Eleven 11 Week Energies

A Powerful Time for New Starts & Mega Shifts

This week is a very powerful time for new starts and mega shifts in your life. With the Scorpio new moon on 11/11, stay present to what you are creating and set some bold personal intentions of what you want to experience, be, and do next.

New moons are always an excellent catalyst for beginning a new chapter in your life, or getting a new start with a current person or project. This new moon – in part because it falls on the 11/11 gateway – embodies a magnified energetic push for positive change. This is not just about the one day – 11/11 – the energies will be reverberating like waves for days after that.

Phenomena of 11/11

The phenomena of 11/11 amplifies the beneficial energy of the master number 11, opening a gateway of illumination.

Wondering how a number can carry meaning and energy? Your world is multidimensional and vast, full of things you cannot see but which are vital to your success and self-actualization. You cannot “see” frequency, for example, but things like thoughts and emotions carry a frequency. Numbers do too, like 11, a master number associated with spirituality and a balancing of opposites.

Numbers are not magic and do not guarantee a result. However, being aware of numbers and other background energetic forces helps you to become conscious of their benefit. Knowing in advance that we have a high-energy day like 11/11 coming up can stir creative juices within you. Sometimes a longstanding difficulty resurfaces in a dream or actual life events – coming into your awareness in such a way that you can finally grasp the root cause and solution. The impact of this can be huge.

This means that inner reflection, healing work, and meditations connecting you with deeper aspects of self are very beneficial over the coming week.

The Dance of Mars

Back to 11 and other energies of these moments. Right now, we are in a cycle involving Mars, a planet associated with initiative and a strong drive to get things done. The dynamics of Mars can stir impatience, anger, old grudges, hurt feelings, and other nonproductive responses. This boils down to how power is managed.

Those of us alive today inherited a dysfunctional approach to power based on ego, force and power over others. That fierce warrior what’s-in-it-for-me approach is now evolving into a spiritual approach to power – with each person as a spiritual warrior in his or her own life, using fiery energies with harm to none.

As a divine changemaker it is vital to discover how to master your inner fire and strive to tame nonproductive Mars energies. You won’t get your project completed in the highest way through haste and combativeness.

Productively managing your Mars this week helps you tap your spiritual warrior energy. As you apply that higher-vibrational response, you are more likely to notice and appropriately act on new doors like those that can open annually at the Scorpio new moon.

Focus on Relationships

Mars impacts all of your relationships, too, so if you have felt on edge around people in recent days, one reason is our current Mars cycle. Some of what you feel may not be as present as you think.

A comment from someone at work, for example, can stir old hurts within you that have nothing to do with your colleague. Such old wounds can sit there within you for years, or even lifetimes, and when a certain cycle triggers them they can feel brand new. I mention this so that you take an extra moment when with others who push your buttons – reflect and take a breath before deciding what your feeling is really about.

Reacting is a low-frequency response. Avoid that if at all possible by being more present and awake to what you feel and also by considering the bigger picture. What you want to aim for is presence, being kind, and avoiding combative Mars-type outbursts. Those lead to unproductive side-trips and re-dos.

Potentials of These Moments

Come back to the present often this week. Breathe in deeply. Contemplate the amazing potentials of our current dance of energies during the 11/11 gateway.

Remember that the love you seek in the world is already at your core and also at the core of all you will encounter.

Love is the missing element in so many situations and relationships on this planet. People have simply forgotten what it is and how to embody it. Trust that as you personally remember and embody the love – regardless of what others do – you are among those setting the new template of love for the Earth and all of humanity.