How to End 2017 On a High Note

Inner Peace at Year-End             

As the final days of this historically unprecedented year play out, this is an excellent time to regroup and reassess where you sit energetically. This is always helpful at year-end but especially needed now.  Continue reading for some simple tips for how to end 2017 on a high note, including why doing that is essential to your progress next year.   


The events of 2017 have been so cataclysmic and relentless that even the most astute observer may be dizzy by now. What is unfolding on the world stage is a mega dismantling of norms and an almost daily dose of shocking revelations. 

Even if you don't follow details of what's going on in your country or in other countries, the tumultuous upset is in the energy field of humanity at large. As a sensitive and someone who has chosen to travel a spiritual path, you naturally are impacted.   

The holidays may be a distraction of sorts, your being able to temporarily set aside the instinctive knowing you now hold regarding the chaotic state of our world. Indeed, moments of fun and even silliness with loved ones could be just what you need to calm frayed nerves. More moments of calm can lead to more inner peace.     

Inner Peace and Change 

Even though change is the only constant in our world, we are conditioned to resist change. For any of us alive now, the pace of societal change has quickened exponentially in our lifetimes. This year the pace of changes is monumental, and that many changes so fast naturally stirs uncertainty.   

When we are uncertain and on edge, inner peace may be more challenging to access. The peace is always there, of course, for at our core we naturally house the quality of peace. To get to this peace inside when things are rocky outside takes ongoing effort and skillful means.   

2018 Predictions 

In my 2018 Predictions being prepared now, I'll go more into the background of what lies ahead next year and how vital it is that we put more attention on generating peace within. I'll include specific spiritually grounded tools to help you navigate the ups-and-downs of what's coming.  

It's really important to know that you have options and that nothing taking place now leaves you helpless or without a voice. In fact, of any century you could have been born, this one even with its craziness is the opportunity that you as a soul need to advance spiritually.   

Beginnings and Endings  

Quite often how we end one year heavily influences how we begin the next one. This applies to the collective, and it can apply on a very personal level as well.   

If we look back on the end of 2016 with hindsight - considering what was happening in the world then - we can trace many key themes that have had the spotlight in 2017.    

On a more personal level, consider what you were focused on in the last part of 2016. What were your challenges? What relationships were causing you distress? Now, looking back at that time with hindsight - what did you learn that started to help you with similar themes in 2017?   

Year-End Choice Point   

Think of the year-end as a kind of a choice point. We have those in an ongoing way throughout a year, but the one at year-end can carry elevated potentials for radical spiritual transformation. This can happen when we place an active conscious focus on our personal spiritual progress. 

During a year-end personal inventory, we can get up-to-date with ourselves - reflecting on the good, the bad, and the unknowns. We can invite an expanded view of our true potentials, from spirit's perspective. As part of that, we can connect with a knowing of what stops us from realizing our potentials, and what course adjustments we can make. 

As you receive such insights, you have more context for unknowns and more inspiration for creating positive changes. The "you" experiencing this assessment is the same you with the same challenges, but an amplified level of inner support is available. That inner support is palpable and can help you to access more inner peace.   

Out with the Old, In with the New 

Here are some tips for approaching your contemplation at year-end.    

First, as you consider what transpired in 2017, and perhaps what continues to transpire, strive to be positive about the big picture and focus on whatever good you can find. Being positive keeps your frequency high, helping you to draw in more of what you want.    

Second, do some personal Feng Shui to determine what about your lifestyle has become outdated. If something isn't serving your highest good, invite a knowing of optimal new alternatives. Add things that are fun and connect you with a sense of play.       

Third, give yourself permission to say yes to what's good for you and no to what's not. After all, as a divine changemaker you are at the helm of your own life.  



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