Energy Update - Eclipse Cycle Tips

A fiery series of days begins to unfold with this week's March 8-9 Solar Eclipse during the first Supermoon of 2016. Most likely, you are already feeling the intensity and polarity of these moments - on a personal level and by interacting with the outside world. You don't need to watch the news to feel the collective dance of chaos. The energy of that chaos, coupled with uncertainty about where things are headed, is palpable and impacts everyone.

A High-Potency Wave

Consider these energies as a high-potency wave that already began and leads into the next wave two weeks later during the March 23 Full Moon Libra Lunar Eclipse. In this article I give you a few simple tips for understanding and responding to this eclipse cycle. To have foresight and an action plan can make all the difference.

About this Eclipse Cycle

It's not your imagination. Issues and all kinds of things tend to get amplified during cycles like this. It's like what needs to change gets brought to the surface for viewing on a very big screen. Some of what you will see now relates to personal themes and issues you may have been contemplating for a very long time. Examples: (1) knowing you need to change something about your work or a relationship, but hitting a series of walls leaving you feeling stuck (2) strongly sensing that you could benefit from a resource, but waiting to take action to get that help (3) being so locked in a power struggle with someone that you lack clarity about options and cannot connect with divine timing to help create a miracle healing.

Even though we have two eclipse cycles annually, the ones occurring in 2016 carry a higher-voltage energy. It's like the universe is sending out a message: "You have reached a critical mass of dysfunction and stalemate. Here is some fire to shake things up and get you to see something more clearly. If you can be awake and see it, then apply your higher-level consciousness to constructive actions, you can connect with your quantum potentials as a divine changemaker. Those potentials are not sourced in the linear world of ego - they are sourced in spirit."

Benefit from this Eclipse Cycle

You could make a long list of strategies to help you weather this cycle. Why do that when a simpler approach can achieve more? Overthinking, ruminating, and worrying about the "what ifs" are all counterproductive responses to this eclipse cycle.

3 Daily Steps for Success and Peace

ONE - Realize it's a given that emotions will be closer to the surface now. You will feel more, and what you feel may irritate you more than usual. The same goes for the people you interact with. Factor this into each day. Intend to become aware of anger and other negative emotions as soon as you begin feeling them. Acknowledge, briefly, what it's about, then let it go.

TWO - Keep your focus on what you are creating that's positive and good, regardless of whether it has manifested fully on this physical plane. If your ego mind tries to trick you into complaining about what you don't yet have or has you feeling jealous of another person's success, catch your ego in the act and change your inner dialogue to something constructive.

THREE - Challenge yourself to listen more deeply to your inner guidance and to act on it in present time. If you are sensing something big needs to shift in your life, use this cycle to directly examine blocks you previously could not see. To accelerate that process, work with someone you trust to help uncover additional DNA-level patterns that are more difficult to see on your own.

The key to your success and peace over the next few weeks is to find a middle ground when things get rocky or just plain crazy. That place is found within. No one can give it to you. It is yours to create moment-by-moment each day. When you find a middle ground, it's easier to see both sides of things and you are less likely to get carried away by the world's hysteria. Sitting in that place you connect with a knowing that everything really is okay, you are okay, and the moment's turbulence is temporary. This allows you to connect more fully with your divine nature and the peace naturally residing within you. Your peace then ripples out into the world to benefit others.