A Path To More Joy

You know that much is changing in the world. You have wanted things to change for a very long time. Your discontent with the world's status quo has been bubbling to the surface. It's been a long process. Your feeling of discontent may feel new, sudden, or simply bigger than feelings that you remember having before.

When you feel discontent more deeply than before, one reason is that you are experiencing the feeling with an expanded level of consciousness.

As you grow spiritually over time, you develop an increased ability to perceive the truth of your reality. You learn to see yourself more honestly. You develop a larger perspective of what it means to be human, and of how challenging it is to break free from past limited conditioning. At the same time, you become more sensitive and more open to new ideas. This means that you feel more, and that you notice more than you noticed in the past. This process of opening to more is a stage of awakening.

Understanding the Stages

The difference between what you experience now, and what you were able to experience before in the earlier stages of growth, can in retrospect seem quite striking. As an example, imagine that before this stage, you viewed life in black-and-white terms, and information came to you second hand, often with a delay factor. News, by the time you received it, was about what had happened. The information at your fingertips did not have the gradations available now. There was less visioning of alternative futures, mostly because you had been conditioned to live in predictable ways. There was less to ponder, in part because you were exposed to fewer alternative viewpoints. With less current-time information to process, you often had an incomplete picture.

You will find it easier getting along with others in your life today if you remember that people are at different points along the path.

People everywhere are in a process of waking up. They will be at different stages. Some people who you encounter are still living from a black-and-white perspective. Other people are only in the beginning stages of breaking free from their conditioning. You will encounter people who haven't yet discovered the larger perspective that you now have. When interacting with others, therefore, keep in mind these variations in the waking up process. This knowing will help you to be more kind.

Being of Service

As you progress on your path of awakening, you naturally want to discover how to be of useful service to others. You want to be helpful and to find your own unique way to contribute. Sometimes this desire manifests in a general way and there is no specific focus. For example, you know that you want to play a key role in cocreating a more love-filled world. You have a passion for change that will shift human life back into balance.

To connect fully with your passion for change, you need to understand the specifics of what you want to change. You must have enough data to determine why you want to change things, too. You must find out what you really want to create to replace what you now have.

This idea of knowing what you want and why you want it sounds simple. In fact, it is simple, and yet in practice it may be challenging. A key reason for the challenge is that you are conditioned to look at life on a more surface level. The true understanding needed to fuel your passion for change is not found on the surface. You must go deeper in your contemplations. Your thought must go beyond the surface appearances.

Being flexible as you explore change will help you to live in more joy. In the coming months, as the pace of changes accelerates, the quality of flexibility will become increasingly important. Consider ways that you can become more flexible, and your life will go more smoothly.

You and Your Loved Ones

How flexible are you about your life? How flexible are your loved ones? How flexible can you be with one another? Your answer to this last question will provide a clue about how you will experience this next cycle of energy.

There is a direct link between the quality of your relationships and the quality of your life. That's because humans are social beings. What you learn from being in relationships fuels your spiritual transformation.

When you can imagine yourself in your loved one's shoes, you can connect with caring and compassion. Picturing yourself facing what your loved one faces, you can have an increased understanding of his or her motivations and feelings. This will help you to be patient and kind.

You live during unique moments on the Earth. No previous generation faced the sort of challenges and extremes that you do. Much is being decided about the future by the actions you and others take now. Sometimes it's not so clear how you are to proceed.

Sometimes it's like a fog has appeared right in front of you, obscuring your path. When the path ahead is unclear, become still and ask that the foggy energy transforms into clear light wisdom. Ask for the awareness needed to optimally understand and act upon what is then presented in a timeless way.

Where You Are Now

Where you are, there you are. Can you accept where you are in this moment? When you can accept your current condition, you can discover how to embrace it. With this embrace, you can find a way to shift your experience of things you don't like. With this embrace, you can delight in any beneficial circumstances. Connecting with this delight becomes a spiritual spark that helps you to create more and more delightful moments. When you can move into a state of delight, it's easier to see the good in yourself and others.

When you can acknowledge your own goodness, life's challenges become less difficult. By focusing your mind on goodness, you can in fact generate an energy field of goodness.

Experiment with this idea here today. Invite your higher wisdom to help you create a mental picture of some good things. Allow ideas to come into your mind. External world examples could be a person helping a stranger across the street, and a global response of aid to people suffering a massive earthquake. Personal examples could include times when you adopted a rescue pet, or when during a crisis you found inner strength to be patient with someone. Come up with an example or two of your own right now. Imagine these things taking place and the goodness that comes from them.

Hold in your mind a vision of the goodness that exists within you and your outer world. Allow the potency of that vision to change how you look at your life.

As you connect with a vision of goodness, you can generate a more accepting nature. This helps you to be more accepting of whatever comes your way-good or bad. Acceptance is not the same thing as apathy. When you can accept something, you can become neutral about it. From a place of neutrality, your vision is clearer and you are able to respond in more positive ways.

Apathy, on the other hand, drains your energy and makes you indifferent. To express unconditional love in the world, you will need to connect with a genuine caring for yourself and others. Acceptance helps you to do this.

Consider one thing that you sincerely care about. Allow your caring to catalyze a warm feeling in your heart today! 

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.


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