Benefit from Living Right Now

Living right now has unique benefits. You are more likely to receive the gifts of this life when you understand what the gifts are and how they can change your evolutionary path in a radical way.

Here is some background on a few of the opportunities you have because of being alive now. In this past year alone, you have had an unprecedented exposure to new ideas and approaches. No other lifetime offered you the vast array of learning and spiritual development available today.

You have access to more wisdom teachers and spiritual leaders than at any other time in history. You benefit from the presence of these beings on the planet regardless of whether you personally meet them. When you study with even one of these teachers and apply what you learn, you open yourself to a great acceleration of awakening.

Actual Changes in DNA

New healing modalities abound - providing fresh approaches to wellness, actual changes in DNA, and deep spiritual transformation that can catapult you into a higher vibration. The process of healing is quickened too. The amount of personal transformation you are able to achieve this lifetime is unlike anything possible before. In a typical earlier historical period, a person might have focused on healing elements of one or perhaps two issues. To completely resolve an issue in one lifetime was rare.

This lifetime, in your divine changemaker role, you are multitasking! Most likely, you are addressing several thorny issues, perhaps sequentially or even in tandem. The key difference is in the sheer volume of concerns you are dealing with - plus your ability with today's healing methods to have a final completion of problems you may have faced for lifetimes. That means moving forward knowing that you won't need to confront those issues again.

Heart Decodes Intuitive Information

Here's another benefit of living now. Science and spirit are collaborating more and more, with some of the latest research validating what you have long believed to be true about humanity's spiritual nature.

For example, for decades there has been a general understanding that the heart is vital to human evolution. The heart is an instrumental organ, of course, yet it is much more. Some studies show a surprising relationship between the heart and intuitive processes. One such study from the Institute of HeartMath, suggests that the heart participates in receiving, processing, and decoding intuitive information. Compelling evidence indicates the heart can receive intuitive information before the brain.

Resolving Centuries of Conflict

Another bonus from living now may be less obvious. This is the acceleration in the playing out of opposites, showing up in the world's diverse religions and giving you a front-row seat to view centuries-old religious debates. You may see yourself as spiritual and not belonging to a religion - perhaps viewing religious conflicts as a distant matter. These things do matter, however, for most of today's wars are waged over ideas rather than turf.

Today's ideological battles over religion impact you and everyone you love. As a divine changemaker who cares about the future of the Earth, you naturally want to become aware of the big picture involving these religious conflicts. What's needed is conscious awareness rooted in love and understanding. When you develop that perspective, you can be one who grasps the bigger meaning of these conflicts, adding your light to help resolution. Do not underestimate your own power to facilitate needed change.

Miracle of Connection

When people look back on these unique moments of humanity's history, the power of connectedness will be cited as a major force in revolutionizing society. The role of media will be understood in perspective - with historians noting great benefits of social media and the availability of global news. An uninformed society remains in the dark and a disconnected populace is more easily fooled and manipulated.

Social sharing in its current forms is really in an infancy stage. Much more connecting between people will be made possible over the coming years, helping you to express your light in diverse ways and to grow spiritually.

During 2011 alone, the number of people in your sphere of sharing has multiplied through countless forums. Your own circle of friends may be constant, but you now connect with others globally at an astounding rate. Some you know by first name; others you know from news accounts, from global classes, from social media, and from business dealings.

These developments are happening beneath the surface as you live your life and take part in the great reconfiguration of human society.

See the Good

To be sure, there is plenty to be concerned about these days. You don't need to be on a spiritual path to know that something major is going on and that the planet is in crisis.

To be concerned is one thing; to complain is another thing. Complaining is ordinary and gets ordinary results. You are not ordinary. You are a divine changemaker, alive now to be at the forefront of positive changes on Earth. Use your light-filled energy for constructive purposes by focusing on the good and how you can create more goodness.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.



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