Divine Changemakers & Return to The Sacred

Our world is in crisis with everything turned upside down. Turmoil impacts our personal lives and the lives of those we love too. In our modern society - with all of its gadgets and endless choices of what to consume next - we can lose touch with the sacred. We don't really lose the sacred, of course, but we can feel distant from it.

How does this happen and what can we do about it? The disconnect happens when our focus is dominated by things, acquisitions, and obsessive thoughts about the past or the future. It happens when we forget to take time in nature and to breathe deeply. It occurs when we take our lives for granted. We distance ourselves from the sacred when our interactions with others happen more through technology than through one-on-one voice or in-person connecting.

As I say write in my book Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years, "Sacredness is anywhere you are because you are divine. You can discover the sacred and live it regardless of your circumstances. Do not wait for a particular time to connect with the sacredness of life."

Consider how many times you tell yourself that you have no time for a walk, no time to sit in front of a tree in contemplation, no time to see a good friend in person. We all do that, so don't judge yourself. Our lives today are being lived in a fast-paced and high-pitched way. Yes, there is a lot to do. And yes, we need to meet our deadlines and be our word by showing up when we say we will.

In reality, though, even a person in a prison can access the sacred. This person can do it with his or her mind. It may not be easy, but it can be done. You, however, are not living in a prison so you have countless choices each day about how to connect with the sacred. If you have a backyard or balcony, you can go outside or look outside a window if it's cold. No backyard or balcony? You can still look out the window. You can simply be with the nature that is there, even if it's only the sky, one tree, or one flower pot you have placed there for this purpose.

Likewise, you can make time in your life for friends. These relationships, while you may treasure them, need regular attention and care in order to thrive. You can choose to take a few hours away from work occasionally and participate in a group meditation or other activity that helps you to open more to the sacred. The key here is remembering to do these things and understanding their importance to your overall well being.

As part of my spiritual growth practice, I do meditation and other processes to connect me with the divine. I decorate my space with reminders of the sacred, too, and remember to look out the windows frequently to connect with nature. Examples: beginning the day with sun gazing as the sun is rising, noticing the flowering trees, listening to the singing birds, and looking up at the stars as they sparkle in the night sky.

To be sure, it's not always easy to stay connected to the sacred. We have a multitude of stresses as we live during this unique paradigm shift. Anything can change in a moment, and often it does! Here are two experiences I had recently that demonstrate this.

First, in my neighborhood we have an abundance of amazing trees and flowers. Birds and all kinds of wildlife have long made their homes in this environment. Some of the trees are more than a hundred years old, having been planted by the owners of large estates. Over time as those properties sold and divided into much smaller homes and apartment buildings, many trees were cut down. This past week I started to hear the loud sound of a chain saw out the window. Down the steep hill from my home workers were cutting down all of the very old trees in the backyard of a house. As is the trend at other nearby homes, the natural look is being replaced with one that's more structured and manicured. So, sadly, the trees are not being saved. It has been difficult for me to hear the sound of the chain saw all week and to see the workers carry away the pieces of the beautiful trees. While I understand that it is the choice of the property owner to suddenly make this change, it is disheartening to see people disrespect and devalue nature.

Second, the Bodhi Tree Bookstore has suddenly lost its buyer. Since the 1990s, I have enjoyed connecting with like-minded people there, purchasing wonderful spiritual books, and presenting workshops. Oftentimes, I've met people there who became best friends or healing clients. This shift happened at the last minute, the purchase all but sealed and the current owners set to turn over the keys before the end of 2011. The two women who were to purchase this metaphysical bookstore backed out very late in the process - leaving the store's future after 2011 a big question mark. For all of us who love this store and what it brings to our community and beyond, this latest turn of events is a disappointment. For countless numbers of people, the Bodhi Tree has been a key resource to connect with the sacred and to share the sacred with others. There is really nothing like it anywhere in the Western United States. It is still possible, of course, that another buyer will be found in the near future. Let's not underestimate the power of spirit, after all. When there is a genuine need for something and enough positive energy goes into a vision for that thing, the universe has a way of providing!

With both of the above examples, the focus we want to have is not on the loss but on the light-filled alternative that can manifest. Having a grudge against a person who cuts down a tree or people who back out of a business deal will fuel the negative. Instead, foster a positive mindset and anticipate something amazing being born to replace what is leaving. Express constructive thoughts and healing prayers for the beneficial outcome you seek. This is the path of the divine changemaker.



Traveler 28th November 2011 11:51 am

Selacia, Thank you so much for the wonderful reminder! Even in chaos we can find the small reminders of the sacred reaching out to us. Peace and love to you my friend!