Dance of Life Cycles - Appreciating What Is and What Was

This week as the Sun moves into Aquarius ahead of Saturday's powerful Full Moon is an excellent time to reflect on nature's cycles of life. These cycles include birth and death - something all of us experience.

When we are personally in between those two points, busy living our lives, we can forget the temporary nature of physical form. Sometimes we are brought back to this essential truth - a loved one passes or we hear about the death of a beloved leader.

Feelings of loss can run deep as we process the passing and reflect on how much the being added something special to our life experience. These feelings are normal and need to be honored. They are a part of life, too. When you feel grief, you can appreciate what was - which can help you to appreciate what is.

The "is" part is your present - how your life has been enriched in some way by knowing or experiencing someone. That someone does not need to be human - it can be an animal as well. Many of the animals incarnating on Earth in this century are purposefully doing so to help uplift humanity - to help people connect with their hearts and a sense of joy.

Rejoice, then, in the knowing that someone you loved - now on the other side - enriched your life. If you have lost someone recently, use these last days of Mercury Retrograde to reflect on the gifts you gave one another. Most likely, these gifts are much grander than you imagine. For example, if knowing a person or pet helped you to open your heart so wide that you are now ready for a truly authentic partnership, isn't that a huge gift?

When considering the gifts you received, don't forget those that you gave. Imagine that your loving kindness did in fact catalyze an evolutionary leap for another. Because of you, this being could have a more rapid spiritual growth. If this being was a cat or dog, next life it could be human.

When you find yourself grieving, honor the process. It is a way of honoring you and the being you care about. As you move through it, you can find peace.

Know that your loved one passing changes the relationship but does not end it. Love transcends all time and space. 



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