Energy Update - Lightness of Being

With lighter energies in the air now, it's time to create in some brand-new ways and leave behind old habits developed during more rocky cycles. Ready?!

Since we're sitting in a powerful two-week window of beneficial energies after this week's New Moon, this is really a perfect time to refocus and reapply some helpful principles you likely understand very well. Hence this article is to address a few of those. It's interesting how our logical mind can remember helpful principles, yet not apply them when we are stressed or emotionally responding during crisis. Restart your energies in a positive way with these tips below.

5 Tips for a Positive Restart

FIRST, remember that words are instrumental in creating your experience. Change the tone from punitive and fear-based words so often a part of both inner and outer dialogue. Example: replace the word worry with concern. This gives a much lighter feel, is present oriented, and can give a more grounded context.

SECOND, be diligent with self-censoring as you say the words "I am." Catch yourself before you complete the sentence with adjectives like tired, broke, depressed, or stuck. You want to emphasize positive states and potentials, not negative ones. Only you in the moment can monitor your own mind.

THIRD, take care of yourself. After stressful cycles like we had in March, even a healthy person may feel a bit depleted or simply need some boosting. Get outside and exercise. Eat real food. Be kind to your body, giving it what it needs. In need of some life direction or simply validations? Consider seeking help from a trusted practitioner who can neutrally see a larger picture.

FOURTH, add more fun into each day. Don't make this into a project, but do find sources of pleasure and laughter.

FIFTH, update the view you hold of yourself. Do this regularly, not just after a whirlwind eclipse cycle like we had in March. You are constantly evolving and shifting into more lightness of being. At your core, too, is a very unique energy no one else has! Own your uniqueness and honor it. The more you do this, the more the world will respond to you in positive ways. You then become a magnet for good, attracting the people and situations that can help you be all you are meant to be in this precious life.