haven't felt like that. it just doesn't feel like an option for me. Thank goodness you are going to be keeping us alerted. Love to you and all :smitten:

catblueberry 23rd January 2014 5:54 pm

wow, Sarah; this blew my mind...I have felt fearsome energy...and its been on thing after another, coming up and coming up...and I of course want it gone...and i won't be gone til it gets processed...thanks!

Emma852013 24th January 2014 3:42 am

Thank you Sarah.

Im actually releaved to hear this and immensely grateful. I have done a lot of work the last year and I want to keep moving forward (and there's been and still is inner resistance to change) so Im so grateful for any help I can get to move FORWARD. Ive lived in fear through all my life, yet i know I was born as very fearless and as a child I climbed the highest trees in full faith that the universe would protect me and whatever happened happened. Life lessons and the global negativity kept me in darkness for years and its now that Im taking back my power. Since i was brought up with the beliefs"I'm always wrong" and that I was essentially a "bad" person (at the sam time I managed to be a prefect daughter (?). It's a bit ridiculous what old negative beliefs do: squash our authenticity. But I want it BACK Bigtime, so Bring it! I love life and i love all of you and i pray you all will live a truly wonderful life full of genuine love. Thank you Dear Sarah.

gabriele 24th January 2014 5:40 am

Dear Sarah, I am wondering what does it mean "Black Sun" and "Black Moon"? Are they astrological terms? - I also experienced some very difficult and even black feelings and memories this year (again). That brought up huge disappointment because I also feel much more light and joy - but it keeps getting buried under formidable clouds. This is challenging me into changing, into really actively loving myself and trusting in myself even in the blackest moments. I nurture my confidence in "moving through" whatever it is and grounding myself again and again. It seems like an active learning process of integrating EVERYTHING. I am looking forward to hearing more from you. With much gratitude.

Ktstreitz 24th January 2014 1:33 pm

From the deepest part of my heart I've met so far, thank you sarah, and thank you everyone for your comments! They bring me so much comfort that I'm not alone floating around in my own emotional soup. These last few days my least favorite of fear energies has reared it's head, and I feel I'm more ready then ever to move right through the thick of it, I'm terrified, love you all, love and light. Here I go...

Tommy F 24th January 2014 4:25 pm

Wow, again, thank you Sarah and all of you for posting your comments. As it has already been said, very reassuring to know there are other amazing souls going through similar challenging times. I do not dwell in the past but I just wanted to share that this time last year I was in a secure ward after trying to "leave early" as I didn't know what was happening to me but I'm so glad I didn't. I know now that I'm just being "upgraded" by the universe :) and that all the pain will be worth it. Also I have had some amazing meditations recently and I would recommend mindfulness to anyone as it has been the most helpful tool I have ever had.

Love and hugs,

Tom :) Xx

Connie 51 24th January 2014 6:58 pm

Ah Ha!!! Thank you Dear Sarah so that is what going on. I knew there would be more things pop up. However I was surprised at the intensity and depth. Now I know why.
Blessings Sarah, Namaste Connie

nuitgoddess 26th January 2014 8:52 pm

My greatest fear is to be forced to return to this or any other planet again after this lifetime. I never want sentience of any type again. Hoping the reveal of how to "end" is given soon. I've had enough. :)

NHR 29th January 2014 1:26 pm

The first step upon our path we clean, why do we clean and what is the reason and the need for all the CLEANING? We prepare our way by using the energy around us to move forward in the direction that moves us forward LIGHT.. we are the dimmer switch to our surroundings and the light within our choices, to bring the darkness to and with a brighter future not the other way around for this is no movement and our choice. Seems a long time but the way we understand our lifes in time it makes it harder for us to understand even the simplest tasks. Cleaning is a natural occurrence in nature and one we have lost our inner connection to for there are so many things that we are told we must achieve outside ourselves, so the simplest seems the hardest. We clean because we are proud of who we are, what we are and where we have come from and going to, so please regard the cleaning or the cleansing as breathing or eating and let the pain (or boredom) drift away. NHR


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