A Watershed Year for Relationships

For divine changemakers 2016 can be a watershed year for relationships. In this article I describe what this means in general as well as how it may apply to key relationships in your life. I will show you how pretty much everything wonderful you want to manifest this year is contingent upon your mastery of relationships. In fact, I will describe how harmonizing even one key relationship could be significant in changing your whole life.

Personal Level - A Key Relationship

Let's begin with the significance of a key relationship - a partner, family member, or other person who tends to push your buttons. Most likely one comes to mind immediately. Everyone has at least one.

I suggest for the purposes of this inquiry, focusing on the one key person who leaves you feeling the most exasperated.

Your feelings of irritation can come from just thinking about this person - even if you seldom see him or her. The "troublesome" person can even be long gone. It's not uncommon to carry anger and grudges towards people for many years after they have passed, too - the mind is powerful and it can keep any battle going if you allow it.

For most people, the key button-pushing relationship at the core of all other discordant relationships is a family member. Not only that - this unresolved discordant relationship is often the underlying source of general unhappiness people experience.

Typically the family member involved is a parent, because of the foundational role that person plays in forming how you see the world. Whoever raised you will have a pivotal influence on your character and how you develop.

If you are a parent, the family member pushing your buttons could be a child - triggering very old issues within you, perhaps from your own childhood. Patterns tend to get handed down from generation to generation. Sometimes parents, having experienced family dysfunction growing up, may unknowingly overcompensate with their own children, trying to protect them. This can backfire and things will need to be put back in balance.

It's in Your DNA

DNA is involved, regardless of whether your key person is a birth parent or other guardian. Children soak up ideas and prejudices like a sponge - they internalize many things they experience and these become a part of their DNA. As a child, you picked up parental thoughts telepathically and you learned by simply observing how a parent navigated life. You were much more perceptive than your caretakers realized.

Adults will often say they are nothing like their parents. That's a misconception. People will carry within themselves - at a DNA level - tendencies and beliefs that originated with family and the genetic lineage. Even memories from previous generations can be passed on to offspring through DNA.

To heal these old wounds, you must address the DNA-level patterns across the generations.

Common DNA-Level Patterns

DNA-level patterns humanity is in process of healing at a collective level are surfacing with increasing intensity during these times of radical planetary changes. Individuals and families carry the patterns, too. Common themes of patterns: trust, truth, justice, abandonment, separation, disconnection from spirit, boundaries, violation, control, and self-love.

Each time you heal even one part of an issue like those mentioned, you advance spiritually and you help the collective heal. You also help your family line, including those no longer living.

Spirit Orchestration of Birth Dynamics

Did you know that the circumstances of your birth are largely a spirit orchestration? This includes location and birth family, as well as your birth astrology with indications of life path and potentials. There really are no accidents. You are not a victim of a cruel joke or bad luck. That is nonsense.

As you evolve as a soul, you incarnate over time to grow spiritually and learn key things. The family you are born into is part of the package. Oftentimes, you will incarnate with the same people in various scenarios in order to develop mastery on this physical plane.

You are each other's' teachers and you tend to catalyze things unique to your shared situation. That's why it's said that you will often learn the most from your most challenging relationships. They are the perfect mirror.

2016 Opportunity

Use this mirror in 2016 to address and harmonize a key relationship. Decide now that you will do whatever it takes to heal old wounds. Your power comes from facing this directly, in the present and with an aware consciousness.

Refuse to get bogged down in the minutia of discord, ruminating about past hurts and blaming the other person. Focus on you and how you can respond differently - focus on what this person is here to teach you. Don't make it about them. Consider how you can communicate in a different way.

Elevate Your Communications for Healing

To break an impasse in a relationship prone to communication difficulties, listening is more important than speaking. Engage your heart and stay present, your mind still, and actively listen to the other person - to the words, tone, nuances, and silence between words.

You don't need to see eye-to-eye with someone to love them or to feel loved by them. Love is not about agreement, satisfying agendas, or settling scores. It is a pure healing energy that must come from within. No one agreeing with you can give you that. Remember: you are love already - it is naturally within you.

As you endeavor to come from love in a key relationship this year, something wondrous can occur. Your love can be instrumental in harmonizing things with this person, setting in motion a ripple of beneficial energies that change your life in many ways. It may at first seem at a personal or micro level, but then you will notice impacts on a much larger scale. Your increased happiness and higher frequency indeed will magnetize much different types of situations and people - a bit like someone turned on a light that wasn't there before.

Big Picture - Big Interconnected World with Limitless Potentials

In the big picture, what matters is not how many relationships you have or whether you have a life partner. Virtually everything you do and manifest is in some sense dependent on your interconnections with the larger world - and how you manage those connections. Those connections all involve relationships and relating with the whole. Some people you will see but many will be invisible and off your radar.

Examples: (1) Your next creative project could be birthed from your own imagination after a trip to the store and hearing two people talking about something they enjoy. (2) A new home you have dreamed about could become your new residence after a frustrating drive in traffic, your slowing down enough to see a for rent sign out front. (3) A new friend you meet casually at a conference could become your business partner in a brand-new type of venture that neither of you had envisioned before meeting each other. (4) Your ability to stay up late when it's quiet and write your novel is possible in part because of electricity others produce and you have remembered to pay your electric bill.

In each of these examples, the successful outcome results from you being present, heart-centered, and taking some kind of constructive action. This way, you are consciously managing your connections and creating opportunities. It's like an energy exchange you are facilitating with the outside world - receiving and sending all the time! Trust that this year can be the time when you become more fully engaged with your vast potentials to be your best self.


ShelleyT 31st January 2016 8:10 pm

Your most complete & accurate synopsis of this plane for us poor middle of the road folks .... Thank you...


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