Catch The Expansion Wave

There is a new more expansive energy in the air – do you feel it? More importantly, would you like to know how to fully utilize this buoyant energy to get your life moving in a beneficial direction?

In this article, I explain the background of where we sit energetically now and how you can purposefully and intentionally take advantage of our new, friendlier, and more expansive energies arriving this month.

Right now in fact is an excellent time to get up to date with your own energies and reflect on intentions you made for your life early in 2014. If you are like most people around the world, there have been some bumpy times so far this year, especially in April-May-June when planetary energies stirred a plethora of chaos and uncertainty.

Don’t be surprised if you are still processing some of the energetic fall out of that recent cycle, or if you are simply numb from emotional overload. Most likely, you have had plenty of tense moments and perhaps a sleepless night or two. After all, in the course of your everyday life you were required to make countless course corrections and to navigate around invisible bottlenecks that showed up unannounced and often suddenly.

The expansion wave has arrived, almost as suddenly, and it could take you a bit off guard. You may wonder if you can trust these new buoyant impulses – however, you are likely feeling more optimistic than you have in a long while.

How to Catch the Expansion Wave

Here are some tips for catching the expansion wave that recently arrived. The wave is here regardless, but what you want is to discover skillful means of working with it in your own life.

First, decide right now that you will let go of any sourness or frustration you felt over the past several weeks. Those energy responses are about things that happened – or perhaps did not happen – in the past. Let that past go.

Second, remember to ground yourself and find your equilibrium. Do this daily – hourly if need be. You cannot take advantage of these new energies if you are not fully in your body and in your heart. You must be balanced and centered in order to connect with the new insights and opportunities that this cycle can bring. Balance is required for focus, too. You must be focused on open doorways to opportunity the moment the doorways appear in order to act on them.

Third, consider updating your 2014 intentions to allow for your personal and spiritual growth so far this year. You evolutionary expansion is about to go into a kind of super drive and you want to factor in your growth during April-May-June’s planetary upheavals. Most likely, you are not the same person you were in January!

Fourth, reconsider tasks you either avoided or found problematical to tackle recently. The energies of this month support initiating things that you have had on the back burner. With more expansive energies in the air and your own recent shifting, tasks that you dreaded could seem neutral and much easier to complete.

Fifth, don’t forget to factor in spirit and the subtle forces. Doing this is essential to your success now that energies have shifted to allow for more expansion. Example: following up the harsh and challenging energies of April-May-June, this new cycle has three supermoons – July 12, August 10 and September 8-9. To have that many supermoons in succession is not the norm – each one of them can help to catalyze your forward movement and bring key insights about your life. Use times like these to go within, meditate, and take a time out from your ordinary routine. Invite spirit to help you see yourself more clearly and to bravely take steps you need to take now in order to fully express your light in the world.