10/23 Eclipse – Where Do We Go From Here?

With Thursday’s solar eclipse adding to the intensity of an already powerful month, you may be wondering where we go from here. Even more important than this question right now is: “Where do you want to be when the dust settles from October’s wild ride?”

The answer you get to that second question is instrumental in helping you create what you want next.

In this article, I’ll provide insights and suggestions for honing in on your passions and discovering your blocks in the way of fulfilling them. The passions I refer to here are the dreams of your soul, incarnated now to bring them into manifestation as part of your life purpose.

Dreams of Your Soul

Most likely you have big and broad dreams – like helping to create a loving and peaceful world. As a divine changemaker, you naturally are encoded to want that and to be one of those who focus on the light even in the darkest hours. That one huge dream, in fact, will always be there in the background – helping to propel your other dreams!

You also have very specific and personally relevant dreams in these moments. In your own creation process, you have identified them as goals you could see, feel, or touch when they manifest.

These things could be a new career direction, a new or revived relationship, or simply feeling more whole as excess baggage falls away. Invite your inner wisdom to help you connect with your own dreams as you continue reading. Don’t over think this – simply allow insights to bubble up to the surface.

Creating What You Want Next

Here are a few tips for being a more powerful creator of your life dreams.

First, you must be able to see or visualize yourself experiencing the situation you want. Your vision must be single-pointed, meaning not mixed with images of what you have now or what you disliked in the past. Daily visualize your goals. State them out loud morning and night.

Second, invite spirit to reveal blocks in the way of realizing your dreams – things you need to better understand, let go of, or do. October is a great time for research, inner work, and breaking through really old DNA patterns.

To uncover needed clearing, focus on a goal and ask questions such as the following: (1) Which negative emotion is most destructive to my progress? (2) What about my view or thinking prevents clarity or forward movement? (3) What habitual action is depleting my energy or progress? (4) Who or what am I blaming for not yet realizing my goal? (5) What past experience is a poison now blocking my momentum?

Third, ask spirit to show you specific actions you can take – now and over the coming weeks – to change your personal status quo. An action can be something new that you start doing, something already helpful that you need to continue doing, or something detrimental to stop doing.

Pivotal Moment in Time

Consider that right now – in the window of the eclipse energy and this month’s intensity pushing issues to the surface – is a pivotal moment in time for creating what you want next!

Indeed, what you put in motion now has a significant impact on your own progress and in helping to create a more loving and light-filled world.


FresnoHye 22nd October 2014 12:51 pm

Thank You! :thumbs: :smitten:

klidy21 26th October 2014 11:09 am

This was great incite and very helpful! Thank you