Learning from The Natural World

In nature, all things are in harmony.  Animals living in nature coexist harmoniously with other animals and the energies of their natural environment.  They eat when they are hungry, rest when they are tired, and look for companionship when their innate instinct guides them to do so. 

Even death is considered a part of life, just as the seasons are.  It is the same for animals that live a majority of their lives indoors.  They remain connected to natural instincts and the present moment. 

Animals living with humans don't spend their days worrying about the past or planning the future.  They don't fret about who will feed them, where they will sleep, how long they will be living with their caretaker, or how long they will live.  Likewise, they don't hold grudges like people do, for they are able to let go of past suffering, and care mainly about what is happening right now. 

For animals, life is simple and unaffected.  There is no need for pretense or guile.  They don't "try" things.  They "do" things.  Animals have direct experiences of what life has to offer.  They don't depend on others to tell them what they are experiencing.    They don't spend hours analyzing their experiences like people do.  If animals don't like something, they can let go and move on to something they do like.

Animals and the natural world can be your teachers during these uncertain times.  You can learn by observing them, noticing how they respond to energetic forces you don't see with your physical senses. 

They can teach you, too, by reminding you of a need for balance and play.  They can help you to put your problems in perspective, and to rethink how you view time. 

Your pets and animals in the wild can give you advance notice of weather changes and earth movements, too.  When you learn to hear what they have to say, you can discover many things about yourself.  You can learn, for example, that you don't need to do anything to be loved.  They give you that love unconditionally.   

The love you receive from animals can help you to heal the disconnect humans often have with feeling and residing in the heart. 
Animals can help you to feel safe in your heart and in your world.


Tzaddi 15th May 2009 12:12 pm

Whenever I hear someone say something like this, "In nature, all things are in harmony. Animals living in nature coexist harmoniously with other animals and the energies of their natural environment." I'd be willing to bet they've never been in nature. Take a walk through the wilderness and watch how even those sweet little hummingbirds fight over the best source of nectar.

k 15th May 2009 12:15 pm

The unconditional love of a dog is one of the great gifts to mankind. I have eight Great Danes. They are the love of my life and my greatest comfort. I think there is something mystical about dogs and birds. I think it is helpful to be aware of the birds that come around us as we walk into nature.

k 15th May 2009 12:29 pm

True Tzaddi, I am a little crazy, but I think the darkness we see in nature is the result of the darkness in humans, it is a reflection. So, in order to have the day when the lamb lays down with the lion, we as humans have to change. Maybe the secret is in focusing on the paradise "what we focus on, so shall we find ourselves" (or something like that). If we only see the discord we will not be able to change it. Focusing on "God" maybe we can bring light into this world and we each do our part to bring paradise back to this world. This is our duty, our challenge, to raise our eyes above the darkness of this world and be a channel of love to bring the light.

vanessaj 16th May 2009 1:07 am

Often pets are more than just "pets", they are our little guides, sent to us to assist us on our path. I am still digesting this, but I found out recently from my Guides that the little cat I recently adopted is a little golden flame on four legs. Her golden eyes and orangey yellow fur are emanations of the golden ray, and the energy and understanding of this cat are unreal. So i would encourage people to use their intuition in finding a pet aligned with their energies, having the right pet around can really heal you, can raise your vibrations, heal your emotional state and do the same for your pet. Just as they say being with your human twin flame can result in your energy combining to be the greater than the sum of the parts, so can being with your animal counterpart. I was told before I adopted her that I needed more joy in my life, and that she would bring it and she has. One way to test this yourself is do muscle testing or energy testing with our without this pet in your arms or lap and see how it strengthens you...

k 16th May 2009 12:58 pm

Vanessaj, I could not agree with you more. You have a wonderful message. There is truth in it for me peronnally as a sychronocity. Thank you