Divine Changemakers Navigate the Subtle Path

With all the powerful energies swirling around recently, it’s normal to have experienced some disorientation and time warp. There’s a feeling of acceleration in the air right now, too, as you incorporate new insights stirred by the April 4 eclipse. As a divine changemaker, your role now is to master how you respond to these cycles and become increasingly skilled navigating the subtle path.

To progress spiritually over the coming years, it is vital to understand and master these things. Mastery will involve an experiential knowing of the subtle path and its mysteries.

A Unique Lifetime

If you were born to have an ordinary life focused mainly on everyday things, the subtle would have little or no meaning for you. Your interests would be conventional and mundane, prioritizing your time to succeed with things that are material and easy to quantify. Examples: bank account, job, house, and relationship status.

A divine changemaker of course will have material goals to thrive in this physical world. However, there is obviously more to existence than these things. In this unique lifetime, you have been born to discover the larger picture of why you are here and find yourself in the process.

The “yourself” referenced here is not your ego self, the personality you learned to identify with – it is your true nature. That natural and eternal part of you cannot be analyzed or charted in a linear way. There is no rigid timetable for what happens when.

The Subtle Path

You travel a subtle path that has few obvious markers. The road ahead seems mysterious, in part because things are not obvious and meanings can be interpreted in countless ways. More often than not, the magic opens up in the moment when you are still and pay attention in a deeper way.

Did you choose this path? Yes and no. The subtle path is the natural way of living for anyone on the path of awakening. On some level, you chose to awaken in this life and that choice began catalyzing your attention and interest in the subtle realms of existence. On the other hand, if you were raised in a conventional way, you probably didn’t even learn about the subtle path until you were older.

However you look at it, since the subtle is part of the totality of being that is you, this means you would eventually gravitate towards the subtle path. That would be your conscious choice. Meanwhile, of course, the subtle would still exist in the background and would be experienced in the dream time. That happens regardless of whether one is conscious of it.

Loved Ones Stuck in the Mundane

Keep this in mind when you worry about loved ones, concerned that they are stuck in mundane concerns. They have dreams at night just like you do. Subtle energies impact them, too, stirring unconscious issues and planting seeds of awakening that will manifest at some time.

Help your loved ones by being as kind as possible, serving as a role model of how to live an awakened life. Be patient with them. Each person has his or her own timetable of awakening and progress on the path. Do not insist that they be where you are or do as you do. Keep your focus eternal and big picture: your loved one has had countless lifetimes just like you have. This means he or she will have their unique shadow issues to process and past life issues to clear.

The Joy of Discovery

The subtle path indeed is one of discovery. By very definition, then, it runs counter to conventional world thinking involved with formulas and methods and timelines. Joy can bubble up within you for no apparent definable reason as you make discoveries on the subtle path.

There really is no beginning and there is no end. In the background, during all of your incarnations, your soul has nudged you along the subtle path – helping you through even everyday life experiences to hone key enlightenment qualities like patience.

You are now awake to being on the subtle path. There is no turning back, pretending it is not there.

Knowing this, strive to master spiritual qualities needed for progress on your path. These include regular letting go, being present to yourself and circumstance, curiosity, regular inner inquiry, openness, and loving kindness. If that list of qualities seems daunting, remember that this is not your first lifetime developing these skills.

You don’t do this alone. You have spirit, as well as the support and feedback of other people on a similar path. You know some of them already. Don’t be surprised, though, if someone you wouldn’t suspect also is awakening and interested in the subtle path. Keeping this in mind will give you courage to move ahead when things get rocky. And when you are having one of your good days – feeling confident and in balance – your positive energy sent out into the world will help countless others.


Peter fox 9th April 2015 10:28 am

Hi Selacia! Love your description of the path being "subtle"- that's just how
it feels to me. That is very comforting on a day I could do with a bit of that!
Thank you!

FresnoHye 9th April 2015 10:47 am

Thank you Selacia for subtle and simple message of self assurance, and defining of purposes.

debs go lightly 9th April 2015 5:29 pm

Selacia, thank you for this gentle message. I am finding that even in the mundane or the painful,
stillness causes me to become aware of an aching beauty that takes my breath away.
When I think 'subtle' I feel it to be a strange magic that flickers just beneath the surface of eveything.
An elusive thing, magic.

Much love and light, Debs.

prettyren 5th May 2015 12:36 am

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