Choices During Humanity's 11th Hour

As you move through your ascension process you will naturally make different choices than before. These will be higher consciousness choices that come from holding more light. These new choices will often nullify earlier choices you made. This is appropriate because you are now wiser. The key here is to continually update your view of who you think you are, and your view of what you think "should' happen next. This is vital to your being able to make the highest choices in the present.

Oftentimes people feel like they have no choice in what happens. This of course is an illusion for you are always at choice at some level. The challenge is the ego and subconscious mind. You could consciously say to yourself that you will do something, or that you want something. Yet another part of you -- the subconscious really running the show -- is choosing something else! This is quite a dilemma. The key is to work with your DNA and subconscious so that your mind works for you, not against you.

Did you know that there's no such thing as being lucky? You can feel lucky of course. But luck is not the word to describe the outcomes of conscious creation! There really are no random events, no accidental meetings, no chance encounters. You are a master creator in each moment and the energies you created yesterday (including past lives!) will set in motion what happens next. Feel grateful for the good.

On some days you may feel lucky. On other days you may feel unlucky. Learn to have a larger view of these opposites. Discover how to find a balance and a neutral view of what is happening. When you get into the habit of labeling happenstance as good or bad, you are always at the mercy of your last label.

During the 2012 window changes your key to sanity and finding peace within is to grow out of your conditioned need for the drama often associated with good and bad. When you can learn to become comfortable with what is and really accept it at that moment, you will have more positive energy to create "good" moments and be less likely to create "bad" ones.

You live during the 11th hour of Earth's massive changes. Remember that you are an integral part of the changes. They are not something happening to you, but something that you and others create over time. For a long time, even before you were born, you were preparing to inhabit a brand new Earth. In this life, you are beginning to have a conscious vision of what that world will be.

Learning to create through conscious choice is vital now. You really know how to do it. The ability is encoded within your DNA.

Remember this as you move through the final days of this year and prepare for expanded energies in 2010. The energies you have been used to in the recent past are changing even now. Another phase of the acceleration is underway and much is going on behind the scenes. You are changing within these accelerated energies. Your shifting is occurring even during times when you feel like you are standing still!

Do you oftentimes feel like you're in waiting mode? Do you feel like "something" is about to happen, but you don't know what? Do you feel like you are waiting for whatever that is? Do not wait. Be your light now. Remember that you create what happens next. Make that creation something you will be proud of 300 years from now.

Know that the great shift of these times is different than any other shift you have been through on Earth. Most likely, you have been here for other ones. Atlantis could be one of them. Don't focus on the past and worry that you will repeat past mistakes. Simply focus on the now and the light-filled future you want to create with the rest of humanity! Know that you are loved. You will succeed.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.



mifasolasi 28th November 2009 4:33 am

"..You will succeed.." :thumbs: I keep this very hopeful phrase... You are so correct talking about concious creation and the view point of things.. There is always an other side of seeing "bad" .. I use to try to find the message and the lesson behind.. and when i find it, it is a step up for my life.. :)
So, good, "bad", challenge, happines, are the roles of a scenario, we are the actors.. the End of the moovie depents from our free will... we deep conciously know what it is.. but trying to habituate different dimentions, facing different options, we sometimes need a reminder...
Thank you friends from above.. :angel: Thank you Selacia.. :smitten:
Love :smitten:

misafir 28th November 2009 4:34 am

"You could consciously say to yourself that you will do something, or that you want something. Yet another part of you -- the subconscious really running the show -- is choosing something else! This is quite a dilemma. The key is to work with your DNA and subconscious so that your mind works for you, not against you."

Milleniumfalcon 28th November 2009 7:59 am

I am not really sure that we are making any choices when it comes to this ascension process, so I am not sure that I quite understand this message. To me it has been about giving up on the ego control, releasing stuck/repressed emotions and surrendering to our higher selves. It hasn't really been a question of choice, since I believe that the souls ready to ascend have already chosen this before birth.

Donnie Darko 29th November 2009 1:14 am

Well, haven't I seen this message before on this channel? Like, a hundred times or so? I've been reading this channel daily since september 2008 and I can sense/feel that something big is going to happen. Whether it is some NWO-thing like with the flu or some other 2012(2010)-ascension I honestly don't know and I have no idea what's next. And that summons upon most people I reckon.

And like, I've been sick for almost 2 years now and not getting any particular better, well or completely healed (because of an autoimmune disease, IBS-like symptoms). So is it my destiny to be sick for the rest of my life? I tried to change it, visualize it and using alternative medicin but it did not work. And if God and Jesus doesen't answer my prayers, what then?

I sure miss some articles about peoples health and the problems they are facing. At least not to mention how you can be healed completely. I sincerly believe it is harder for Americans to get well due to the health system and I realize that I am lucky for living in Norway because of our own health system. (The government pays for everything if you get sick, there is no health insurance aquired). But that dosen't answer my question/problem regarding my illness not being healed.

Best wishes, Donnie D - Norway

Milleniumfalcon 29th November 2009 1:09 am

Elyon, I understand your point. It is just that NOW is a good time to work through ones issues from all times in order to ascend, so I think many souls choose to work through all their stuff and are being heavily guided to do so.


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