Gifts in Your DNA

Uncovering Secrets of Your Past

Did you know that within your DNA are secrets to understand your past, including pinpointing reasons for key life decisions and troublesome issues you haven't been able to resolve?

Yes, within the field around your DNA is a vast treasure! Encodements are there from past experiences, vows and agreements, and genetics passed on from your ancestors.

Why is this important? The field around the DNA can be read by trained intuitive healers who know what to look for and can not only pinpoint roots of troublesome issues but heal these things at a core level. This is life changing! Also, separate from healing is the gift of having more awareness of why you chose your career, your partner, or even the place where you live.

In my DNA intuitive healing work over the decades, having worked with all sorts of issues, I've found this method superior to others I've studied. Used on myself and others, I've discovered a whole range of stubborn concerns that can be shifted by going to the DNA root or cause and clearing across time. This changes the present, the future, and also helps heal your lineage of ancestors. That last point is a huge gift, being able to heal the family.

Here are some timely examples of what people are coming to me with now during these chaotic moments:

FIRST, themes in the news involving terrorism are catalyzing DNA-level past life issues involving previous times of violence, anarchy, or invasions. This is happening to some people even if they aren't directly impacted by terror attacks - just hearing about so many of them in the news can stir things.

SECOND, DNA-level past life issues are also arising because of the crazy U.S. elections that are covered daily on a global level. Like the first example, past life experiences involving freedoms, dictators, justice, truth, and human rights can be triggered now. A person can have sleepless nights, not just because of the uncertainty and chaos the elections are stirring, but because of very old unresolved experiences encoded in the DNA.

THIRD, the current climate of uncertainty worldwide is stirring very old DNA-level patterns that involve basic things like money, safety, and trust. In tandem with that, other core issues involving love and relationships are coming front-and-center in a major way. All of us have issues involving basic things like this, and most can be traced back within the DNA to either ancestors or past lives.


zorro 4th November 2016 7:40 pm

"And now, Alas, A Law on DNA!"

Thank you! In due diligence, Yes, Selacia, I will read this forward and backward, Anew! Thank you, Again!

Toni 5th November 2016 8:16 pm

Yes, I have been doing this in my healing capacity as well. Activating events from dna past into a now moment in order to change future timelines. All the layers to the core that had the flaw... big job.

The secret is to embrace it and release the emotion that holds recycling events in play. Thought cannot ground into reality without an emotional attachment to give it density.


lauriealice 7th November 2016 10:14 am

Thank you Selacia-I learned a lot about DNA from Kryon's books-I named my DNA Merkaba to start having a "relationship" with it and to try to bring back previous "good" cell memory to replace say a fungus toenail-still working on that one! Just knowing that we carry within about an 8' invisible field around us all we are and have ever been is empowering -can't wait to find out all the ways to benefit from it!