Enlightenment and The Divine Feminine

Whether you are a man or woman, you are not whole without incorporating the Divine feminine into your human expression. Any human who has succeeded in ascending into a state of enlightenment while in physical form has joined the Divine masculine and Divine feminine within themselves. It cannot be done without this.

Among the beings from humanity's past who show you the way are Gautama Buddha, Jesus, Mary and Kuan Yin.

Each of these beings demonstrated a joining of the feminine and masculine. Through their lives on Earth, they taught about the value of living as soul, and how to access the sacred space of the heart when interacting with others. They demonstrated that wholeness comes when one's personality is so fully balanced that it incorporates the soul.

In the 21st Century, you have numerous modern-day teachers who bring you a similar message.

Turn to your own intuitively guided reason to know which teachers can be most useful to you. Even if you think of yourself as one of today's wisdom teachers, you can still benefit from hearing others' point of view.
Don't allow spiritual arrogance to close your mind to spiritual growth.

Regardless of where you see yourself on the path of enlightenment, consider availing yourself of what others offer, either by reading their words or experiencing their messages in person. Allow your heart to be touched in a new way.

What does it look like to embrace the Divine feminine in everyday life? How do you go about discovering this quality within yourself? What does it look like in "action?" How can you more fully develop the Divine feminine within yourself?

When you choose the path of incorporating the Divine feminine into your expression, the first step is recognition of how integral this energy is to your well being and wholeness.

In this initial phase, you realize the bigger picture of how off-balance people have become through the learned fixation on patriarchal qualities.

You discover how this old fashioned view, passed on to your generation from the previous generations, has led to the current dysfunctional world.

As you are opening to these ideas, it's important to avoid judging others or any of the happenstance as "wrong." Anytime you judge and label something as "bad," you invite in a lower vibrational energy that can cloud your clarity.

Therefore, instead of labeling humanity's patriarchal centuries as a mistake, simply observe what has happened in a neutral way. Your neutrality will help you to focus with more clarity.