Give Your Music

You were born to express your gifts. There is music in you, just awaiting expression. What is this music and why is it so important now?

The music is the unique energetic expression of your soul. It manifests as gifts. Only you can express these. Only you can give them to the world. As you connect with and express your gifts, something amazing happens. The light within you expands, bringing an uplifting vibration into your energy field. As this happens, your frequency increases and your light radiates out into the world. This light becomes incorporated into your interactions with others; it provides a radiant spark to your activities.

The sound of your music is soundless from a conventional world view. However, this sound is boundless and vast – heard throughout the cosmos as your divine creative spark. It indeed has tones, from a spiritual perspective, but the sound cannot be detected with human ears.

You can express your music anywhere. It’s not about your job, your career, or some other worldly marker. It’s an expression of your soul – like a fingerprint, unique to you. The world needs your music, especially right now. The Earth is at a crucial tipping point, with humanity needing to choose a radically different way of life in order to survive.

You are, after all, a divine changemaker, alive now to help create a more loving world. You are encoded at a DNA level to consciously and actively participate in the most astounding revolution of consciousness ever seen. The key is remembering – as you do so, you connect with your gifts and naturally desire to share them in the world.

This is not complicated, but you must do this to be fulfilled and to fulfill your purpose of being alive during these auspicious moments.




zorro 29th March 2012 6:28 am

Thank you, Selacia.

It is increasingly being acknowledged that sound and vibration are operational in the underlying matrix animating life and is the "music of the spheres". Who is leading the orchestra and who are the musicians? How do we play our part? Is there anything that we have to do? Is stillness a part of it? Is it passive or active or both on our part? What is its relationship to the breaking down of stagnant structures and to new creation? I hope others will share their “music” on this topic.

k 30th March 2012 1:56 pm

Several years ago I was listening to a sermon in a Christian church, wondering about many of the same things, zorro. At the end, he looked at me with blazing eyes and I was caught in a OMG of those where it is too bizzard to be real. He said "God will tell you what to do, by speaking directly to your heart". I think I was the only one in the congergation that heard these words or saw the blazing eyes. There again we know that what we perceive and what others see and hear can be very different. I read some of the messages on this forum that speak directly to my heart and give me answers to guide me on my path.I wonder at times if others read the same messages that I do.For example, I just bought a violin and plan on starting lessons soon. So, this message sort of catches me in one of those OMG realizations.So, many things are doing that making me wonder if I live in a world alone, all of my own thoughts,or is it just that my subconscious is presenting new perceptions to me, where I see, read and hear according to my inner condition, no one else has the the same perception

k 30th March 2012 2:06 pm

God...our HS does speak to us, but very often we do not want to hear because it means giving up control, surrendering to our HS. With Faith and Trust in our Divinity and Divine guidance we are better able to let go of what we think is so important and turn our gaze to the Light. The answers to our questions are always there for us, but we have to silence our minds and listen to our hearts.

zorro 30th March 2012 4:34 pm

“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy.” Albert Einstein

k 30th March 2012 9:10 pm