Be Inspired for Your Next Big Leap

It's not Mercury Retrograde yet (not until April 28), but don't be surprised if you feel some time warps now. Appointments and planning may take some extra grounding. So much is going on in your increasingly chaotic world, too. For perspective, we've had other cycles of psychotic acting out and violent demonstrations - example the 1960s in the U.S. Humanity's awakening, while natural, is often explosive and messy. These energies are amplified in March because of the eclipses, shaking things up and bringing conflicts into the world public arena for all to see. Here's the good news.

The Good News

No matter how upside down things are, you can connect with a renewed inspiration for your life. The cosmic energies now support you doing just that! The next few days through Equinox weekend will bring a number of beneficial planetary lineups to stir your regenerative juices and creative ideas for your next steps.

Be mindful of these helpful energies now. Even if you don't have specific big plans to change your life for the better, invite these energies to stir the pot. Remember: spirit often has a bigger view of your potentials than you do. Sometimes an inspiration for a seemingly small project is connected to a much larger picture of something you can manifest.

Connecting regularly with a sense of inspiration helps you move forward in an ongoing way. It also helps you to stay sane and joyful when the world is having a meltdown. To be inspired in life helps you fly above the chaos. This doesn't mean you will be free of meltdowns or chaos - it means your more inspired consciousness can give you a higher view. The view is everything.

Connecting with What Inspires You

What inspires you does not have to be complex or bound by any rules. It can even be a simple task or something you see daily like the sunrise. Your inspirations are your own, coming from a place deep within that causes feelings of awe, excitement, or joy. You don't need a reason for them.

Tips for This Week

This week feel more inspired and hopeful about the future by paying attention to the following.

We sit between two eclipses. Do your best to stay present and calm. Most likely some emotional content from last week's eclipse is sitting there in your field, perhaps unexpressed or even temporarily shelved. Become mindful of it now, managing those feelings so they are less likely to erupt like a fiery volcano during next week's eclipse. The more that you can manage your emotions, the easier it will be to connect with inspiration and spiritual openings available this week.

With all the craziness and hype circulating now, remember to check in with your intuitively guided reason regularly. To stay sane and avoid deception, apply your filters of common sense and intuition. The more you apply this wisdom, the stronger and more reliable your filters become. Result: less drama, fewer side-trips, more joy.  

Between now and Equinox strive to maintain optimism and surround yourself with ideas and people who remind you of the goodness that indeed exists within and in your outer world. Doing so raises your frequency and helps you connect with an amazing cosmic lineup of beneficial energies. 

Daily visualize yourself receiving these blessings. Invite a groundswell of inspiration to come into your awareness, allowing this to be positive fuel for taking your next big leap. Remind yourself that you deserve to feel joy every day. Know that you are loved and supported each step of the way.    


MareGrane 20th March 2016 10:26 am

Dear Selacia, I always appreciate your insight. Thank you and Blessings of Love