Being Awake During the 2012 Window

You live in a time when the secrets of your past are coming to light.  It is also a time when you have access to significantly more energetic momentum to create the kind of world you have long sought to inhabit.  These two transformational factors make this a very unique time to be alive. 

What can you do, on a practical level, with this information?

First is to grasp what these transformational factors mean, and how to apply them appropriately in your life.  As you do this, you can access the tools you will need to successfully navigate the 2012 window changes.  Consider how you feel about being born during these times.  Know that the inner questions you have about being on Earth now are echoed by many others across the globe.  Examples: 

1. Have you ever asked yourself what is really so different now, beyond the doom-and-gloom headlines you see regularly?

2. Have you contemplated why you were not better prepared for what you face? 

3. Are you curious about 2012 and what it really means for you? 

4. Do you wonder why there are so many more changes than you expected? 

Change is a given in your life's journey.  However, when you view change during these historic moments of time, you must be prepared to look with new eyes.  The changes you face in these times are different.  Likewise, the positive changes you can create are of a magnitude your ancestors would not be able to comprehend.  The 2012 window is an auspicious period of time, unlike any other you have experienced as a soul.  If you were to die right now and have a life review, seeing your past lives, you would find no past reference point for today's journey.  That is because what is happening now is unprecedented.

What is Different - What is the Same

While much is different now, key universal truths continue to apply.  The qualities of enlightenment, for example, remain the same.  Another constant is the true nature of energy and how it propels you into experiences.  The threads of these truths you will find throughout your cosmic history. 

The path of awakening involves a journey of becoming awake and self-realized.  It is a process of self discovery which occurs in stages over time.  It was no different for the great realized ones in your history books and religious texts. Enlightened beings such as Buddha and Kuan Yin-who now interact with humanity-are in a continuation of the evolutionary process, advancing spiritually as they assist others.  Therefore, there are stages of being awake and enlightened, just as there are levels of consciousness.

It is important to understand that there are no short cuts to enlightenment.  Spiritual openings and advancements occur in direct response to your consciousness and how you respond to life circumstances. You are always responding to life, whether you do so in a conscious way or unconsciously.   Your responses may not seem to "go anywhere," or to impact others.   

An example is when you are simply feeling a certain way or thinking out loud to yourself.  However, even these internal responses are continually creating your energetic signature.  Therefore, these internal responses are just as important to your evolution as the actions you take in the world.  Your energetic signature, and what you do with it on both internal and external levels, is the key to what you will experience. 

Your Potential in the 2012 Window

This simple principle of cause and effect is a universal one, applicable the same today as in any other time.  Universal truths such as this, often kept secret or accessible to a limited number of people, are now quickly becoming commonly accepted ideas. 
While the universal truths are unchanging, your potential to evolve in this 2012 window is markedly different.  
Because of today's quickening, you have opportunities to self-realize with greater momentum.  It helps you to be living in a time of global awakening, when people all across the world are being nudged out of a very long sleep.  What happens with these other people impacts you, and vice versa.  Do not underestimate this.

There is a potent magnification factor in numbers, too.  The Earth now has more people incarnated at one time than ever before.    This is not an accident.  The souls incarnated now have had a long journey, just as you have.  They have put in motion, through their past energetic actions, the seeds that would allow them to incarnate now.  It was, therefore, the destiny of their souls to be birthed during this special cycle of time.  

When Things Feel Crazy

When you have one of those days of feeling like everything is crazy and there is no point, remind yourself of the intricate dance you and others orchestrated in order to be alive now.  Each person on Earth today has the potential to be a conscious part of the planet's radical shifting. 
Much needs to fall away to make room for the new more light-filled world.  The clearing out process is on a personal level, and it is on group and global levels too. 

Since the overhaul involves so much, and is so wide-ranging, it is normal that you would sometimes feel inadequate for the task.  Sometimes you may simply want to erect a big stop sign, as though telling the world you cannot or will not face whatever is there.  In fact, you want to be conscious of each moment, so that you can have a real say in the outcome.  As you do your part, you can become a co-creator of some very amazing changes.  Your ancestors might call them miracles!

It is helpful to remind yourself that no one is a finished product.  You are not from an assembly line, and you do not want to live your life in a mechanized way either.  There are countless factors beneath the surface of your awareness that impact how you respond to life today. 
One of them is your early conditioning, and connected to that is the conditioning of your parents.  You may think that you have nothing in common with your parents or siblings. Think again. You share DNA, and your DNA was also impacted early on by the experiences you had with these people.  Also, at a DNA level, you hold patterns from your birth family's lineage.  These patterns or belief systems, recorded inside your DNA, are rooted in very old energies going back hundreds of years. 

As you deal with life challenges today, you will want to investigate the limiting belief systems and related patterns that get triggered.  They will naturally come to the surface as you try to move forward and do what you feel you have come to Earth to do. 

No Secrets

Do not be afraid of these things when they arise.  Instead, put out a welcome mat to these "past secrets" so that you can bring them to light and clear their limiting impact.    Remember that there really are no secrets from an energetic standpoint.  Whatever you find on the journey of awakening is energy that was there all along.  The sooner you open your mind to knowing what is there, as it surfaces, the sooner you can be free. 

Trust that you are loved and supported as you take this journey.  Decide today that you will believe this, even if your outer world is telling you something else.  Invite your heart's inner wisdom to show you how to receive and tangibly feel the love and support.   As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings.

We are The Council of 12.