Divine Changemakers Wake-Up Call

From the moment you were born, you likely felt different in some way. You may even have sensed from an early age that your life path would not be conventional. Something deep within you just knew that the traditional world you inherited was upside down. You sensed the undercurrents of dishonoring and disvaluing - perhaps feeling these things quite personally, too.

You and the New Earth

No matter how crazy your world got when you were young, a part of you just knew that there was a more sane and loving way to live. You sensed that a new kind of Earth not yet in existence could come into being. This sensing may not have been conscious, but it was there.

A driving force throughout your life has been an intuitive awareness that you are human but also divine. As part of this, you have had dreams and perhaps sudden flashes of daytime insights about your vast cosmic heritage. You also have had an incessant sensing of the need to move out of feeling small and discover your own empowerment. A knowing of these things is coming more to the forefront of your awareness now.

April's Acceleration

As you are reading these words, your higher self will begin reminding you of these things. You are already in a process of remembering, of course, but the energies of 2014 launch this process into an accelerated phase. If you haven't yet felt the increased intensity of this acceleration, you will during this month of eclipses and rare planetary grand cross.

5 Tips for Divine Changemakers

Here are five tips for divine changemakers moving through this unique crossroads. These suggestions are for you, alive now to be among divine changemakers at the forefront of creating a brand-new type of world. 

First, acknowledge your role as a divine changemaker, even if you don't fully understand what it means. Trust that over time, you indeed will grasp the significance of this cosmic identity I first wrote about in my book "Earth's Pivotal Years."

Second, let go of trying to slow down the energy ride - stop worrying about the surprise twists and turns and where they may take you.

Third, take time for moments of stillness to reflect on both the big picture and details. This is not a time for haste or acting prematurely.

Fourth, know that divine changemakers have a unique role to play. It's more than your job or your public persona. Your role involves mastering key skills not taught in traditional settings. These skills shift you into self-empowerment, self-trust, and an unbreakable bond with spirit.

Fifth, give yourself permission to step fully into your divine changemaker role, discovering what it is for you personally so that you can embody it. No one can express that role like you can! The new world now being born needs what you can give.

Divine Power and Light

As we sit in times of revolution, consider that the real revolution occurring is within each person as he or she claims their divine power and light. When we have that perspective, these times become very personal and have rich meaning beyond the news headlines.


grammanet 8th April 2014 9:42 am

Thank you posting this Selacia! Sharing this on my Sanetha FB page!

Along with a three day spiritual adventure I have also created a one day event called "Healing The New Human on The New 5D Earth" to help the masses with their transitions :)

The events are based on my book "The Kingdom of Heaven within The Holy Book of The Great Invisible Spirit". - It's about Reincarnation, Past Lives and DNA and why it is so important at this time on our New Earth.

Many Blessings, Sanetha (Annette Moreland)

Pablovic 8th April 2014 11:21 am

Since I discovered this page, many messages like this one resonates within me in a very big way. I see life with another eyes. I would like to help people to " wake up" as I did it many years ago. But I don´t know how, I only say some comfort words or sometimes I say some strong words to my friends, I know those words do impact a lot in their lives. But I would like to do more, but I don´t know what more I can do. I don´t see myself as a divine changemaker, but I feel that I need to be part of the change in the world.

Thanks a lot for sharing all this information

with love


cyndy 8th April 2014 12:43 pm

Just have to say, I see us more as Creators of a new earth instead of changemakers.
I see as remembering (until we "feel" it) our wholeness instead of healing. Returning to wholeness.
thanks to all

spiritdiver 8th April 2014 9:16 pm

Selecia, thank you for sharing this.

Today maked another day of once again strongly claiming and sharing my divine empowerment, recognizing shining my light which was God given me. In great appreciation, courage, humility and awe, Sun (consciousness/core self) was opposing Mars (passion/ desire) in Retrograde motion today...reclaiming was the theme indeed.

Finding your message here was yet another gift to me, in confidence knowing the integrity and value of my souls role and it's place in the universe's evolutionary way.

In appreciation,



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