Honoring You Roots - Healing Your Conditioning

You are a spiritual being, your body being the expression of your spirit here on Earth.

Your family gave you roots, a physical foundation and beginning for your life. For most people, the early years with family involved lots of dysfunction. After all, the majority of caretakers haven't mastered unconditional love - they pass their dysfunctional patterns on to the next generation. Whether your caretaker was a parent or another person, you learned his or her view of life. You learned to see the world through a dysfunctional lens. When you are older, you may blame your family, being angry about how you were treated and the convoluted notions you learned to see as truth.

As a divine changemaker, you know that blaming is no solution. You know you must take responsibility for your own life. You know that you can choose a different path than the one you were shown. You may even be aware that your early conditioning can be healed by addressing it on a DNA level.

How do you make peace with your early life - honoring your roots while also healing from the effects of those same roots? The following are five tips for making peace with your past.

Five Tips to Make Peace with Your Past

Themes - Ask your inner wisdom to show you key problematic themes from childhood that are not yet fully cleared on a DNA level. Examples could be shyness in public, self-sabotage when you feel hurt, jealously, or lack of boundaries. How you know an issue remains within your DNA is that the issue comes up today in a problematic way - causing you distress. Healing occurs in layers over time - to be complete you must address the root of it in your DNA, including patterns hidden from view in your subconscious.

Catalysts - Pick a key problematic theme like jealously and investigate the catalysts. You want to get clarity about who or what triggers your jealousy. Catalyst example: you attend a gathering to celebrate a special event. Before going, you dress in your favorite outfit. You feel confident, looking forward to being with others in a fun environment. When you arrive at the event, you lose that confidence in a flash, feeling that most everyone there looks better or is more popular. Your childhood jealousy pattern has surfaced again.

Belief Systems - Ask your intuitive right brain to show you the train of thought associated with the problematic pattern. This will give you clues about belief systems encoded within you at a DNA level. Examples: "Everyone else gets more attention than me" or "There's something wrong with me" or "No one cares about me." Beliefs like this may have come from your childhood experiences or they may come from views you inherited from ancestors. Either way, if you have beliefs like this in your DNA, you may feel jealousy or another emotion without knowing why.As you discover the train of thought underlying the pattern, you can address it on a DNA level. This provides a deep transformational healing involving the origin of your pain.

Honoring Roots - During the course of a human life, it's normal to have mixed feelings about family and one's roots. It's wired into your DNA to love your caretakers and to seek their care. When you are little, you cannot feed yourself and you know little about the world outside your family. You are like a sponge, taking in experiences and belief systems of your caretakers. You learn conditional love from your caretakers as they raise you the best they know how. As a divine changemaker you know that changing these patterns begins with you. You want to leave a different legacy - you want to have a different life, filled with love. You acknowledge that you come from the same tree of life - you honor that. You know that there was a purpose to be born into your particular family. You understand that you are to learn from your family. As you become whole, you discover that you treasure the people from your lineage - you honor your roots.

Get Perspective - You are conditioned by your past, but your past is not you. At a core level, under your conditioning, you are pure love. You are eternal. From a human perspective you are connected with the Earth family and it is vast. The people who raised you are a part of the Earth family too. It's common to have numerous experiences with some of the same people over time. This means that your mother this lifetime may have been your sister another lifetime. A good friend in your life now may have been your brother in another lifetime. There are bonds between people, often stemming from shared experiences and shared lessons. As you begin to understand this larger picture of connection and learning, it becomes easier to forgive and let go. It becomes easier, too, to face your own inner transformation - with love and without blame. You share much with others on your life journey, yet your spiritual path is yours alone. You are at the helm, determining how quickly you advance. You are, after all, a divine changemaker.

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