December 2013: New Month, New Energies

Over the past few months, you have had a wild ride of energies – with eclipses, the mercury retrograde, and your personal need to continually adjust to frequency shifts and life’s growing intensity.

Take a breath now – things are not as gloomy as they may appear. Some lighter energies prevailing in December may be just what you need at year-end.

Most likely, you indeed are coping better than you realize. After all, you have been conditioned to be hard on yourself and to see yourself as less than others. This conditioning skews your view, setting in motion waves of self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness. It can cause you to think that you are the only one having a bad day, and that you should be sailing smoothly over the choppy seas.

From a big picture perspective, you do have some good days and even the troublesome ones provide spiritual fuel for your forward momentum. As a divine changemaker, you are encoded to live at the front and center of humanity’s great shift of consciousness. You aren’t here to sit on the sidelines, but to be a role model of how to find balance when life is unpredictable or even unrecognizable.

If that sounds like a gigantic role to fill, keep in mind that you have had lifetimes of preparation. You sit where you do now because of your past experiences, training, and spiritual development. In between lifetimes, of course, you forget the continuum of your soul’s long journey.

December 2 New Moon

The December 2 new moon in fiery Sagittarius can help you to feel a new passion for being alive during these moments. Invite your higher wisdom to help you connect with this beneficial energy – ask to feel and embody passion for bravely repositioning yourself.

To prepare for the New Year, you want to clear the slate of old energies, old approaches, and even outmoded ways of identifying yourself. Why? You want to begin 2014 without the baggage of things that aren’t working for you, things that simply don’t serve your highest good.

December’s energies can help you with this clearing – especially when you remember to tap your inner resources and connect with spirit. Approached from a multidimensional perspective, you will be focusing on clearing at the same time you are envisioning new approaches to life.

Process to Fuel Your Forward Momentum

Fuel your forward momentum in December by contemplating the following questions. Center yourself in your heart and invite your higher wisdom to connect you with spirit’s big picture view as you read and answer each question. Don’t censor yourself or overthink this. Simply go with the very first responses that come to you. Consider coming back to the list, too, for added perspective.

5 Questions to Ask Now

  1. What is the one thing I most need to address to move forward?
  2. What is the one area of my life that needs more balance now?
  3. What do I need to let go of or release from my life before 2013 ends (physical things, emotional responses like anger, mental things such as DNA beliefs, habits)?
  4. How can I better prepare for the opportunities 2014 will bring?
  5. What do I need to change about how I position myself in the world – to reflect who I really am now and to fulfill my soul’s purpose?

The answers to these questions can help you accelerate your spiritual progress this month, preparing you for more lightness of being and success in the coming times. Remember that it’s not enough to receive answers. You must act on what you know and remain present to the need for necessary updates over time. Trust that you can do this. Spirit is with you always.


Tiff 2nd December 2013 8:05 pm

Great Advice. Thank you, Selacia.