Healing the Waters, Healing the World

Note from Selacia: "This message came from The Council of 12 in response to what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil spill and its devastation for life forms in and near those waters is a wake up call for humanity. The waters of the Earth are pivotal to life here, and they are connected to all other ecosystems and beings on the planet. What is occurring is a spiritual crisis. In this message, The Council of 12 provides their guidance of how to view what is occurring and what each person can do right now to be a part of positive solutions. A global healing for the Gulf and other waters of the planet will be included in the July 10 worldwide Council of 12 channeling event. You and your friends across the world are most welcome to join us!" 6/30/10


To have sight without vision leaves you in a precarious state. This is true for you and also for humanity. It is not enough to simply see the tragedies occurring in the world--including in the Gulf of Mexico. See these things, but then also create a vision of healing to address the underlying causes. Problems caused by humans can be resolved by humans, especially when people such as you recognize their true role as Divine Changemakers.

As you walk the path of the Divine Changemaker, you discover how to live in balance with the forces of nature and to respect all life including your own. You see that spirit is in everyone and everything. When spirit becomes the source of your vision, the happenstance of your life is no longer ordinary. The conventional is transformed into the Divine.

For example, you recognize the spiritual forces of the elements. Water is a basic element now taking the world spotlight because of the oil spill in the Gulf. Not only is water integral to life itself, it is representative of gentleness, peace, and joy. It also relates to the feminine principle and the power of the Divine feminine in the overall balance of power on Earth. The new Earth you desire to create and inhabit cannot come into being until humanity embraces and integrates the Divine feminine.

When humanity rediscovers how to incorporate both Divine feminine and Divine masculine into all cultures, and these forces are balanced, you will no longer witness abuses of power and disrespect for nature. Situations like oil spills--with their complex and long-lasting consequences-will become things of the past.

People of ancient cultures understood the healing properties of water, and its ability to help with cleansing, purification, and creating a sense of comfort. They understood on an experiential level the sacredness of all life, including elements such as water that make life possible.

When you visit a body of water or bathe in water, you are able to connect with feelings of stability, relaxation, and ease. This is because of the underlying spiritual qualities of water. Connecting with the water reminds you of the eternal and of the creative force itself-always in motion and creating new pathways while it nourishes and nurtures. Water is a symbol of new life, and of the quality of reflection. Water is sacred.

When people lose touch with the sacred, they lose touch with their essence and the knowing that all of life is connected. The Earth, with its weather patterns and responses to human made actions, is showing humanity that it's time to wake up and remember the sacred. Wake up calls for transformation are everywhere-from the Gulf to inside your body as your DNA is reconfigured to hold more light.

Wake up calls are being catalyzed by the Earth itself, as well as by the higher selves of people like you across the planet. There would be no need for a wake up call if everything was in balance. Likewise, there would be no need for a wake up call if humanity's destiny was predetermined.

Humanity is waking up, remembering universal truths about what it means to be spirit in human form. As more people expand their consciousness and realize it is they who direct what happens next, the Earth's destiny shifts. Mass extinctions, like your ancestors experienced, can be eliminated. Self-directed evolution can replace centuries of victimhood. Divine Changemakers can be pivotal players in the Earth's dance of transformation, helping to shift the balance back into light through their choices and consciousness.

You are one of these pivotal players. Your energy counts. Don't be concerned with the "how," or with the final result as you put in motion your unique energies as a Divine Changemaker. How you can help right now may look different from how you imagined. It may look different from how others are helping. Let go of comparisons. Let go of self-criticism about whether you are doing enough or doing things right. When you are unsure about how to best help, tune into your heart. It will be your heart's wisdom, based on love, which will guide you and keep you steady. It will provide you with all the validation that you need to take the next step.

The balance that you want to create on Earth is really very simple--the source is love. When love is not present, there is a disturbance of the intricate connections that facilitate balance. This is what is happening in the Gulf now. Love is the answer to restore the connections. It is the spiritual solution to the world's crisis.

Physical Healing for Waters in the Gulf of Mexico

On a physical level, the solution to the oil spill in the Gulf must go beyond surface appearances and band aids. The true solutions will be found when enough people with the power to act become conscious of how the waters and other life forms of the planet are connected. There will need to be an understanding of how vital water really is for sustaining life. Especially in Western countries where water is often taken for granted, people will need to learn to respect the gift that water is.

The ancient peoples knew these things and much more that has been forgotten. They knew that they were like cells in the larger body that is planet Earth. Understanding that, they realized that their consciousness could choose to participate positively or negatively.

In simple terms, that meant they had the option of choosing to be a part of positive evolution for the whole of humanity. When they made that choice, they also personally advanced in a positive direction. The choice spoken of here was not made once, but continuously throughout life in response to circumstances.

The choice to create in positive ways involves conscious awareness and thought. It also involves action.

When there is a crisis of large proportions like the oil spill in the Gulf, people like you on the path of awakening naturally feel a call to act. You want to do more than simply observe on the sidelines, wondering what those in charge will do next. The part of you in touch with your Divine Changemaker role knows that it's not in your true nature to be a bystander. There's no sense of authentic power there.

Below is a checklist of things you can do right now. These things can have wide reaching impact--in your own life, in your interactions with others, and in the physical world you call home.

Checklist of Helpful Actions

1. Set your intention to avoid adding to the world's negativity with your thoughts, words, and actions. As an example, you don't want to waste your precious energy complaining about a disaster or blaming a person or company for a problem. When you complain or blame, nothing is resolved. As you broadcast the energies of complaining or blaming, you send your personal energy into a downward spiral. As you then sit in a lower energetic frequency, your next thoughts and feelings are clouded and lack creativity.

2. Focus your mind regularly on visions of healing for the waters and beings of the Earth. Do this even when the media stops focusing on the Gulf. Imagine that the waters everywhere are sacred pools of nectar, and that any contaminated water becomes pure and alive once again. Visualize life forms in the waters, and those that depend upon the waters, receiving the assistance needed for healing and restoration. As part of your visualization, imagine that people who interact with the waters--including those in businesses--wake up to their responsibility as caretakers of the Earth. Imagine these people becoming aware of the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life forms.

3. Seek to find and connect with other Divine Changemakers. Spend time with these other people who are also on the path of light, so that you can resource and share a higher frequency experience. Allow your time with other light workers to help remind you of what is truly important. Allow your time together to be a refueling, but also an opportunity for reciprocity and holding space for one another. Practice listening deeply to what others are saying. Be as present as you can. Decide to make these potent connections with others even when you feel that you cannot make time to do it. Time, after all, isn't something that you make. Time is something you discover how to utilize to the fullest.

4. Ask yourself regularly what you can do with your personal energy to help facilitate spiritual transformation. This is your own transformation, of course, but it is also the shift occurring all around you. Adopt a habit of being flexible about your optimal role. Know that your success will come from flexibility and from discovering how to be where you need to be, when you need to be there. As you are becoming skilled in this more fluid way of being, be kind to yourself and others. Being harsh with yourself won't get you to your goals any faster. Being harsh with others will build a wall that you don't want to have. Successful relationships are built with bridges. Build those instead, with kindness.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.


johneblums 5th July 2010 8:09 pm

"FLOR-IDA" = FLORA-AIDA" The celestial Joy-Full "Garden/Field of spiritual "Flowers/Blooms" is my abode and source of spiritual energies for those who seek guidance. This name/place is associated with the Arkhe-Angels called JO-FIEL + KRIS-TINA otherwise known as the FIEL-D of D-AV-ID MAG-EN (MAG-DAL-EN).


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