Divine Changemakers at the Helm

From the time you became aware that you were a bit different from others and had a key role to play on Earth, you have been learning about power and your own empowerment.

Much of your early life, continuing with themes played out in today’s relationships, has involved these themes. They are universal, too, impacting the collective and the entire human species now in a crash course to learn more evolved ways of wielding power.

Humanity is coming out of a very dark time. Deep within your bones and in your own DNA, you have a remembrance of ancient peoples who repeatedly destroyed one another with their ego-based power. There is a huge relearning going on!

Helm of Your Own Life

Why is this important for you right now? As a divine changemaker you are alive to be at the helm of society’s transformational shifting – and this includes your active conscious recognition of being at the helm of your own life.  It involves discovering what this means in practice, learning new skills, and using these skills to master life in a brand-new way.

There are no road maps for this kind of more enlightened leadership. Humanity has had plenty of practice with the other kind of leadership, though. That form is fear-based and expresses as the insatiable need and desire to control. Countries do it, groups do it, and individuals do it – casting a dark shadow over humanity’s current and future potentials of creating a loving and peaceful society.

Your Brightest Shining Hour

You were born to help change all that. You and others like you are here to play out what you will discover in hindsight is your brightest shining hour of all your human lifetimes!

To be sure, you have had plenty of lifetimes you would call spiritual or religious. Back then, however, there typically was little recognition of the divine power humans carry. More common was an authority figure telling you that you were inherently bad and lacking the divine spark a select few carried.

You learned a lot about misuses of power along the way, too. Some of this learning was indirect as you observed others in a dance of manipulation and greed. Many other times, you learned directly in your own life, the victim of someone else’s aggression, false accusation, or grabbing something that you had created.

New Way to Be at the Helm

Get prepared right now to discard the old models of what it means to be at the helm. You are not here now to continue the old paradigm or to do things in an ordinary way! Yes, being at the helm does involve leadership, being in charge, and taking actions. The important thing is how you lead, how you use power, and how enlightened and heart-centered your actions are. The key, always, is whether you are using ego-based power or divine power. It will be one or the other.

You can be at the helm and steer yourself into problematic situations when you use ego power. If you knew better, through conscious awareness, you would not create dilemmas you had to remedy later on.

Don’t judge yourself – apply a big dose of self-love and remember that you and others are learning to master a more enlightened way to be. It is not an instant fix – even when you recognize that you are divine. It takes time, so make allowances for that and be persistent. You will prevail!

Remember daily that you are encoded at a DNA level to develop this mastery. This means that you cannot and will not forget. Instead, you will be drawn towards new and enlightened ways to be a powerful force of light in the world. This is your destiny.


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