Full Moon Balancing

Note from Selacia: Our full moon of 9/19 comes during a time of great emotional turmoil and tensions – felt across the world and most likely impacting you or someone you know, too. The intensified effect of this full moon comes just before the weekend and celebrations of both Equinox and the International Day of Peace.

What’s really needed most now is a balancing of energies – people stepping back from the chaos, fear, and unknowns, long enough to find heart-centered responses. That is how we create peace and a more loving world. This balancing is always the remedy, of course, but with a full moon and its amplified emotional states, it can be more challenging to stay calm. In this article is a process for self-balancing, giving you a beneficial resource for this full moon. 

The full moon on the 19th is a perfect time to focus on balance – within yourself, within your relationships, and with your outer world. Creating more balance will serve you well, providing a stabilizing effect and helping you to connect with expanded levels of intuitively guided reason.

Without proper balance this week, you could do or say things that you will regret later. You also could miss out on opportunities coming your way from expanded energies accompanying the full moon.

Example: a key player in your next favorite creative project may show up unexpectedly, because of energies you put in motion much earlier. That’s the kind of thing that can happen during a full moon. When you are centered, you are more likely to be awake to this opportunity when it arrives, recognizing the person as being your key player.

The full moon balancing process below will give you a useful tool for this week’s full moon.

Full Moon Balancing Process  

First, set your intention to stay grounded and awake to energies – incoming, generated within, and those you observe. You cannot be balanced if you aren’t fully in your body and present. Ask yourself several times throughout the day: “Am I grounded and in my body?” If you are not sure about the response, use a technique such as holding a grounding crystal like nuummite or imagine red energy coming into your body from the ground below. This grounding will help you to stay mindful and nonreactive to your own thoughts and emotions, energies you are receiving from the world, and things you observe. Grounding is also essential to being in your heart.

Second, invite your higher wisdom to reveal things you need to know right now – insights that help you to better navigate your life. Full moons can be a wonderful catalyst for illuminating what was hidden, dissolving veils that have blocked self-understanding. Meditate on this idea. Ask spirit to open your mind to a new way to see yourself, key people in your life, and your path ahead.

Third, ask spirit to show you what needs to go and what needs to be added. Balancing, after all, often involves eliminating things, qualities, or situations from one’s life. It also could mean adding something – like more quiet time for self-reflection, more exercise, or more laughter with friends.

Fourth, invite a higher view of your life situation and any key concerns. Ask to be shown new solutions to key dilemmas – revealing approaches you haven’t considered or perhaps haven’t yet applied. Don’t assume you have all the answers to problems, or that you personally are responsible for fixing everything. Sometimes your role is to listen, stay in your heart, and allow others around you to get up to speed – so they can meet you at least halfway. Other times, spirit may show you a slight shift in view or simple action on your part that can change a problematic situation.

Fifth, make a short list of what you are grateful for in this last cycle leading up to the full moon. Include positive things that have shown up in your life because of past efforts or more positive treatment you are now receiving from others. This act of recording a gratitude list may sound too simple to change anything in your future. Do it anyway.

You eventually will see the tangible benefits of acknowledging these things. Goodness and prosperity, after all, come more to those who focus on these energies. Focus from your heart, then, feeling the energy of what you have manifested – allowing the joy from this focus to rise up and permeate your entire field. As you broadcast this higher-vibrational energy out into the world, you indeed will have even more joy in the days to come.


Leigh42 19th September 2013 10:23 am

great article full of simple but profound wisdom.
thank you for sharing this high vantage point and reminding us all to step back.

I just went through this during the week myself and found that when I realized that all the fear and resistance were indicators that I was forcing certain things out of fear, that the timing was off, and that I was actually limiting Spirit's aid by not opening my mind to other alternatives--I was able to ask for new insight and expanded views---which were answered immediately.

The rapid manifestation and abundant blessings available to us now are astounding and humbling.

Much Love