Uranus Square Pluto: 19th September 2012

This second exact square between these two outer planets occurs nearly three months after their first square on 24th June. Back then Uranus was direct and Pluto retrograde: an indication of external events causing us to turn inward and engage in change at a very deep level. Here we were required to let go of some deep-seated emotional and personality traits.

This time around Uranus is retrograde and Pluto has just stationed direct almost thirty hours prior, indicating an internal process of discovering what truly liberates us as we face the uncertainty and often-times collapse of the material world around us: a world on which we’ve become so very reliant. This is not some harbinger of doom…a motif in the heavens that tells us our time is up and Armageddon is here, no matter what you may read elsewhere! No, this square points to the next stage of the cleansing and healing process that Uranus and Pluto want to take us all through over the next couple of years. In the motif of this square we see the revelation of inner freedom and expansion no matter what external circumstances we may face. 

The first square occurred in the 9th degree of Aries and Capricorn, pointing to the fact that the meaning of events in our lives is often obscured when we view them through the eyes of logic and reason. Only when we can take a different view, and look with inner rather than outer eyes, can we begin to recognise how the tapestry of our life comes together to make a coherent whole.

This month, as the square occurs in the 7th degree, we’re called upon to communicate something of that meaning out into the world around us. However we understand our own lives and the events therein is extremely important now, because it will inform our responses and reactions to the coming times, which are likely to challenge us in ways we’ve not been challenged before. The heavens are telling us we need to get creative now, and entertain the possibility of new and innovative solutions to the challenges we face, both at a personal and a collective level. 

Chiron adds its healing wisdom into this square, through a sextile to Pluto and a semi-sextile to Uranus. This is our reassurance that we’re not to be thrown to the cosmic wolves, cast at the feet of some dreadful disaster in coming months. The heavens do not seek our destruction, they yearn for our healing, our wholeness. They seek to repair that which is broken and fractured within us, and to break down or dissolve that which is too rigid for our own good.

The healing power of communication is particularly highlighted at this time. We are encouraged to connect and share, to articulate our hopes and dreams, and express with wisdom and compassion our fears. And as we do so we enable others to do the same. This is not a time to divide but a time to unite, to find common ground and plant seeds for the future within it. 

When Uranus and Pluto connect in this way, karmic forces are very strong and we may find our chickens coming home to roost all over the place! But not all roosting chickens are unhappy ones, remember! Karma is not about moral punishment or reward, it’s about cause and effect, pure and simple. The more we can recognise when we are the cause, the better able we will be to model the effects we desire.

We are in the cosmic classroom now, with two very powerful teachers showing us how the universe works, how our lives are put together, and how we can ensure that the future becomes not a rerun of past fears and failures, but a new and vibrant world where each can find their place. They may be hard task-masters, these planets of ours, but this is a time for tough love, which is still love, none the less..

Sarah Varcas



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