Boost Receiving with Full Moon Process

Boost your receiving and your frequency at the same time with appropriate use of this week’s full moon energies. During a full moon like we have on 12/17, energies are amplified and the expanded light can add to your forward momentum. Since it’s the last full moon of 2013, too, you can utilize this energy to bring in more beneficial energies for ending the year on a high note. How you receive from the world, and what you do to catalyze receiving, will be key factors in how you benefit from this cycle at year-end.

This time of year it’s normal to focus on giving and receiving, in part because our modern society has commercialized these natural energies. Don’t be fooled, however, into thinking that giving and receiving are only for certain times or certain people. Don’t let your distaste for the society’s commercialism get in the way of your own flow. Black-and-white thinking isn’t in alignment with your multidimensional self.

You as a divine changemaker must become skilled in mastering both giving and receiving, having these natural energies in balance in your life. This has nothing to do with what society pushes on you with nonstop media messages about holiday shopping. It’s about your own empowerment and frequency level.

Vibrating at the higher frequencies of love, you naturally connect with an ongoing flow of beneficial energy. You receive it from the world and you give it to the world. This giving and receiving takes limitless forms. The key here is that your personal cycles of giving and receiving can create a circle of  positive energetic flow for your life.

5-Step Full Moon Receiving Process

Here’s a process you can do now and throughout the next few days to work with the 12/17 full moon energies. Each time you do it, invite your higher self to facilitate – opening your mind to an expanded way of being in the world and catalyzing higher-frequency thoughts and emotions.
Be open to the idea that you can amplify the good you receive from the world. Trust that spirit is working with you to help you become an open vessel for receiving what you need to fulfill your soul’s purpose.

1. Center yourself and tune out the outside world of distractions. Focus your energy within your heart and take some deep breaths.

2. Invite your higher self to work with you, helping you to let go of year-end stress and to receive the goodness life offers you personally.

3. Imagine a circle of balanced giving and receiving within your personal energy field. If you can’t envision it easily, imagine what it would look like if you could see it.

4. Focus on some things you are already receiving this month, expressing gratitude for them. Then expand your focus to things you want to receive, naming them and reflecting on what they mean to you. Write these things down and put them on your sacred altar for energizing at the full moon.

5. Give yourself permission to receive fully. Ask spirit to help you stop your inner critical voice that prevents you from asking for what you want and need. Remember: with some things you want to receive – like having moments of personal downtime – only you can give them to yourself. Take responsibility, then, for giving yourself the things that you must receive to stay in balance.


Peter fox 17th December 2013 8:09 am

Great advice, Selacia- thank you!

keryndawer 17th December 2013 9:24 am

Very helpful steps, as always, Selacia. Thank you!


Emma852013 18th December 2013 4:24 am

Thank you for the message, i read it a bit too late though. It was a very intense full moon, since i haven't been able to sleep for two days. I've never been so sensitive to energies relating to the moon before. was this a particularly strong full moon and by being awake, does that have any significance? I saw so much light, did i embrace it?

I hope everyone did.

Much love to all on your journeys :smitten:



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