5 Steps to Prepare For The Eclipse Energy Gateway

The 11/3 eclipse at the new moon could be one of the most transformational energy gateways this year – for you and all of humanity.

The potentials for major upheavals sit side-by-side with possibilities for significant opportunities. We have eclipses each year, of course, but Scorpio solar eclipses like the one on 11/3 don’t come around every year. The last one like this was in November 1994, nearly two decades ago during the earlier phases of global spiritual awakening.

With today’s accelerated awakening process in full swing, this November’s eclipse promises to be an intense catalyst for transformational shifting on a mega scale. Most likely, you felt at least a few bumps from the 10/18 lunar eclipse. On some level, you are probably still processing those chaotic energies – making updates in your personal life and self-reflecting about what else needs to change.

Between eclipses, too, you are in a process of adapting to a wave of new energies unfolding across the planet as humanity becomes more aware of global predicaments. Issues and conflicts are increasingly transparent and urgent. This trend will continue, bringing light to what’s not working and putting a fire under problems now too big to be swept under the carpet.

In the next several days leading up to the next eclipse, you want to pay attention to energy shifts and your own responses to happenstance. To be sure, as things intensify in your outer world, your own imbalances and unfinished business will come to your attention. Noticing these things now – and working with them in advance of our 11/2 energy gateway event with The Council of 12 – will help you to maximize the significant opportunities of the 11/3 eclipse.

5 Steps to Prepare for the Eclipse Energy Gateway

First, think about what was happening in your life the last time we had a Scorpio solar eclipse in November 1994. What significant event or ending took place and what new phase started?

Second, since the upcoming gateway is to be focused on significant beginnings and endings, consider what in your life needs to start or end. Meditate on themes involving physical things, mental concepts, work situations, and relationships. Invite your higher wisdom to begin revealing the specifics of what you need to release or revamp in order to make way for a brand-new beginning.

Third, using insights received from the above process, make a list of what you need to leave behind, rework, or perhaps remake entirely into something else. For right now, don’t be concerned about the order of your list or how you will accomplish the letting go. The important thing is to write these things on paper to anchor them in your awareness.

Fourth, invite spirit to bring you clarity about these things between now and the eclipse gateway. This clarity may come through dreams, from life happenstance, or during moments when you reflect on your list of what needs to go.

Fifth, on a daily basis ahead of the eclipse gateway, consider your key ending themes – honing in on some of the appropriate steps you will need to take. Remember that in order to step into your new life, you cannot bring with you things or situations that are unworkable – things that prevent you from being all that you can be. Don’t let this old baggage overwhelm you. Just pay attention to what you discover and begin your preliminary letting go process now ahead of the gateway.

As you do this advance process and begin to shift things in your life, you open the door to stepping into a new, more expansive cycle. Remind yourself that you deserve this. Know that your empowered divine changemaker self is ready to step into the new beginnings of this next phase. Trust this.


Tiff 24th October 2013 2:04 pm

Thank you, Selacia. :angel:

Sarah Shiddian 25th October 2013 7:04 am

Wow! I ADORE it when additional pieces of the puzzle come together.

In 1994, the eclipse was the same day (11/3). I awakened October 31 or November 1 and it was literally like the sky fell on my head. I stayed in my appartment the whole month of November, no peak outside at all, working with the elements as learned through Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov's teaching and had many spiritual experiences (went to read the "Great Books" three nights, felt the LOVE THAT IS and THAT I AM, heard music, and developped compassion for all of humanity. My empathic senses were higly upgraded. My only goal on this earthplane has been, since 1993, to help humanity. I was a student of OMA in my previous incarnation, as a Chinese, and lived in France (OMA and the Bonfin).

So this one, Selacia, means a LOT to me and I thank you for it and I thank my Self for bringing my attention to it.

I was already consciously aware before my awakening so... I don't know if "sleeping" people will awaken as "dramatically" as I did but boy, something BIG is going to happen next week!

I AM getting prepared for it! ^^

laughlight 25th October 2013 8:59 pm

Can't thank you enough for the simple, rational steps to manage my way through. Have already been cautioned via a reading 2 weeks ago how very vitally important this Eclipse is for me, a Scorpio in transition seeking a new location and life.

And November 1994 was a heartbreaking endgame for me...ugh!

I fully believe this will be a Better Time, all systems beautifully aligned in a better place, space with faith and grace.

Divine...thanks to you & the Universe. Amen