Connecting with Help on Your Journey

We’re in the last stretch of an incredible year, a time when we stretched our minds and horizons in ways we can’t yet comprehend. It hasn’t been an easy year. In fact on many levels it may have felt more challenging than other recent years.

There is a rich tapestry of blessings available, however, from our efforts in continuing on and challenging ourselves to go to the deeper levels of our being. That’s what we as divine changemakers are encoded to do!

It’s important that while we recognize the challenges, the struggles, and the seemingly slow progress occurring – we also remain positive and committed to our ascension path. That goal must remain within sight and within our hearts going forward, our knowing that we are here on purpose to transform this world into one of love.

We can do this, and we are doing this.

When you have moments of doubt, remember this and come back to the big picture and the belief you set in motion likely even before this life began – to be a light revolutionary and see your vision manifest.

Abundance of Help

We have an abundance of help as we progress on our path. Remember that. Call upon that help. That help can come in many forms – from people, from angels and other guides, and from your own intuitive insights about what steps to take and when to take them for optimal results.

Sometimes the help we must resource is assistance with staying peaceful during chaos, uncertainty, and intense planetary cycles. More of those challenges are on the horizon, including a challenging Mars cycle that can lead to feelings of agitation, impatience, and general upset.

Focus on Blessings & Gifts

Coming back to the blessings and gifts of being here now. Don’t forget those. Allow a knowing and tangible experience of these things to come into your awareness after dreaming at night and when contemplating the big picture of your life. This will help you stay balanced and focused on the good you want to be creating.

Calling on Angels & Guides

Many people call upon angels and other guides for background support – asking for help with direction and with staying positive when things look bleak. While they won’t interfere with free will or prevent you from learning something your soul wants you to learn, these beings can be a significant sense of support and comfort on the path.

If you haven’t encountered your angels yet, this simply means you haven’t met them in a tangible way. Most people have angels guiding them and it’s not just this lifetime – they often are guiding companions across the centuries. They often will show up in the person’s energy field during a healing process – sometimes with a particular message for that moment.

Consider the possibility that one of your angels is wanting to get your attention in these moments of fast-moving changes. The guidance you receive could be just what you need to validate your next steps, or to simply feel more comfortable with current circumstances.


Jessica Celestia 3rd December 2015 2:26 pm

Thank you for the wonderful message as always Selacia! I am definitely experiencing support and connection with my 'angels' and 'divine guidance'. I find that it is really helpful for me to meditate or practice some form of mindfulness regularly and that this has the effect of quieting my mind and opening my heart, which allows me to have a stronger connection to the 'unseen', but still *felt*. Lately, I have been practicing the exercises I found here: which have really been helping me strengthen this connection. If anyone is interested in connecting more deeply I highly recommend giving them a try or finding some kind of meditative practice that works well for you.

Just my two cents for what its worth and in the hopes that it will help someone else! :angel:

Many blessings ~ Jessica