Change the Ending

End 2015 on a High Note

The way you end 2015 can significantly influence how you experience the start of 2016. Next year will be full of rich opportunities to express more of your soul’s purpose. You want to be ready when the doors open – ideally holding the highest vibration possible and being clear about your life and what you want to create next.

This recommendation holds for any year, yet is especially relevant at this pivotal juncture. It’s easy to get sidetracked this time of year. Ironically, while the natural response at end-year would be to self-reflect and recalibrate energies, you may feel in chaos. Your mind may be bouncing between holiday focus, complexities of unresolved issues, unsettling global news, and family dynamics naturally catalyzed this time of year.

Come Back to the Big Picture

For perspective, come back to the big picture with the long view of your journey. After all, you are eternal and here on purpose. Being here now was an orchestration of your soul, desiring to be a part of this important historical time.

You may have lived during other key historical periods – like during the Egyptian golden years, times when Buddha or Christ lived, or at the height of the Mayan civilization. However, this cycle indeed carries the highest potentials of any to date.

How can this be? Consider the juxtaposition of countless helpful factors, the sheer numbers of us here now, and the critical mass of awakening occurring. Only in hindsight will we be able to grasp the significance of these historical moments.

As mentioned in my “2016 Predictions” themes of truth and justice from 2015 will continue front and center in 2016. The energy cycles of next year will add to the momentum and attention on what’s out of balance.

The shift under way now and in 2016 can result in amazing breakthroughs and a kind of spiritual maturing not possible in earlier cycles.

Embracing Your Role

This month as we prepare to end another year you may feel like you have gone back in time – experiencing highs and lows along with chaos you felt in earlier years. Things really aren’t the same, however, and more importantly you are not the same being.

Big and sometimes incremental shifts have occurred within you and in your world. What can seem like the norm continuing in fact is something quite different – the new Earth you want may be much closer than you think. Hold that thought daily and do your best to stay positive and loving.

Change the Ending with These Tips

Did you know you can actually change the ending of 2015 and be better prepared to start next year on a high note? If that sounds too simple to be true, read on and experiment with these suggestions.

Take advantage of opportunities to personally stop the world and be still this December. Give yourself permission to disconnect from holiday activities and your “to do” list long enough to have regular inner refueling and rebalancing. As part of that, invite a higher view of your circumstances and focus on releasing dysfunctional energies so you can shine your light more brightly next year.

Contemplate the new, more expanded self that you want to embody and present to the world. For this vision, base it on the present and what you sense your potentials could be as the quantum being you truly are.

Forget about what you did before or who you thought you were before – make this vision brand new! Get ready to spread your wings without hesitation, knowing spirit is right by your side.



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